How to Go From Long Hair to Man Bun Hairstyle

Enhance your long hair aesthetics with an epic manbun

As you will know from reading this site, there is a minimum hair length for a man bun. Whether you want a semi manbun or a full man bun, you need to have at least 6 inches of hair.

Now, 6 inches of hair length may not seem like a lot of hair, but it takes the average man one whole year to grow 6 inches of hair when starting from a buzzcut haircut. This is why hair experts like Rogelio Samson of and in his book The Men’s Hair Book (great book, by the way) classify long hair as any hair length that exceeds the six-inch mark.

A man with long hair ready to tie it into a hipster bunThe man bun, aka bro bun or hipster bun, is a great hairstyle to sharpen up your hair. In fact, the bun as a hair style has been used for centuries by women to tie their hair collectively in one single place. These days as the bun is adopted by men alike, the man bun serves as a great men’s hairstyle for those long-haired dudes seeking to polish their hair and put all that hair mass in a single neat place. The man bun does the whole “sharpening” and “polishing” of hair so well that it has become an acceptable office hairstyle for men. However, when in doubt, always ask your boss if you can grow your hair long or tie it into a bun; thanks to hipsters though, the manbun has become way-more socially acceptable and thus corporate acceptable.

I shall show you below a good example of how our beloved “bro bun” works its magic and how you go from a boring long mane to an epically-epic man bun. Long hair by default has wild volume, and tying it into a ponytail leaves the hair too loose as the tailed end of the ponytail is left fluffy and hanging. Solution? Tie your hair into a man bun, son.

From long hair with no sense of hipster aesthetics or fashionista style whatsoever:

A hipster with a beard and long wavy hairTo epic Jared-Leto-like bro-bun level achieved:

A male with a manbun and a hipster beard A dude with a hipster bun in a barbershop waiting to get a mens haircut

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a man bun, kiddo, and become epic (with Jared Leto’s permission, of course).

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