Best Man Bun Hair Style for Men?

Growing the perfect manbun as a dude

So I take it that you are static to grow yourself a man bun, and you’re definitively in the right place for that. However, prior to jumping on your bun-growing journey, you first need to know what a man bun really is. In fact, you need to first know what hair length for the man bun you want to get as that will impact the type of man bun that you will be growing: a semi bun or full man bun.

Personally and from what I get to see at our barbershop day in and day out, the full man bun is the most aesthetic manbun hairstyle. The semi man bun is more of a fashion statement as it can be achieved by just about any male in less than a year. After all, the semi bun is just an undercut with the hair on the top being only 6 inches long or a bit longer than 6 inches, which usually turns the bun into a top knot hairstyle. On the other hand, a bull bun requires you to have a hair length of about 10 inches or more to be able to tie your mane into a single bun. Growing those locks of yours to such a long length will require not only time but tenacity and patience. And while you may think of growing such long hair to style a bun may be inconvenient, we have guys like Jared Leto and his man bun proving that even those humanoids at Hollywood can make time to grow their tresses despite shooting and filming for different movies and under different movie characters.

With the above said and now going into my objective speaking-mode, the best man bun is the one that fits you the best. Actually, scratch that out: the best man bun is the one that you like the most and that doesn’t make you look like a walking pineapple. Sure, yours truly as the author of the internet’s foremost man-bun website may think that a full man is way more aesthetic than the semi bun or top knot, but at the end of the day your own particular bun hairstyle will look the best so long as you walk with it with confidence and you’ve factored in your hair type, hair length or facial features.

Following from the above and considering that I am a fan of the full bun, I’d like to post below what the perfect man bun would look like to me. Indeed, and as you can see, said manbun includes the popular undercut haircut and is sported by a lady (albeit not the most aesthetically-pleasing lady), which goes to show how diverse-looking and fun the otherwise-known-as-the bro bun is and how it’s pointless to pin-point the best man bun hairstyle. So, browse my site, look at all the manbun pictures and, if need may dictate so, just take your hairstyle inspiration from the picture below!

A great hairstyle illustration of the man bun undercut

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