Haircut Length for the Man Bun Undercut

Jimmy Darmody’s slicked back undercut turned into the manbun

You would be surprised at the kind of man bun haircuts that you can get away; all you need is your hair on the top of the head to be at least 6 inches of length and you’re good to go. Thus, some of the men’s haircuts that favor the manbun include the undercut, the layered cut and the taper cut. With regards to the hair on the top when wanting to style a bun, you can have the hair at an even length or with any kind of layers, but you truly need to ensure that the minimum length that you have on the top of the head is 6 inches, as otherwise you will simply not be able to tie a bun on your head.

Jimmy Darmody’s slicked back undercut

If you have read around my site, you will have read how I have explained that the manbun can be alternated with other men’s hairstyles, most notably the slicked back undercut. In fact, a man bun is simply an extension of the slicked back undercut, so the transition from the slick back style to the man bun is fairly smooth, whether there’s an undercut or not, actually. Do bear in mind, however, that the slicked back undercut only allows you to sport a semi bun (aka half man bun) as the hair on the sides and back of the head are clipped very short as per the regular undercut haircut.

The slicked back undercut as the man bun undercutAs an example of a good haircut for the man bun,you can look at how the slicked back undercut looks on Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody in the popular TV series Boardwalk Empire. His hair length and haircut is pretty much what the textbook slick back undercut looks like, and there’s enough length on the top of the head to be able to tie a semi bun. Hence, if you’re not interested in growing your hair to about 10 inches so as to sport a full man bun, you can still get away with keeping your mane cut with a stylish undercut on the sides and back, while keeping the hair on the top with 6 inches of length. Such a haircut setup will not only work very well for the otherwise-known-as bro bun but it will also work very well for other men’s hairstyles such as the slicked back hair style.

Jimmy Darmody getting ready to tie his hair length into the trendy man bun undercut hairstyle

Avoid a beard with your man bun undercut

When it comes to the beard and manbun combination, I would recommend that you avoid a beard with the man bun undercut, although the slick back undercut tends to look good with a beard, especially the hipster beard. I do know that the man bun undercut (aka semi bun) is popular among the hipster crowd, and as such, the manbun undercut is frequently combined with a full hipster beard. From my experience as a barber and having seen quite a few manbuns and undercuts, I highly recommend that you avoid any long facial hair or beard styles if you’re getting your haircut as an undercut and leaving enough length for a bun on the top.

So, remember, if you’re not sold on sporting a big full man bun and you want to be able to alternate with other medium to long men’s hairstyles, then grow yourself some 6 inches of hair length as per the Jimmy Darmody character in Boardwalk Empire and get yourself slicking those tresses of yours while you give your bro bun a rest!

The man bun undercut of Jimmy Darmody with his long hair loose

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