How to Get a Man Bun Hairstyle Guide

Tutorial: from how to grow a man bun to how to tie a manbun

So you want to get a man bun, huh? Well, you’re in the best place online to learn how to get and style a manbun; after all, I would not have created a site on manbuns only if it wasn’t because not only do I have one but also because I’m a barber and we get a lot of male clients at our barbershop wanting to either grow a man bun or get a man bun (once they have enough hair length).

A blonde male geek with a man bun hairstyle and mesys facial hairRight. So back to how to get a man bun. I’ll divide this tutorial into different sections (all in the same page) so that you can get to know everything on this particular long hairstyle. Let’s go!

What is a man bun hairstyle?

The man bun isn’t just a mens hairstyle that popped up casually in 2014, which is what most guys believe since these days about 98% of hipsters wear a manbun. Plenty of long haired men over the years have styled their hair into a manbun, and this hairstyle was simply called a “bun”; just like women too call the hairstyle a “bun”. How do I know this? Because I have had long hair for many years, and the hairstyle name of a “man bun” is something that doesn’t resonate with any long haired dude who had been growing his long tresses prior to 2011.

A redhead guy with a manbun undercut hairstyleThe term “man bun”, however, refers to the particular placing of a bun on a male’s head as a trendy hairstyle, for which this guide is all about. The man bun is also known as the “bro bun” and the “hipster bun”. Likewise, the man bun can also be spelled as “manbun” or “man-bun”. Whatever the word used, it simply indicates that the man bun is a bun-hairstyle for men.

A photograph of a bodybuilder male with a manbun hairstyle for his long hair

The hipster manbun in particular is usually combined with a hipster beard: the shaggy and messy type of beards that right until 2011 were not trendy at all (and you’d probably be mistaken for a homeless person asking for change if you had such a beard). The fact that hipsters have managed to make such a disgusting beard style a male trend is something short of miraculous and no barber would have predicted that in 2008 (in retrospect, we do have a lot to thank hipsters for). Neither would barbers have predicted that a simple (and relatively feminine) hairstyle as is the bun would become so popular with men.

A picture of the manbun with beard hair style

How to grow a man bun

The most essential thing that you need for a man bun is hair length. Without enough hair length, there’s no manbun. That’s the way it goes, folks, so you will have to grow your hair long in order to grow and get a man bun. There’s no getting out of growing your mane if you want a manbun; however, there’s also no need to grow your locks all the way to your navel: as little as 6 inches is all that’s needed for a man bun.

There are two types of manbuns: the “semi bun” and the “full bun”. Each type of bun is only differentiated by the length needed for it as well as the amount of hair used for the bun. I’ll go through the two types of man buns below.

The semi bun

The semi bun, also known as a “topknot”, is a bun that is made up of only the hair on the top of the head. So, to get a semi bun, you’ll be grabbing all the hair on the top of your head and tying it into a single bun. Thus, you only need 6 to 7 inches of hair length to get a semi bun. The actual haircut for this type of man bun is usually an undercut haircut as the undercut allows for the hair on the sides and back of the head to be super short, which then accentuates the topknot (i.e. the hair tied on the end of the bun). Thus, the semi bun is sometimes referred to as the man bun undercut.

A bodybuilder male with a topknot undercut aka semi manbunAside from getting an undercut for your man bun, you can also get any kind of short haircut on the sides and back of the head. I recommend you to go for any kind of taper haircut, such as the mid-contour cut, regulation cut, fade haircut, 2 step undercut or classic taper. That’s if you don’t want to get an undercut. As examples, the man bun haircut above this paragraph is an undercut, while the man bun haircut below belongs to a male with a 2 step undercut man bun.

A male with a topknot hairstyle and 2 Step undercutThe good news for those of you wanting to get a man bun but not wanting to commit to growing super-long hair is that 6 inches of hair length is achieved relatively fast. From a very short buzz cut (say a #1 hair clipper length), your hair would only take one year to grow 6 inches of hair. However, most of the guys wanting to grow a manbun do already have some hair length, usually from 2 to 4 inches, so the amount of time needed to grow a man bun is, most of the time, much less than 12 months. Likewise, the semi man bun can also be alternated with the slicked back undercut hairstyle for different hairstyle looks to wear on different days. In any case, you could be looking at only 4 months of hair grow to grow a semi bun or topknot.

A photograph of a handsome male with a man bun undercut hairstyle and a hipster beard

The semi bun should not be confused with the “half bun”. A half bun is a half-finished bun with a tail hanging out of the bun; thus, a half bun is also known as a ponybun or pony-bun. Bear that in mind, folks: a semi bun uses only the hair on the top of the head, while a half bun is a half-made bun with a tail (i.e. ponytail) and can use as much hair from the head as needed. A male celebrity known for wearing both manbuns and ponybuns is Jared Leto as he grew his hair long all through 2013 and 2014 to then appear publicly with these two long hairstyles back when the trend was just about picking up.

As a last point with regards to the semi bun aka topknot, some people refer to the topknot as a very short ponytail, which comes from a wrong perception of what a topknot hairstyle is. A more-correct hairstyle name for a very-short male ponytail would be a Samurai hairstyle or Samurai ponytail.

Below is the type of short-ponytail hairstyle (i.e. Samurai hairstyle) that some people will call a topknot (notice how there’s no bun and instead there’s just a very short tail). However, the name is so interchangeable these days that it’s pretty much acceptable in barbershop circles to address a very short ponytail as a topknot.

A picture of a male with a short ponytail which is commonly confused with a topknot

The full bun

The full bun is what we’d consider a textbook man bun. The full bun uses all the hair on the head to make the bun; thus, when styling your manbun, you will be grabbing all the hair on your head (sides and back included) and be trying it all into a single bun.

A male model with man bun and beard styleBecause the full manbun requires all the hair on the head to be used, you do need more hair length for it. You will need at least 9 inches of hair length for the (full) man bun, although I’d err on the side of caution and shoot for 10 inches of hair length for your manbun (I always recommend ten inches of hair length for the man bun too). You want to have enough hair length on your head so as to not have to pull really hard to get the bun tied, so always be conservative when growing your man bun length.
A muscular dude with a man bun hairstyle like a hipster

Ideally the best hair length for the man bun is between 12 to 16 inches of hair length. Such a hair length will have your hair on the top of your head easily reaching your shoulders. Likewise and depending on the haircut for your full man bun (layered haircut, asymmetric, etc), the hair on the sides and back of your head will reach between your chest and mid-back.

To give you an idea of how long such a hair length is, watch the video below of men’s hair expert Rogelio Samson ( as he documented on the video how his (below-shoulder-length) long curly hair dried from wet to fully dry (the hair dried on its own without the use of a towel or a hair dryer). That’s the kind of hair length (as seen in the video below) that you should be expecting if you want to wear an epic manbun.

