Harry Styles Man Bun Hairstyle

Harry Styles rocks a man bun like a Sir

Harry Styles is one overrated singer, but we do agree that he knows how to wear a man bun. Harry Styles man bun hairstyle shows that dudes with long wavy hair can rock their buns while looking trendy. I dig that blazer too, just for the record (although guys like Harry have image consultants by the dozen; I would not expect anything less).

Harry Styles looks to have been growing his mane longer and longer, so, as long as he keeps his long tresses and rocks a man bun, he’s welcome here. Rock on, Mr. Styles!

Harry Styles with a manbun hair style

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  1. I have very thick long hair and I think that I want to get a man bun, but I don’t know if it would suit me. Also, I was thinking about just combing back my hair.