Man Bun Hair Products for Men to Buy

Epic Guide on the hair products to buy for your manbun!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: the man bun is a fantastically-easy hairstyle for men. In fact and if you want to keep your man bun minimal, all you really need is a single elastic hair band to tie you bun in place. Sure, you’d be better off using some leave-in conditioner and using a good shampoo for your precious locks, but the man bun hairstyle truly boils down to a single piece of elastic when it comes to actually achieving the hairstyle.

With all that said, I’d like to go ahead and tell you about the range of hair products that will facilitate your manbun and that will make it look as awesome as Jared Leto’s man bun (well, sort of). But, before I proceed, I shall tell you that, despite the relative ease of the man-bun’s styling, there’s in fact one issue that you need to carefully consider and which most guys underestimate. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking of the man bun’s hair length including the absolute minimal length that will allow you to get your own man bun. I’ve covered the needed lengths of the man bun in my man bun length guide which I recommend that you also read if you’re new to our man-bun world and you think that getting a manbun is as easy as ordering some hair bands from Amazon.

Now that I got the above off my chest, let’s go through the hair products that you will need for your epic man bun hairstyle. But, first, here’s the actual list of the manbun products that I will be explaining in detail in this article:

  • Hair bands
  • Headbands
  • Hair conditioner
  • Shampoo
  • Styling cream
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Hair clipper
  • The Men’s Hair Book

Hair bands for man bun

Of course! There’s no man bun if you don’t have some hair bands laying around in proximity. The hair bands needed for the man bun need to be metal free; that is, there should be no metal bits in the bands since the metal will break your hair strands. Considering how cheap these metal free hair bands are, I would just buy a couple of sets of those and be done with it (each set comes with dozens of bands in case you lose a couple, which I guarantee that you will).

An image of the hair bands to use for the man bun hairstyleIt is true, though, that you can tie your bun with your own hair alone and/or with hair sticks. The issue here is that the tying of the bun with either your hair or the sticks is more complex and takes longer to style. Plus you need some super-long hair lengths to be able to bun your hair with either of those two alternatives. Case in point: just buy your hair bands and you have one less thing to worry.

Headbands for man bun

Headbands are different to hair bands. As its name suggest, a headband is an elastic band that is placed around your head. In fact, a headband is placed across your head so that a part of it goes across the front of the top of your head and thus pulls back the hair on the front of your head (i.e. what’s known as the forelock in barber terms).

Since a headband will pull back all the hair on the forelock, you can use a headband to improve the aesthetics of your manbun if you still cannot tie the hair on your forelock into your man bun. This is actually the trick that I recommend to all to-be manbun dudes as, by pulling the forelock’s hair back, you will flatten the hair and it will thus give an optical illusion of the hair on the forelock actually being tied into the man bun, as the hair follows the “backward” flow of all the hair on the top of the head that has been tied into your bun!

To give you an idea of how a headband works to pull the hair back, here’s a picture of a young Leonardo DiCaprio using three headbands to pull his hair back. You will only need one; he just used three for what I can guess was him messing around. I know this isn’t the manliest picture of a dude wearing a headband, but I can assure you they’ll look cool with your man bun (see the ones I recommend below).

A picture of a young Leonardo DiCaprio with his slicked back hair style tied with headbandsIf you’re growing your hair long to tie your manbun but still do not have enough length to get the hair on the forelock also tied into your bun, then the best thing that you can do is to use a thin headband as per the above trick that I’ve just given you. Do not dare to cut the hair on the forelock just because you cannot tie it yet to the bun, as doing so will ruin your hair and delay (by over a year) your manbun’s aesthetics!

For a great set of thin headbands to use for your man bun hairstyle, go and get this set of thin headbands which are cheap, do not slip off your head (important!) and come in different colors that are cool for dudes to wear. If possible, get a couple of sets of them as losing a headband is easier than tying a bun. I’m serious!

A picture of a set of male headbands for the manbun hairstyle

Conditioner for man bun

To get a man bun, you will need to grow your hair to at least 6 inches, and that’s already in the long-hair category. Thus, using a conditioner is almost a “must” with long hair and I can tell you that it will make your long tresses look pretty good (in a manly way). The conditioner will also keep your mane well lubricated and smooth, which will help a lot in tying your man bun in mere seconds.

For a great conditioner for men, go with this hair conditioner here (get 2 or 3 bottles of this conditioner as that way you’ll have conditioner for months on end!