If you don’t want to grow your mane as long as 12 to 16 inches, then simply bear in mind that 9 inches of hair length all across the head (including the hair on the sides and back of the head) is the bare minimum length for the man bun.

Where is the man bun placed on the head?

A bun hairstyle can be placed anywhere on the head, and men through the decades have been placing their buns anywhere on the head and especially on the lower end of the head (close to the nape). However, the man bun is a specific men’s hairstyle that requires a certain overall shape, and thus the positioning of the man bun on your head is crucial for the best man bun style!

The placement of the bun on your head for a manbun is on the vertex area of your head. The vertex is also known as the crown of your head; to be more anatomically specific, the man bun is placed on the back of the top of your head (men usually have a cowlick in that spot).

A cool man bun hairstyle with braids on the headThe placement of the bun can vary an inch or two, but don’t place the bun too low on the head or too forward; a forward-style bun is what I call the pineapple hairstyle and it looks silly in men. To get a good idea of where the manbun is styled on the head, simply browse my man bun website to see plenty of pictures of man buns (aside from the ones in this man bun guide).

How to tie a man bun

Ok, now that you’ve satisfied the basics of the man bun (i.e. enough hair length), it’s time to tie the bun. Tying a bun is very simple and very easy to learn, but the instructions are better provided visually (see man bun video below).

To tie a man bun, all you need is an elastic hair band and your hands. You start tying your man bun by first scooping your long hair hair with your hands, starting the scooping motion at the forehead and slowly moving your hands backwards as you scoop all hair across the length that your hands are traveling back. Once you have scooped and collected all your hair at the vertex, you will notice that the end of the scooped hair looks like a tail: that’s the hair that will make your manbun.

A long hair guy styling his man bun

Once you have the end of the scooped hair established (i.e. hair to make the bun), you then choke the hair with the elastic band by passing it through the end of the scooped hair, as if you were to tie a simple ponytail. You then pass the elastic band again (for a second time), but, this time, you pass it only through half the distance of the end of the scooped hair; this will automatically get you a bun, and you can visualize it as closing the elastic band on the end of the scooped hair. Any hair from the end of the scooped hair making the bun that is loose is then circled around the bun so as to make sure that no hair is loose or breaking the aesthetics of the manbun.

While the above instructions on how to tie a man bun may look a bit complex, I can tell you that it’s very easy to tie a manbun. It will take you literally a couple of seconds to tie the bun once you have practiced the motion a couple of times.

In any case, I’m leaving below two videos on how to tie a man bun. Actually, they’re two videos on how to tie a bun, just a bun. The videos feature two long hair individuals, a lady and a guy, as it’s long hair men (and women in particular) who know best how to tie a bun. Simply take the instructions and place the bun a little higher on the crown of your head. In any case, these two videos are great to visually get the cues of tying the bun. Make sure to continue reading below the video as there’s more to this man bun guide!

Hair products for the man bun hairstyle

The man bun is quite an economical hairstyle since all you need is an elastic band, which is very cheap to buy. Aside from an elastic band and since you will have longer hair, it’s important to also take good care of your long mane. You can know how to tie the best manbuns, but, if your hair looks like a bird’s nest, then your manbun will look bad. You’ve spent months growing your hair to get a man bun, so you might as well go ahead and look after the hair too.

An elastic hair band for your man bun looks like the set of hair bands below. Typically you will only need one hair band, but you can use a couple more if your hair is too long and you need to keep the bun secured.

A set of hair accessories for men and the manbunHere are the hair products needed for a man bun (directly or indirectly):

  • Elastic band: used to secure the bun in place.
  • Headband: used to hold back any hair that could not be tied into the bun (the headband is optional)
  • Conditioner: used to keep your long mane smooth and looking great. All dudes with the hair length needed for a manbun (i.e. more than 6 inches) need to use a conditioner; it isn’t optional!
  • Leave-in conditioner: used to style the man bun. A leave-in conditioner is a watered-down conditioner which is helpful when styling your hair into any men’s hairstyle, including the man bun.
  • Hairstyling cream: used to style the manbun. If you don’t want to use a leave-in conditioner to style your bun, then you can use a hairstyling cream.
  • Pomade: used to style the semi bun or topknot. Pomade must only be used to style the semi bun, folks; do not use pomade on a full bun!
  • Hair clipper: used for the man bun haircut. I recommend men who want to sport a man bun to have a hair clipper at home. Cutting with a hair clipper your own undercut for the semi bun is very easy and only takes 10 minutes at maximum. You will save tons of money by not having to visit your hairdresser every 2 weeks to re-touch your undercut or similar man bun haircut.
  • The Men’s Hair Book: used as hair-care literature for your long hair. This book was published by Rogelio Samson in 2013 and it’s the best book on men’s hair. The hair care tips in the book alone are worth the book’s price. This is optional too, but it’s a good purchase over the long term.

I’ve also published my own man bun hair products guide which I highly recommend that you read as I go deeper into each of the hair products needed for a man bun. As said, you can keep your man bun as minimalist as you may desire, but, if you’re interested in making the most of your dude bun, then make sure to through the link above to my guide on hair products for the man bun. I’ve even recommended the best places from where to get the products so that you can buy these products for actual fair prices instead of ending up with an empty wallet and nonsense products as it usually happens when shopping for men’s hair products without having a clue of what’s good and what’s garbage.

Conclusion to our man bun hairstyle guide

You now have all that you need to grow, get and tie your man bun. In itself, the manbun is a simple and easy hairstyle for men; the only obstacle to a man bun is the length needed, which means that you need to commit some of your time to growing the hair length for the type of man bun that you want to get.

Regardless of the man bun type that you want to get or that you already have, I can tell you that it’s the best hairstyle decision you will ever make!

If you have any questions, I invite you to read our detailed man bun and top knot FAQ as you will probably find an answer in the FAQ for your related man-bun and top-knot hairstyle questions. You’re still free to ask questions below or to send us your man bun pictures so that we feature them on our site.

Last Updated: 23rd July 2018

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  1. What would you recommend for a black man (Somali)? How long would it take? Any difference in maintenance? My hair is usually an afro but it becomes really curly when I wet it or condition/shampoo it.

    This is how my sister’s hair is like:

    Picture of a woman with long curly hair

    • I would say to give yourself enough time to grow some eight inches of hair length. Depending on how short your hair is, you can be looking at a period of hair growth between 6 months to 15 months to grow your manbun. It’s worth the wait, and this is something you just have to put up with if you want to join our legion of bro buns!

    • I would recommend a slicked back hair style. You can read through my Jimmy Darmody article to get an idea of a good hairstyles while growing your man bun. Another cool hairstyle that you can try as you get enough hair length is the side part, whereby you comb your hair to the side. For the semi bun you will have an undercut haircut, so a side part undercut can looks really nice provided that you are using a good pomade or styling wax.

