Epic Spider Man Bun Hairstyle with Spiderweb Included!

Shaping a manbun into an epic and terrifying spider

Being a barber, I see fads come and go, and the man bun hairstyle hasn’t been any less of a hairstyle fad. Long haired guys have been wearing buns for centuries and so have I for many years, well before the manbun trend, but I’m very happy to welcome our new man-bun brethren and give you guys here on my site and in my barbershop the advice needed to grow an epic “bro bun”. With this said, you’d have imagined that I’ve seen all types of man buns for all types of men, from the young to the old; but I had yet to see the man bun that sparked this article…

Meet the epic Spider man bun

So here I was minding my own business when one of my barber pals sent me a new manbun creation as he usually sends me when he convinces one of his victims (hmm… I mean, barbershop customers) to let him get creative with the customer’s long hair. So lo and behold, this arachnophobic barber wasn’t ready for this: a spider-shaped man bun!

A barbershop picture of a buzzcut guy with an epic man bun shaped as a spider and with a spiderweb designed across his scalp

The hair used was concentrated on the vertex only, so the actual haircut was a buzzcut haircut with long hair only on the vertex, which is the area of your head at the back of the top of the head and is also known as the crown of the head. Most of the hair was put into the bun except for some locks which were braided to resemble the (ugly and terrifying) legs of the spider bun.

Prior to the spider bun, the hair was buzzed even shorter so as to create the spider-web haircut design on the head. As usual, a good hair clipper for the man bun is either an Oster Classic 76 hair clipper or any of the Andis cordless hair clippers if you’re going to buzz your man bun into an undercut or disconnected haircut (or try the spider-web haircut in the picture).

Styling the spider bun

Ultimately, lots of hair spray was used to hold the spider man-bun on the vertex of the head and to keep the spider legs secured. A extreme-hold hair gel was used on the spider legs too so as to give it that gritty texture. For those of you dudes who don’t know how to use hair gel with hair spray, you first style and shape your man bun or long mane with a hair gel and then finish the shaping with a hair spray, as the hair spray locks in the shape of the hairstyle. When I say hair gel, I’m also talking about the rest of the men’s hair products for the man bun as you can use a hair wax, styling cream or pomade prior to locking the hairstyle with a hair spray.

So that’s me done reporting about this epic-albeit-terrifying spider manbun hairstyle. If it were me and I saw a dude wearing that spider bun on his head, the first thing that I would do is take off my right shoe, grab it by the front and smash the sole on the spider bun to kill that thing off. Even if it’s just hair that the spider is made of; I don’t care (those of you arachnophobic dudes will understand the feeling of seeing anything resembling a big badass spider).

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