The Hipster Bun: A Look Into The Refined ManBun

A manbun with a beard equals a hipster beard?

Hipsters have a lot to owe to Jared Leto and his man bun. If it wasn’t for Jared Leto’s chronic desire to be the ultimate attention whore, the manbun would have never come to the spotlight and be adopted by hipsters. For the record and since this isn’t the first time I joke about hipsters, I have nothing against these folks, and I would even classify myself as a mild hipster. I know I have a tendency to post a hipster joke here and there, but these guys certainly have the fashion trends pinned down to an art.

Anyway, hipsters will jump on anything that is new and shiny in terms of fashionable looks, clothes or accessories. So a couple of years back when everyone agreed that scruffy beards were for homeless people only, hipsters saw these same scruff beards as opportunities to be unique and stand out in our mildly-homogeneous societies.

Prior to the hipster bun, it was the slicked back undercut hairstyle that was adopted as a hipster hairstyle and that was also sported with a beard. Since the slicked back undercut hairstyle needed quite a bit of length to be able to wear it, fellow hipster males had to grow their hair relatively long. In fact, they had to grow their hair long enough to satisfy the minimum hair length mark for a semi man-bun hairstyle. Thus, when everyone grew sick of seeing predictable men wearing equally-predictable slicked back hair and beards, hipsters then jumped onto the next men’s hairstyle that they could make theirs: the man bun aka hipster bun (aka bro bun).

A picture of a man with a beard and a hipster bunYes people, the manbun went on to be considered one of the essential hipster hairstyles, and the man bun with beard hairstyle combo became the new slicked back undercut with beard combo. For those of us long haired men who had been sporting buns for many years and way before our fellow hipsters were even born, the bastardizing of the bun into the hipster bun was quite a shock for us hardcore long hair men. The hairstyle that wholesome men had been using ever since the existence of the Vikings and which was ever-so-convenient when doing manly things like chopping wood or hunting with your own hands had been turned into a hip, modern, trendy and refined hairstyle.

With the above said, just like hipsters owe Jared Leto for the popularizing of the man bun, the rest of mortals owe hipsters for popularizing the man-bun and bringing it to the spotlight for other non-hipsters to see and ultimately use as a long hairstyle. Wherever you go these days, whether it’s a heavy metal concert or a skate park, you will see men wearing buns on their heads thanks to our fellow hipsters’ desire to be attention whores just like Jared Leto. After all, vanity is what fuels fashion trends in men and woman alike.

All hail the hipster bun!

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