      • A follow up to these questions as I am a mixed fellow similar to the guy who posted a pic of his sister. My hair is about 2 inches on the top with faded sides. What would you recommend for a guy who has thin wavy/curly hair while it is growing out?

        • It depends. Are you going to grow the hair on the sides and back of the head too to get your man bun? Or are you only going to use the hair on the top of the head for the manbun while keeping the sides and back short?

          • Well I’m not sure what the best course of action would be. Grow the top first (top knot) then let the rest catch up? or just let it all grow? Also, my hair doesn’t do the Jimmy Darmody thing very well. 🙁

          • Since you have wavy to curly hair, I would then recommend you to keep the sides and back of your head short and sharp. The problem with curly hair is that it grows out and to the sides, which can make your manbun goal a nightmare if you don’t look after your hair properly.

            What I recommend is that you keep your sides and back in a fade haircut (like you currently have) and continue to grow the hair on the top of your head. Try a high top fade hairstyle, or just keep the hair on the top of your head messy; that works really well for wavy hair and curly hair. You can also comb the hair back with your fingers, so do not do it like Jimmy Darmody. Instead, use a good styling mousse and style your curls back with your fingers. You’ll do this once your hair is getting longer, which would be about five inches long. Once your hair is eight inches long, you will be able to tie a great manbun!

            I published recently a manbun FAQ which tackles the issue of growing a man bun hairstyle with curly hair. It’s the same as growing your hair long with straight hair, but, with curly hair, you want to keep the sides and back of the head short, clean and sharp (e.g. by using a fade haircut as you grow the top to eight inches in length).

            One more thing, sine you have wavy to curly hair, I suggest that you get either of these two books: The Curly Hair Book or The Men’s Hair Book. These two books have a huge amount of information on hair care which will be extremely valuable for you when growing your curls out so as to get your man bun hairstyle. I can only publish so much information in this site, so for my money and from my experience, any of those two books will give you a much-higher chance of growing an epic man bun!

            Have a look at my manbun products guide in the menu above (or in the link I posted in this current tutorial) to find my description for these two recommended books.

  2. I like the full-bun a lot but it seems like it goes perfect with a beard which i think i would never get. But still, I want to try it and by the way my hair is usually wavy and tends to be curly at the “patilla” when it reaches maybe 2 inches. Would you still recommend it with my hair condition?

    • Right, I believe you’re talking of the sideburns. Correct? if so, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a part of the sideburn trimmed much shorter so that you don’t allow it to form the typical coils of curly hair. So keep the sideburns trimmed and then leave anything below the earlobe as long as you want, as technically that’s where the sideburn hair meets the beard hair (they’re both forms of facial hair, though).

      I would still recommend that you attempt growing your beard and simply trim the sideburns a little as I explained above. By all means, feel free to let me know how that goes!

      • Well actually that is the problem, i don’t have any facial hair growing below the earlobe. I’m wondering if it would not ruin the hairstyle because I’ve seen full buns with beards and they look great but i want to try a full bun without beard mainly because i may not grow any.

        • I’m growing a man bun but I can’t grow a full beard style! My hair is only 6-1/2 inches long all over my head at the moment. I’m still growing my hair to get a man, so go for it!

  3. I have very wavy hair (Borderline Curly). I am looking to do the full bun and was curious to know what’s the best way to style my hair throughout the in-between phase.

  4. I want to get a full bun, but it is taking a while. How do you recomend styling your hair in the awkward phase? Im at the point where i dont know what to do with my hair.

    • I am growing my hair out from an undercut haircut. The last time I got a haircut was back in April I think that it was. It is now December and also the last time that I got the hair on the top cut was in December of last year. I have 8 inches on the top and 4 inches on the sides. It looks like balls but you just gotta stick through it. I usually do a top knot or let my long hair hang down, but it always goes in my eyes. So sometimes, if I want to look dapper, I’ll slick my hair back. Generally, slicking your hair back is a good way to style your hair during the awkward phase. That, or make your hair look messy and tousled.

    • Hey there Matthew,

      Please stop thinking about face shapes. Any hairstyle suits any face shape. It’s a myth that you have to base your hairstyle around your face shape. Also your face is only one quarter of your head, so why are you paying attention to your face only to decide whether the man bun hairstyle suits you?

      Go ahead and get a man bun. If unsure, then get a man bun undercut as an undercut with a man bun suits just about any guy regardless of hair type since the undercut cleans up the whole head shape and makes the manbun stand out more. I’ve talked about the man bun undercut in this website a lot, so do a quick search and you will find lots of pictures and examples of the manbun undercut.

      If you have any more questions then let me know.

  5. So I have about 4 inches of extremely thick hair. I’ve seen you recommendations on hairstyles while I wait for my hair to grow out long enough (the Jimmy Darmody) but I’m not slicking back would work with the sizable thickness and volume I have. 2 questions – 1) Would you recommend growing out a bun given very thick, wavy hair? 2) If so, what styles would work in the meanwhile?

    Ps. I’m an Indian guy with brown/Middle Eastern skin tones, pretty high cheek bones, of medium (not muscular) build.

    • Hey mate, I have the same situation as yours and how did you go about it? Mine grows thick as well and I have only started like a month now. How long does the process take for a semi bun or for a full bun? Please advise.

  6. I want to have a semi man bun but my hair on the front only extends on the eyebrows. How many months do I need to grow my hair so I can create a semi bun?

    • I couldn’t get my hair to a semi bun until it was just below my nose and reaching my upper lip. So probably something like 4 – 6 months… Sorry buddy, but it takes a while.

  7. My hair is wavy but curled on the tip. I am 13 years old and trying to grow a full man but my hair doesn’t reach my eyebrow yet should I still be able to look good and grow my hair out.

  8. I want to get a man bun but my hair is uneven and the hair my right side is shorter than the left… I want to ask my barber to even out my hair but I can never get it right. What do I do?

  9. My hair is still short, about 2 inches on the top but one inch on the sides.
    How long would it take to grow a full man bun?

    • With that hair length, it would take you about 18 months to grow a full man bun hairstyle. To be on the safe side, I recommend that you only attempt a full manbun with at least 10 inches of hair length, which with your current length will take you about 18 months. However, you should have enough length on the top of the head in 12 months to be able to tie a small topknot on your head!

  10. Like Dwight I can’t grow a full beard or even much facial hair. Would getting a manbun still be a good idea?

    • You can grow an awesome man bun without the need to have facial hair. A clean-shaven face with a man bun looks great. It’s just that there is a trend among the hipster culture of wearing a man bun with a full beard. Many male models are wearing full beards just for the sake of it, so don’t get too carried away by what they use to style their man bun and instead focus on what will look best on you. I’ve had my bro bun with no facial hair whatsoever and it still looked just as great as it did with facial hair.

      Just grow your hair long and you’ll be rocking your bun in no time!

  11. I currently have a full bun for a few months, but it demands too much from me and I have problems with dandruff.
    So I’m thinking about getting a side-cut bun. My question is if it works well with curly hair, because mine is very curly. How is it going to be when not knotted? Thanks, your site is very helpful!

    • It depends on the type of manbun hairstyle that you want. Do you want to have your man bun made up of only the hair on the top of your head (i.e. a semi man-bun, which I’ve covered in this guide). Or would you like to instead have your bun be made up of all the hair on your scalp (i.e. a full bun)?

      If you want to have a manbun undercut hairstyle (i.e. a semi bun), then, sure, get an undercut now as you continue to grow the hair on the top. However, if your intention is to get a full manbun, then grow all of your hair and do not get a haircut (don’t even trim your hair) until it is at least 10 inches in hair length!

  12. My hair on the top right now is just over 2 inches, on the back and the sides it’s around 0.75 inches, does having a full bun need 10 inches all around? Also are there any styles I can do whilst it’s all growing? Should I attempt to tidy bits up myself during the growing process?

  13. Can only a certain head shape get a man bun? The back of my head is not as round as I’d like it to be which led me to always leave the back of my hair a little longer for shape. I’m interested in getting maybe a semi bun but I’ve never tried this. Would it look good on me?

    • Carlos,

      Any head shape can get any haircut or hairstyle. Same goes for one’s face shape. It’s a myth that certain hairstyles only fit certain face shapes or head shapes. It’s a myth propagated by clueless people and hairdressers who want to charge you more to give you a more “personalized” haircut (this is true, I know many hairdressers who do this to charge you an extra 15 bucks for your personalized haircut which would be the same haircut you’d get at my barbershop for one third of the price).

      If the back of your head bothers you, then go for a full man bun (i.e. full bun). The hair from the back of your head will cushion the flatness of the back of your head and make it look rounder. A semi bun will expose all the back of your head as it has to be buzzed very short in an undercut or some kind of really short taper cut or executive contour cut.

      Be aware that a full bun needs more length to achieve and thus takes longer to grow than a semi bun. However I’d still go for a semi bun if that’s what you want. I’ve seen a lot of male skulls in my years as a barber and I can tell you that even the most oddly shaped heads can make a haircut or hairstyle look really good by simply carrying yourself with convenience. It’s what you want and what you like, not what others may think or say, my brother.

      Now go and get that bun!

  14. My hair is 6 inches long but I still am having trouble getting my hair in a man bun, the hair in the front barely fits in the elastic band and usually slips out, but if I move the band any closer to my face to compensate the bun is on the top center of my head and I look like Alfalfa from Little Rascals.

    • I have the same problem but I use hairspray to slick the top back so that it holds as if it was tied in my topknot.

    • Yes, do not go to the barbershop or get a haircut until you achieve the hair length needed to tie your man bun, which varies between 6 to 10 inches as I’ve described in this guide. Do not fall for the tricks and myths of the hair industry of having to get a haircut to make your hair grow faster or stronger (that’s a complete myth!).

      Grow on, brother!

  15. Hello,
    I’m new to the bro-buns world and I’m so excited to have a full man bun!
    I’m still growing my hair, this is the 3rd month and I’m going on and I want to know, should I have to go to the barber to trim my hair or not? (Note that I went once before just to trim the split ends of the sides and the back side)

    • No, do not go to the barber to get your hair trimmed while growing a manbun. Right now you’ve got to give your hair enough time to grow to the minimum hair length for a man bun, which is between 8 to 10 inches of length for a full bun. This is between 20 centimeters to 25 centimeters of hair length. Keep up with the good attitude and do not trim or cut your hair until it has reached that length!

      • Thanks so much for your reply! I want your help because I’m facing a problem with my hair in the meantime.
        I have some waves in my hair. I mean that it’s not straight and I want to know will this be an issue or affect my growth rate while I’m growing my hair?

        • Having wavy hair doesn’t slow down your hair growth. You can have straight hair or afro textured hair; it doesn’t matter. You will grow your hair at the same rate regardless of hair type or hair shape. The only thing with wavy hair is that it usually looks a bit shorter than it really is. This is only a visual effect so it’s nothing to worry about. If you want to know more about this visual effect and why it occurs, then the book The Men’s Hair Book explains the different hair lengths for men and why wavy hair looks shorter than its real length. It’s actually a pretty cool concept in that wavy hair is curly hair after all, so it coils and cuts its visual length because of the curled shape. But, in a nutshell, that’s the reason for it and it’s nothing to worry about when growing a man bun.

  16. I wanted to ask I have really thick hair, can I grow a man bun with thick hair? I already have long hair on the top of my head and short from the sides and back but when I try to grab my hair it’s too thick to grab and put it all my hair in one place.

    • Yes! Of course you can grow a man bun with thick hair. You probably don’t have enough hair length and that’s why you cannot tie your hair in a bun.

      How long is your hair? Measure it from the scalp (where the hair starts) right till the tip (the end of the hair). Measure your hair by pulling it softly so it remains flat. How long is it? If it’s less than 8 inches or 20 centimeters, then you simply need longer hair.

  17. Right now I’m transitioning my hair from an undercut top-knot into a full bun (sides grown out). I was wondering if I should trim the top so that the length would match the sides as it’s growing out.

    It’s going to take a while for it to fill out so the dreaded middle-phase of hair growing might be lengthy. Should I leave it untouched until it grows out fully or touch it up a bit by trimming the top? If anyone has experience from growing out an undercut, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • It’s up to you; at the end of the day, you’re going to need the sides and back of your head to be at least 8 inches long to be able to tie a full man bun. Usually I tell my barbershop customers to continue growing their hair out, but, depending on the length of your hair on the top and how short your undercut was, you can end up looking like a mushroom as you grow your hair longer.

      How long is the hair on the top of your head? And how long is the hair on the sides and back of the head? If the difference between these lengths is more than 2 inches, then I suggest that you trim your top to the length of the sides and back of the head and grow your hair evenly. It also depends on the hair type: if you have straight hair, the mushroom effect will not be very noticeable, but, if you have curly hair, then the mushroom hair effect will become more pronounced as your hair grows long.

      Does your hair look good right now with your current hair length setup?

  18. Black male with sides and back taper can I grow a man bun? Also how do I measure my hair ? Last question do I need to straighten my hair for the man bun or can I have it with kinky hair?

    • You do not need to straighten your kinky hair to grow a man bun. Browse my site and see how curly guys, including black men with kinky curly hair, do also have manbuns. See my man bun FAQ (located in the top menu) and go through the questions as I have covered this topic. I’ve also posted pictures of black men with man buns. So do not worry about relaxing or straightening your hair, your kinky hair is absolutely fine to grow into a man bun.

