Jared Leto Chops His Man Bun and Shaves Beard!

No more manbuns for Jared Leto as he also shaves hipster beard

For those of us hoping that Jared Leto would lead the 2015 man bun trend, we just could not be any sadder as of two days ago. Jared Leto, the man bun messiah, decided to cut his long hair and become an average Joe. No longer will we see Jared Leto with his epic man bun and the other bun styles that he used to wear with his half-hippie half-homeless ombre hair.

Not happy enough with cutting his long hair, Jared Leto posted a picture of his ponytail ready for chopping, which in the Samurai era meant that one was no longer a man of honor. Jared Leto, what have you become? You’ve even shaved the homeless beard (pundits call the look the “hipster beard) that you sported all throughout 2014 and 2015 along with your man bun.

Here at we believe that Jared Leto may in fact have suddenly gone through a depression bout or a schizophrenic episode two days ago, as we cannot think of any other reason why a man would chop his man bun!

Ok, ok. Kidding aside… Jared Leto cut his long hair and shaved his hipster beard for his role as the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. Incidentally, it only took Leto a couple of hours to already tweet that he missed his beard (and long hair). See now why no honorable Samurai would cut his Samurai bun?

The pictures of Jared Leto’s new hairstyle with a clean shaven look:

Jared Leto with his long hair cut and his beard shaved off An image of Jared Leto getting his long hair in a man bun cut with scissors Jared Leto even tweeted a weird photo of himself with his long hair and beard ready to cut it all off. The weird photo with all the childish drawings may in fact hint to our half-joking-half-serious schizophrenic pun after all…

An image of Jared Leto getting ready to cut his long mane and full facial hairstyle

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