A Great Curly Man Bun Hairstyle Example!

This is how you rock a glorious manbun with curly hair!

One cool thing about having so many people reading daily is that we get a lot of guys sending us their man bun pictures. Just in case that you weren’t aware of the following (said in a slightly-sarcastic manner), the manbun hairstyle isn’t just a thing of the United States (even though the man-bun trend was started in Brooklyn); instead, the manbun hairstyle has been embraced by the whole world and dudes from all areas of the planet are wearing “bro buns”, top knots, hipster buns and all the rest of man bun types that are available to the world’s male population.

A man bun with curly hair?

If you’re on this site, chances are that you have already seen pictures of man buns and top knots. The thing is that most dudes wearing manbuns seem to only have straight hair. Next time that you’re downtown (especially if you’re in a hipster-friendly city), pay attention as to the hair type of those extremely-lucky dudes who wear the glorious man bun hairstyle. You will notice that the most-common hair type on these guys is straight hair or wavy hair, yet no love for curly hair.

A picture of a handsome black guy with a man bun hairstyle and braided hair posing in the bathroomThe above is, in part, the reason for me publishing our curly man bun guide with all the advice and tips needed to grow long curly hair and keep it healthy. You see, curly hair for men needs a slightly different approach with regards to looking after it and to what hair products to use. It’s all explained in that curly manbun guide linked above, and the reality is that most curly dudes are scared and traumatized (from past experiences) to grow their curls long so as to sport a man bun.

Slowly but surely, more curly guys are growing their curly manes long, and much of it is due to a dude whose name will ring a bell in your head if you’re a curly guy: Rogelio Samson, the guy from and a long curly-haired guy himself. I’ve seen it with my own eyes how, in the last year alone, a good amount of our regular curly customers (at our barbershop) have switched from getting their usual buzz cuts and short haircuts to only coming in to get some minor trims for their long-growing hair or for re-touching their taper cuts or undercut haircuts if they happen to have a man bun undercut hairstyle.

A barbershop photograph of a black dude with a top knot hairstyle and with his hairline trimmed into a shape up haircutSeeing how so many curly dudes are jumping into growing their curly manes long, I’ve been doing my fair amount of effort to also help those dudes get their knowledge on growing a curly man bun. Not just with our own curly man bun guide alone but also with our Man Bun and Top Knot FAQ and even this example of man buns for black dudes whose hair is typically curly. All in all, things are moving nicely for a good percentage of the male population who has thought for decades that the right hairstyle for them is “short and tight”.

Our reader Bruno, a Brazilian man bun dude with curly hair

As I said earlier, this site is read by guys from all over the world and I encourage y’all to send me your man bun pictures to feature on the site. And, this time, we’ve had a reader from Brazil sending us his curly man bun picture as well as how his curly hair otherwise looks without a man bun.

Without any further delay, here’s Bruno’s epic curly man bun!

A picture of a Brazilian dude with curly long hair wearing a manbun style and sunglasses

The next picture below is of Bruno some two years ago while growing his curly hair long. Notice how he uses a wide headband to keep his curls styled back since the curls are barely long enough to be tied into a man bun or a ponytail, hence a headband is one of those very-useful men’s hair products when growing your hair long, as the headband keeps your growing hair away from your face.

A photograph of a Brazilian young curly-haired guy who is growing his curly hair long to get a man bun hairstyle

In these next two pictures below, you can see how long Bruno’s curly hair truly is and how much hair length is needed to get a big man bun hairstyle.

A photo of a Brazilian young guy with his long curly hair slicked back with a headband A selfie picture of a curly hair guy from Brazil sporting a man bun hairstyle with his long curlsIf you read our curly manbun guide above, you will get to learn about the two types of hair lengths for curly guy, which explains why Bruno’s curly hair doesn’t look extremely long for the huge bun that he can style (the reason is that curly hair gains a lot of length when pulled back so as to secure the man bun on the head!).

If you’re reading this and you are already sporting a man bun, then feel free to send me your man bun pictures to feature them on this site or just go ahead and go through our official man bun hairstyle guide. Whatever you do, let’s keep those “buns” rocking, brethren!

Tell us about your hairstyle or ask questions!


  1. Hey man thanks for writing man bun guides for us curly guys. I read your other man bun guide for curly hair and this article featuring Bruno is really cool because it gives a real perspective of what curly hair is like when styled as a man bun. I like the way that Bruno has grown his hair from that medium length and then to his shoulder length hairstyle. I’m trying to do the same but growing my curls is taking so much time that I’m beginning to get impatient.

    I saw in the other man bun guide that some guys are asking if you could interview Rogelio Samson (Manly Curls blog). Since you also feature guys in this site I think that having Rogelio Samson featured on this site would be a great idea. I don’t think I need to say how much Rogelio Samson’s advice has helped me and others in the past and he has become the reference for many of us with curly hair. I hope that you can get something going with him as it would be a really cool read if you get to feature him.

    I have the same hair type like Bruno by the way. My curls are shaped the same as his curls and we even have the same hair color, is there any way that I could contact Bruno to ask him some questions about his hair since we have the same type of curly hair? Thanks.

    • Yes, Bruno’s curly hair looks great because he has put the effort into taking good care of it. He is a clear example of how taking care of long curly hair can give some astonishingly-awesome man bun hairstyle results. Since you’ve mentioned Rogelio Samson from the blog, he’s also another great example of a curly guy who can grow some epically-awesome curls.

      Sorry, but I take the privacy of all of you seriously and I do not give out emails of those who have replied. However, if Bruno reads our comment, then feel free to interact with him via the comments here.

    • Hello, I’m glad that my figure has pleased you. The main idea of sending my photos, was to show readers that everyone is able to get hold curly hair well hydrated and beautiful. I confess that requires a lot of responsibility and perseverance, and especially a lot of money, however, the result is incredible. But when the result is satisfactory, the bun is very beautiful. I have helped readers who intend to leave the curly hair grow. If they want to ask me questions, you can take advantage of this topic to ask questions.