      As for the sides, you can continue fading the sides and back of your head while growing the top only. This would be a semi bun or top knot hairstyle. However, if the hair on the top of the head is also short, you can then buzz the top of your head to the hair clipper length of your fade haircut so as to start growing your kinky mane evenly with the same length from all angles of your head.

      To measure your hair length, just use a ruler, look in the mirror and softly pull a lock of hair from the top of your head. Place the start of the ruler on your scalp next to the lock of hair, and then softly pull the lock of hair so that it straightens. With kinky curly hair you will find that you can pull a lock of hair for a good distance since kinky hair is very coiled. Think of it as a coiled spring; if you pull a coiled spring, you will make it longer. The same applies to super-coiled hair like kinky curly hair in men!

  19. Should I cut my hair to even things out? My top is 10 inches and my sides are about 3 inches. It’s so frustrating I can’t pull the back hairs so I have it in a topknot style.

    • Don’t even dare! How on this planet are you going to cut 10 inches of hair length to a tiny and manly-less 3 inches of length? Either put up with it and grow the sides and back to 8 inches, or simply buzz your hair on the back and sides of the head into a man bun undercut hairstyle. You’ve got a top knot now, but with 10 inches of hair, that is some good length already and is considered more of a man bun undercut. That is, of course, assuming that you keep the length on the top (or grow it more) and buzz the sides and back into an undercut haircut.

      You are the one who decides, but do not cut the hair on the top. You will repent 15 minutes later, just like Jared Leto did when he cut his long hair, and which I’ve also covered in this site if you look up his name in the search box. I’ve seen guys cry because they cut their long hair and they cannot get it back. It’s usually 15 minutes, in fact.

  20. Hi I have very thick hair and my hair is about one inch long on the top and sides and two inches in the front… Is it possible to get a man bun with my thick hair? And how long will it take for my hair to grow 10 inches?

    • Yes it is very easy to grow a man bun with thick hair. All you need is to keep growing your hair until you get it to 10 inches, which is about 25 centimeters of hair length. It will take you about a year and a half to get to 10 inches of hair length, but always err on the side of caution and add a couple more months, so I’d say that it can take you between 18 months to 2 years to grow a man bun. During this time, do not get a haircut; just let it all grow out.

  21. Hey there, I had a combover hair style and now I’m wanting to grow my hair out. My hair on the top can be tied into a topknot bun but the hair on the sides is kind of irritating me as it’s about 4 inches long, what should I do? I need help!

    • I completely understand you issue and it’s what I call the awkward phase of hair growth for men. Basically the hair on the sides of your head needs at least 8 inches of hair length to be able to be tied into the topknot or manbun. However, growing the hair on the sides with your current 4 inches would take you between 8 to 12 months to grow. So here’s the dilemma: put up with the awkward phase of your top knot as it looks funky until it reaches 8 inches of length on the sides or simply buzz the sides and back of your head into a topknot undercut hairstyle.

      I would actually recommend that you buzz the sides and back into an undercut haircut. There’s no need to grow the sides and back of your head unless you truly want to be a long-haired dude. If you’re just growing your top knot for aesthetics and to follow the topknot hairstyle trend, then an undercut will be your best bet. Go to your barber and tell him to buzz the hair on the sides and back of your head into an undercut. The hair clipper length should be a “number 2 length” (just tell him that, he will understand what that means). The actual hairstyle that you will be getting is called a top knot undercut hairstyle. I’ve talked about this hairstyle in my site and, essentially, a top knot looks the best with an undercut haircut. So go ahead and buzz your hair in an undercut!

  22. Hello I really want to grow a man bun, but I’m just not sure if my hair is right for it. I have extremely thick curly hair. Every time I go to a new a new hair stylist they tell me I have the thickest hair they’ve ever seen and it makes their fingers sore to cut. So will growing out a man bun work for me?

    • Yes, of course you can grow a man bun with thick curly hair. Just make sure that you grow the hair to 8 inches, so don’t go to the hair salon for a haircut until you have at least 8 inches of hair length. Bear in mind that thick curly hair can pose problems when styling it until it gets to a length of 8 to 10 inches. See my hair products guide in the menu and get the styling cream to style your curls as that product will help a lot with the frizz and with taming your curls until they get long enough to be tied into a curly man bun.

      • I badly wanna grow a full manbun. But the last haircut I had was a faux hawk; short version. And as I started growing the hair again with 4-inches long hair on the top and 1.5 inches long hair on the sides and back, the hair looks ridiculous! Should I even it out and start growing or can you PLEASE suggest a hairstyle that could minimise the awkwardness of the hair?

        • Well, you are very close to the length difference that will make your hair look too awkward while growing it long. When growing a man bun, I recommend having only a hair length difference of 2 to 3 inches between the hair on the top of the head and the hair on the sides and back of the head. This hair length difference is also shared by other barbers and men’s hair experts like Rogelio Samson (author of The Men’s Hair Book). What this means is that, once the hair length difference between the hair on the top and the hair on the sides and back is longer than 3 inches, you will just have your hair looking too awkward while growing it long to get a man bun. This is specially applicable to men with curly hair.

          You have 2 options: either cut the hair on the top to the same length as the hair on the sides and back. Or put up with the length difference and grow your hair long as it is until you reach at least 8 inches of hair length on the sides and back of the head (not on the top of the head!). The minimum hair length for the man bun is 8 inches, which means that the shortest hair area on your head (whichever it may be) has to be 8 inches long. Most of the time this short hair area is indeed the sides of the head as most men start growing their hair long to get a man bun from a short taper haircut or undercut haircut.

          Considering that the hair on the sides and back of your head is only 2.5 inches shorter, then I would go with growing your hair long from your current hair length. However, one thing that you must abide by is to not get any kind of haircut (or even minor trim) while growing your hair long to 8 inches. Simply forget about haircuts and about visiting a barbershop, and instead concentrate on eating healthy foods to speed up your hair growth. If you smoke cigarettes, then now would be a good time to stop smoking as smoking decreases the speed of hair growth in men. Consider that you will be growing your hair for a whole year so as to reach 8 inches on the sides and back, so that’s a good amount of time that you will have to invest on your hair, so you might as well optimize the whole thing and try to be as healthy as possible so that your journey takes the shorter amount of time possible (you could get there in 10 months if you eat healthy foods and don’t smoke).

          A good hairstyle that will minimize the aforementioned hair-length difference is the slicked back hairstyle. Browse my site and search for the slicked back undercut or the slicked back hair style to find more on what I recommend to do when growing a man bun but still not having enough hair length to tie a proper bun. The slicked back hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle during the awkward hair stage as it allows you to keep your mane flat and symmetric. Likewise, you can slick back the hair on the sides of the head too which further decreases the visual length difference between the sides of the head and the top of the head.