An image of a great conditioner for men with man bunsShampoo for man bun

Most guys will buy whatever shampoo is on offer at the supermarket, and, while this isn’t intrinsically bad, it also isn’t intrinsically good. High-quality shampoos aren’t expensive and they will do your hair a lot of good. Just make sure to follow the shampoo with the conditioner above.

An image of a blue bottle of shampoo for men with manbunsStyling cream for man bun

Styling creams are the perfect products for long hair styling. Forget about pomades, waxes and the likes; it’s a styling cream what you want to own and use for your man bun. Simply coat your long hair with the styling cream as you’d otherwise do with any other hairstyling product (e.g. hair gel) and then proceed to tie your man bun. Presto!

An image of a good mens hair styling creams for the manbunLeave in conditioner for man bun

Now, leave in conditioners are some very-useful men’s hair products in that they help even further with making your hair smooth as silk (again, in a manly way). While using a regular conditioner as mentioned earlier will suffice for most guys, there are guys who have really curly hair who will benefit from using a leave in conditioner to style their curls instead of using a styling cream.

A leave in conditioner should be use as just another hairstyling product. What this means is that you will coat your hair with the leave-in conditioner (just like with the styling cream above) and you will then proceed to style and tie your bun. So, in summary, you can use either a styling cream or a leave in conditioner to style and tie your bun; there’s no need to use both products to style your bun.

An image of an excellent leave in conditioner for men

Hair clipper for man bun

If you plan on giving yourself an undercut haircut or some other short haircut for the sides and back of your head, then you will benefit from owning a hair clipper. A hair clipper is usually very useful for the semi bun, but you can also own a hair clipper even if you have a full bun (see my man bun tutorial if you don’t know what a full bun or semi bun is). It doesn’t matter what type of man bun you may currently have; what actually matters is that hair clippers are the most useful hairstyling tools that a man could possibly have and that hair clippers will save you money over the long term as you save money from not going to the hairdresser for your haircuts.

When choosing a hair clipper, you have two options: a cordless hair clipper or a corded hair clipper.

Cordless hair clipper

A cordless hair clipper doesn’t need to be plugged to the electric mains and instead operates with a battery. This means that cordless hair clipper are very useful for quick haircuts and for haircuts where you need precision. The downside is that they’re usually more expensive than corded hair clippers, but, if you get yourself a good cordless hair clipper, you will soon experience why buying that clipper was an excellent decision.

  • For the best cordless hair clipper that money can buy, then simply go with this cordless Andis hair clipper (it comes with all hair-clipper accessories needed for a great haircut too).

An image of a cordless hair clipper for the man bun undercutCorded hair clipper

A corded hair clipper needs to be plugged to the electric mains to operate. This means that a corded hair clipper has a cord connecting it from the electric mains, and this cord can sometimes become a nuisance, although this is usually a nuisance only for barbers and hairdressers who have to put up with dodging the cord all day long. For you and your own haircuts, a corded hair clipper will not be an issue. In fact, corded hair clippers are usually more powerful than cordless hair clippers as well as cheaper, so a corded clipper is very useful if you’re the kind of guy who is cutting his hair all the time.

  • For a time-tested and excellent corded hair clipper, go with this Oster hair clipper (it also comes with all hair-clipper accessories needed for a great haircut).

An image of a hair clipper for long hairThe Men’s Hair Book

The actual title of The Men’s Hair Book is The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney. I think the title itself sort of tells you what the book is about.

Anyway, The Men’s Hair Book (the short title by which it is known as) is a great book that I recommend any man-bun aficionado to own. It’s a book that covers the many other parts of hair care and of your hair’s look that just about all guys are clueless of. I was surprised to find in the book a huge number of tips and tricks for better hair, and the cool thing about it is that all that’s in the book is easily implemented by anyone. In fact the author promises you right at the start of the book that none the advice in The Men’s Hair Book will make your testosterone levels drop.

You can pick a copy of The Men’s Hair Book at either Amazon (add it to your shopping basket if buying the rest of products above) or at most popular bookstores.

Get the products, get your manbun!

Well, that’s it with my man bun products guide. Strictly speaking, you will only need a hair band to style your man bun, but it’ll be in your interest to also look after your mane so that your man bun looks and feels epic!

Guide last updated: 23rd July 2018

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  1. What’s a good leave in conditioner? I see the Bumble and bumble is almost all sold out and almost close to $90.00! What’s another good brand ? