Braided Man Bun Hairstyle Pictures: Cornrows In Your Mun

Who would have thought that manbuns and braids would work?

At our barbershop, every once in a while we will get some uncommon haircut requests or some “intriguing” hairstyle ideas. My barber staff and I are known for cutting the BS of the hairstyle world that most guys are brainwashed into and thus we talk straight to the point with our customers.

If you come into my barbershop telling me how cute David Beckham looks with his new side swept hairstyle and how you’d love to have his hairstyle even though you have thick curly hair, well, chances are that I’m going to crush your hairstyle dreams by stating the obvious: the hairstyles of David Beckham are not possible with curly hair (and so much more the mythical side swept hairstyle). I will say it nicely to you, don’t get me wrong; but I will say it. But, what’s even better, I will also provide you with some cool, trendy and epic hairstyle and haircut alternatives that will one-hundred percent fit your hair type and look. My job is to make you look your best, not to try to make you a cheap replica of whatever celebrity is on the news these days.

A braided man bun?

Now, after having posted above my attitude to unreal hairstyles that sometimes our customers come to our barbershop with, it’s time to wow you all, myself included. We’ve been getting requests for braided man bun hairstyles. Yep, that’s right, not just your run-of-the-mill manbun with the text book bun placed on the vertex. Nope, that’s too easy and boring for some dudes. How about a freaking “braided” man bun style?

A photograph of a young male with a manbun hairstyle braided with his long curly hair at a barbershopWe’re known in our city for being the go-to barbers for long men’s hair and all the types of man bun hairstyles. I started this man bun website because we deal daily at our barbershop with dozens of customers wanting to enhance, improve, better and, overall, make their manbuns epic, so publishing lots of man bun advice on this site for everyone to read and learn from is second nature to me; even though the man bun as a concept may look as a boring topic to some. I also have a thing for literature, so writing is something I enjoy.

I personally have a man bun and so do three quarters of my barbers. We know how to get you the best man bun that’d make Zayn Malik ask you for hair advice, and we always deliver results.

A photograph of a young man with a braided man bun hairstyle done at a barbershopOh right, this article is about the braided man bun, not about me.

The man bun with braids style is coming to your town in 2015 (maybe 2016 at the latest)

So, since we’re the dudes to go to in our city for “dude buns” and “muns”, we’ve been getting guys who are literally bored to death of their current man buns and want to spice up their bro buns (yet another fancy name for a man bun) like it’s going out of business. Hence it’s time to prep up on our hair-braiding skills.

A barbershop picture of an epic manbun hairstyle with braids style on a guy with long blonde hairYou see, normally you’d get your hair braided at a hair salon, no matter the hairstyle you’re after. If, instead, you go to a barbershop to get your hair braided, most barbers will stare at you with a blank face or simply kick you out of their barbershop (I’ve actually heard of this happening too many times). That is, unless you’re going to a specialized community barbershop and asking for cornrows. But braiding actual locks of long hair to then put them into a bun? Forget about it! (said in a James Caan New-Yorker accent)

With the above said, kicking a customer out from our barbershop just because he is asking for a not-so-manly or not-so-hipster hairstyle is a huge “NO” for us. In fact, I’d rather go to the barbershop who kicked the customer out and do myself some derriere-kicking on the barber himself. Even though my staff and I are covered in tattoos, have a couple of Harleys parked outside our shop and even have a spit bowl next to each barber station, we will treat you kindly no matter what haircut you’re after.

Heck, even if you wanted to get your manbun braided as an Alien creature as Harry Styles did with his man bun in late 2013, then we will do it too, although we will instead recommend that you keep it cool and get that other “Harry Styles man bun” which makes his fans day dream about him.
A selfie picture of Harry Styles with his ugly man bun braided with cornrows just before starting a concert with One Direction in London

We’re ready and loaded to braid your bro bun, bro

After polishing up my braiding skills and the braiding skills of the rest of my barber crew, we’ve gotten good at braiding man bun hairstyles. We’re happy to add yet another tool to our repertoire of man bun styles and we are fairly certain that the “man bun with braids” hairstyle will pick up very soon in 2015.

A set of pictures of a young hipster dude with a braided man bun hairstyle with cornrows done at a barbershopWe’re seeing signs already of the braided bro bun getting more popular as more and more customers are asking to get their man buns braided, and these were the same guys wearing a slicked back undercut a couple of years ago, only to move on to the man bun hairstyle by 2014. Ergo the braided man bun is starting its ascension into the glorious world of the man bun. We shall be seeing more and more man buns with braids all throughout 2015 and on to 2016 and 2017; trust me.

And, yeah, Ragnar Lothbrock would be proud.

Tell us about your hairstyle or ask questions!


    • I recommend that you give your hair a good 8 inches of length as, when you braid the hair, the hair length shortens (due to the curved pattern of the braided hair). You can easily lose a couple of inches by merely braiding the hair, so you can be left with 6 inches of hair length after braiding the hair, which is just about enough for a semi bun (aka a “top knot”).