          • That was really helpful. If that’s what it takes, I will quit smoking. Because I really want a full manbun. Thanks mate!

  23. So I think I have enough hair to put it in a top bun, I have straight, easy to work with hair about 6in long, but I’m not quite sure how short I should have it on the side. It’s at a faded number 2 clipper length right now and I think it looks too long, but my barber said shorter might not look as good.

    • Keep the hair on the sides of your head as a fade haircut. That, or go with an undercut as per the manbun undercut hairstyle. I’ve covered the latter hairstyle in this site so check out the guide that I wrote for it.

      At this stage, the hair-length difference between the hair on the top of you head and the hair on the sides and back of your head is way too much, so your only recourse is to keep the sides and back short and tight, whether in a fade haircut or a very-short undercut haircut.

  24. Hello,

    I am 18 and have been working on growing my hair out to a full bun for about 6 months now and have about 5/6 inches on top and a bit less on the sides. I have very curly thick hair, and had no idea this much went into having a bun. What could/should I do with the length I have now? I am almost able to do a top knot, but I do not want to cut the sides. Any tips and or suggestions would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  25. I have fine hair that’s straight on the top and gets curly on the sides and the back. Does a man bun look good and will it be healthy even though I have thin/fine hair? I’m 18 years old and I definitely don’t want a receding hairline!!

    • You can have a man bun with fine hair or thin hair. I’s not a problem. Chances are that you don’t have fine hair and instead have a low hair density (which is easily mistaken by guys who aren’t barbers and which is the most common hair issue presentation in men). Even if you truly had thin hair, a man bun would still be a good hairstyle, although do not confuse “thin” hair with “thinning hair”; the latter is one of the first stages of male pattern baldness and of going bald which usually starts in men in their thirties.

      A man bun hairstyle will always be a healthy hairstyle provided that you don’t tie your bun so tight that your forehead hurts. You can easily rip out your hair strands at the forehead by tying the man bun too tight (i.e. it hurts your scalp). This issue is called traction alopecia and I’ve covered it in this site already. You can learn more about traction alopecia and how to tie a man bun “not too tight” in my man bun FAQ guide above.

      Do not do like many guys nowadays who tie their man buns and top knots so tight that their forehead is pulled up. Trust me, after a year of doing that their hairline will have receded (i.e. traction alopecia) and, sometimes, traction alopecia is not reversible (i.e. you’re left with a dented hairline for the rest of your life even though the rest of your mane is healthy).

  26. Hi, I need some advice. I’ve had an undercut for close to 8 months now and I’ve been letting the top grow. I just recently stopped getting the undercut when I realized that I don’t want just a top knot but I would like to have a half bun. I would say I have around 6 or 7 inches on the top and 3 inches on the sides and back.

    It’s kind of at an awkward stage but I was wondering if this is the best approach to growing it or if I should be using something to help and still be getting haircut trims?

    • Your situation is the proverbial situation in that you’re left with two options to choose from: either put up with the awkward stage of hair growth for about another year until the hair on the sides and back catch up to a full man-bun length, or buzz the hair on the sides and back of the head in an undercut and simply go with a man bun undercut hairstyle (which I’ve covered in this site and in the man bun FAQ guide).

      Your situation is why I always tell my barbershop customers to start growing their hair from an even length if they want to sport a full man bun. Not just that, but you have to also be confident in what you want from an early stage even if the man bun takes you 18 months to grow out. Growing a man bun is a long term project if you have short hair or if you have been getting undercut haircuts.

      If your intention to grow a man bun is to simply follow a fashion trend, then I suggest that you give up on growing a full man bun as you will not tolerate the long waiting game. Instead, get an undercut and either have a top knot undercut (i.e. the hair on the top is between 6 and 8 inches in length) or a man bun undercut (i.e. the hair on the top is longer than 8 inches in length).

  27. Hello, I have a man bun problem. I am 17 years old and I can’t grow a beard yet, and I have enough hair to make a full bun, but I get confused very often with a girl, it is very annoying… Should I let my hair loose or cut it and grow it later? (my hair is curly and a bit frizzy and voluminous)

    • My friend, the answer to your man bun problem is very simple: don’t give a damn about what others think. If you don’t want to get confused for a girl, then simply dress like a man and act like a man. A hairstyle alone will not make you look like a woman; this is a myth and I can tell you that right now from my many years as a barber. It’s the overall package of who you are as a person that defines how masculine (or not) you are.

      At your age it is common to not have become a fully-matured male yet. In a couple of years you will look more like a man and you will have hair growing off your face (i.e. a beard). So, if you want to have a man bun hairstyle right now, then go for it. You already have the correct length, which a lot of guys with short hair growing a manbun would give an arm for! So get a man bun and leave the haters or idiots behind.

  28. What hairstyle do you recommend if I’m growing my hair for a full man bun but don’t quite have enough hair to tie a full bun yet?

  29. Hi! Right now I am growing my hair for a full bun. I don’t quite have enough hair to tie a full bun yet and I’m wondering what hairstyle I should use while growing a full bun. Awesome article.

  30. I’ve got curly hair which comes up to my chin and I also tie it up in a man bun but the hair on the top of my head doesn’t stay flat, it instead rises. What should I use to keep my long curly hair flat? Also I’ve been growing my curls for a while and my sides are getting longer and look quite bad. I don’t really want to cut my curly hair because I wanna add it to the bun, what should I do for it to not stick out? Should I leave all my hair open until it’s the same length or just get it cut?

  31. Hello there! I have black thick hair, about 2 in. long. I want to grow it to 10 in. as previously stated, the problem is that every time I let it grow to 4-6 in. it looks ‘bad’ and it itches behind my ear and the back of my neck. Is there any way to communicate to my barber to do something about it? or just put up with it and let it grow? Thanks, Franco.

  32. I’ve decided to grow my hair long and get a full bun but my hair is currently more suited to a semi bun. The hair on the top of my head is about 3.5 inches long while the hair on the sides and the back is a bit shorter than an inch.
    How much longer should I grow it before having a haircut and what type of haircut should I get in order to get the hair on all sides equally long over the long term?

  33. I would like to know if I could grow a manbun because my hair is a weird type when I don’t get a haircut. I have my hair on the top with a number 1 or 2 hair-clipper length and faded sides but my hair sticks out and doesn’t move. The back of my head is also faded, when it grows out it looks stupid.

    • In your case and since you’re probably going to have to endure a lengthy awkward hair stage, I suggest that you keep it simple and keep your sides and back in either a fade haircut or an undercut haircut.

        • Go to a barbershop.

          Sorry, I misread your question and thought that you asked, where do I suggest that you get a trim? As far as “when” to get a trim (as in a fade haircut), I suggest that you get it now. Keep getting a fade haircut for your man bun every two to four weeks for as long as you grow your hair long so as to sport a man-bun fade hairstyle.

          Once your hair is long enough to tie it into a bun, you can then continue to get fade haircuts on the sides and back of your head or you can switch to the man bun undercut or to the man-bun executive haircut. I’ve gone through the man bun undercut and the man bun executive contour haircuts on this site so just search for them or read the “Frequently Asked Questions” guide that I published for the man bun and the top knot.

          • I would like to grow a full man bun, I’ve had long hair before but my hair changes over a period of time.

  34. I’m really looking forward to getting a man bun hairstyle, but I want a nice haircut in the process. So, is it possible to grow a semi bun into a full bun? I mean smoothly. My plan is: slicked back undercut to semi bun to full bun.

  35. I have about 1 inch of hair length on the back and sides of my head and 7 inches on the top of my head, but I would like to get long hair all over. Is there any other way to get all of my hair long because I really don’t want to shave my head, thanks!

  36. I am transitioning from a “Jimmy-Darmody” type of hairstyle. I initially had an undercut with a long top. I am aiming for a full man bun but as the sides catch up to the top, the top gets even longer to the point that it reaches my neck. To counteract this I’ve been using an elastic bandanna and it’s doing the job.

    I read in the comments that someone asked if the full man bun required a certain face shape and you’ve answered no. My question is if you think the same for a certain head shape because what I’ve noticed is the back of my head is pretty straight so when I try to put the man bun up it doesn’t seem visually pleasing. How do you think that I can counteract that? Grow my hair longer so I can leave more of it loose at the back?
    Sorry for the long post.

    • The shape of the head isn’t an important factor to consider when choosing to grow a man bun. I also doubt that the back of your head is completely flat, as all heads (males and females) have a slanted shape a the back to accommodate the brain and then the structure of the neck (the latter is thinner than the former, and hence the slanted shape of the back of the skull). In any case, the shape of the back of your head (i.e. skull) is irrelevant for a full man bun as the long hair will cushion any type of skull shape. What this means is that you’ve nothing to worry about with regards to the shape of the back of your head.

      As for the hair on the sides and back of the head catching up to the hair on the top, have a look at my latest guide (published in October) in the blog section of this site as I’ve published the different men’s hairstyles to use while transitioning to a man bun or a top knot. In cases like yours, I tend to recommend that you let all of you hair grow naturally and to not get a haircut until the sides and back of your head are at least 8 inches long since that’s the minimum hair length for the man bun hairstyle.

  37. I have been trying to get the semi bun for a while now and getting undercut-shaves periodically. Will it affect the look of my semi bun (once I have enough hair) if the right side of my hair is shorter than the left side?

    • Yes, always have symmetrically-balanced sides (and back) of the head if you are keeping them in an undercut or an undershave. The hair on the sides of the head should be at the same length if your head is seen from the front. What I don’t understand is why you’re keeping one side of your head longer than the other, unless you’re going for one of those “Skrillex” asymmetric haircuts (which I do not recommend for a semi-bun top knot hairstyle).

      • I had a combover before I started growing my hair which explains why it’s longer on one side. Specifically what would I ask a barber if I wanted to even them out without cutting a lot of my hair which I have been growing for a while?

  38. If you are in fact experiencing Male Pattern Baldness, but still have a decent amount of hair to work with, you could still have a man bun right? I’ve read that guys with a thinning crown/vertex grow their hair out and have a man bun to hide their bald spot. Is this true?

    • Be careful. Men with a thinning vertex have weaker hair follicles all across the top of the head (especially around the forehead’s hairline), which means that tying a tight man bun will destroy the hair strands and rip them out. As a rule of thumb, avoid man buns and top knots if you are balding, even if you only have a thinning vertex (one of the main stages of male pattern baldness).

      If you still insist in going ahead with getting a man bun with a thinning vertex, then at least read my guide to getting a man bun with male pattern baldness (the guide is in the blogging section of this site).

  39. My hair’s length is about 4 inches on the top and is short on the sides and back of the head. How long do you thing it would take me to grow a full man bun?

    • Well, a full man bun requires that you have at least 8 inches of hair length on the sides and back of the head; since you mention that your sides and back are short (e.g. one inch or shorter), then we’re looking at about one year and a half of hair growth before you can tie a full man bun (i.e. all the hair on your head into a single bun). Do not cut any of your hair during these 18 months of hair growth, and you will be on your way to your man-bun goal.

  40. I currently have a semi bun but I want to grow it into a full bun. Are there any ways of styling my hair that you’d recommend to not make it look terrible?

  41. I have curly hair like Seth Rogan, I have 4 inches of hair length on the top of my head and 3 inches of hair length on the sides and back of my head. How can I style my curly hair as it grows into a man bun hairstyle?

  42. Hi, my hair becomes very dry and frizzy when it gets to a long length. I have wavy hair and I’m Moroccan, so how would you recommend that I grow a man bun?

  43. The hair on the top of my head is way longer than the hair on the sides of my head, but I am interested in growing a full manbun. So I’d like to ask you how to proceed so as to grow a full man bun.

  44. I have a semi man bun with a high fade haircut, and I was wondering if this type of hairstyle would look good with a light mustache?

  45. I originally wanted to have a top knot but I now want a full man bun. So the hair on the top of my head is at 5 inches at the moment and I believe that the hair on the sides of my head is buzzed. Should I cut the hair on the top of my head and start growing my hair long again, or can I just keep growing it without getting a haircut? And, during the process of growing my hair, how can I keep it looking clean and sharp?

  46. Hey, my name is Alex and I’m 14. I currently have 4 inches of hair length, and I wanted to know how long will it take me to grow a full man bun hairstyle.

  47. Sorry to bother you again but the topknot haircut is the haircut that I want, and I was wondering how long it would take me to grow a topknot because I have 4 inches of hair length right now and I want 6 inches of hair length. How long would it take me to grow my hair from 4 inches to 6 inches of hair length?

  48. I have really straight hair but unfortunately my beard isn’t good and it is scruffy, so I keep my facial hair clean-shaven at all times. Will a semi manbun look good on me without a beard or without any facial hair style? By the way, I am an Indian male.

  49. I am 71, a silver fox. I wear a semi bun with a serious undercut. I have thick gleaming silver hair, which works for me for business and pleasure.

  50. I would like to grow a full manbun hairstyle. I have straight hair but it is not thick. I keep growing my hair and I end up cutting it down again due to my messy hair. My hair keeps on hanging down like Abdul Kalam’s hair style. Which haircut do you recommend for me so that I can make my dream and have a full manbun hairstyle?

  51. My hair is about 4-5 inches long and now I have now burned my hair while I was using a blow dryer. My locks are so tangled that I cannot handle them properly. What should I do now? Should I cut my hair and start over or is there any way to fix my blowdryer problem??

  52. How do I know if my hair is thick enough (or that I’m not receding too much) for an undercut?? I’ve got an easy 12 inches of hair, but I fear it’d look too thin if I went for the undercut!

    • An undercut haircut will not make your hair look thinner; in fact, it might as well make your hair look thicker overall as an undercut haircut emphasizes the hairstyle on the top, which in this case would be a manbun. I’d say go for it; my barbershop experience with balding men getting a man bun undercut hairstyle is that, as long as you’re a Norwood II to a Norwood III, you will be fine.

      Make sure that you’re not tying your hair too tightly. Here on my site, I’ve published a guide on the man bun hairstyle for men who are balding; in this guide, you will find all the advice needed to grow a man bun if you’re balding or how to maintain a manbun/topknot hairstyle with long hair with male pattern baldness.

  53. Hi

    So I can fit all of my hair into the bun, except for the hair at the bottom of my neck. And it won’t be getting there any time soon. I don’t want to have to keep growing out my hair to the point where the hair in the lower back of the head is long enough because that I dislike that length.

    Do people cut the hair on the bottom of the head? Any advice on this?

    I always have a generous lock of hair dangling down my neck.


    • Yes, trim the hair above your neck’s hairline. The hair on the area of that head doesn’t do much for a full man bun. Ideally, you’d want it to be as long as the rest of the hair on your head, but the world isn’t a perfect place anyway. So trim those locks of hair dangling from your nape to a very short size. Use barber shears or regular scissors to cut all of that hair.

      Don’t over-complicate the man bun hairstyle; if it doesn’t reach the bun, cut it!

  54. I just cut my manbun which was about 10 inches and I immediately regret it… I have 2.5 on top and almost buzzed on sides… Any way I can speed up the hair growing process to get the bun back?

    • There are no magic tricks to speed one’s hair growth. However to make the most of your potential genetic hair growth and hair-growth speed, try the following:

      – Good nutrition with plenty of protein, omega-3 fats and vitamin A.

      – Try methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM. There’s some evidence that it helps men’s hair growth and there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that it does speed up hair growth. It’s a safe supplement too, so it’s worth a try if you’re that desperate to grow your hair long. Do consult your doctor first if you want to try MSM or any other supplement.

      – If you’re getting MSM, then also get biotin. I have a good number of barbershop customers who have tried this supplement combination after my recommendation and they have noticed their hair growing faster, and I’ve witnessed it, although this could easily be attributed to confirmation bias or to placebo. I still remain skeptical, though, especially since most cases occurred during summer, which is the only season in which men’s hair grows a little bit faster. I get a lot of customers wanting to grow their hair long instead of get their hair cut short. Go figure, but then again almost all of my staff has long hair and we’re known for our man buns!

      – Minoxidil can also speed up hair growth, but the effect is only very mild. Minoxidil can also cause paradoxical side effects like transient hair loss. Minoxidil is a safe supplement and it is used to teat male pattern baldness. Non-balding guys can also use minoxidil to thicken their hair or to make their hair grow faster, but the science behind such claims is sketchy at best, so don’t count on doubling your hair-growth speed by using minoxidil. Again, it’s a safe supplement and its effects are localized as the product that you use which contains minoxidil is to be applied topically on your scalp. Minoxidil should still be your last choice to grow your hair faster. And that’s considering that you’re willing to spend some money to get a mild increase in hair-growing speed.

      – Get the book called “The Men’s Hair Book” by Rogelio Samson. The book gives out great nutritional advice and you will also find advice on supplements to optimize your hair growth. Also hair care does play a factor in how slow your hair grows. For example, one trick to optimize your hair growth is to not pull your hair when combing it as this damages you hair’s follicles and it can lead to slow (slower) hair growth. Pulling one’s hair when combing it is a mistake that many guys make when styling their hair. Stuff like this and lots more useful advice is in that book, so it’s very much worth getting that book in paper form. The key to getting the best hair growth that you can possible and genetically get is in maintaining a good hair-care routine. Don’t let anyone else fool you into thinking otherwise.

      That’s my advice and I hope that you soon return to our man-bun land!

  55. The hair on top of my head is between 5 and 6 inches of hair length. The sides are between 3 to 4 inches of hair length. In the beginning, I was going for a full manbun look. But now, I realize that it’s gonna take me 8 more months to get to this hair length. So should I just settle for a semi-manbun style (an undercut manbun hairstyle)?

  56. Hey thanks for recommending the book from Rogelio Samson. I bought it from Amazon and it arrived three days ago. Since then I’ve been reading the book page by page and the book is just too good. Most of the stuff is stuff that I would have never even known about and which happens to be part of the foundation to great hair. I’m on my second day of the no-shampoo routine from the book and I’ve already profiled my hair and started a good number of the hair-care tactics in the book. Doing great so far and like Rogelio Samson says, the stuff that I’m doing based on the book to have better hair isn’t going to lower my testosterone levels!!

    My hair is four inches long and my hair type is ‘straight hair’. My Norwood stage is a Norwood II, which isn’t so good. I knew my hairline had receded a little but I had no way of proving it. Lo and behold, I followed the advice in the book and I was able to confirm that indeed my hair had receded. It sucks but that’s how it is for me. I’ve already purchased minoxidil to try to improve my receded hairline and I’ve made an appointment with a dermatologist as recommended in the book.

    I know that the book mentions that one should not pull his hair too hard. Basically you’re supposed to put as little stress on your follicles as possible. That’s if you want to get the best and healthiest hair growth. I kind of know the answer to this question as the book has the answer to it but I’m dying to ask you since you’re the internet’s manbun pioneer:

    ‘Can I wear a man bun if my hairline is receding?’

    The advice in the book would say that I should not be wearing a man bun and I trust this book with my life. Still, I’m really interested in knowing your answer in case that you’ve seen guys at your barbershop with receding hairlines who have been able to wear big manbuns.

    I’m 36 years of age. White male with dense straight hair. No illness although I’ll be getting some blood tests as recommended in the book to maximize my hair growth.

    I would be so thankful if you could please offer your opinion on this. My name is Bill, by the way.

  57. Hi,

    Would a man bun look nice with an undercut/fade haircut without getting into the topknot zone?

    Thanks in advance.

  58. Also, What do you think of hair re-bonding when wanting to grow out semi-silky hair to get a majestic man bun?

  59. What hair cut do you recommend that one gets before starting to grow their hair out, and do you recommend getting the hair trimmed up a little bit throughout the growing period?

    My hair is currently about 8 inches long on the top and probably about 5 inches on the sides and it’s also really short at the nape (my hair grows right down to the top of the spine but in some weird rat-tail fashion, so it normally gets trimmed by my barber so it remains shorter).

  60. My hair is about 5 to 6 inches long and recently I cut my hair on the sides a bit shorter. Can you give me some suggestions?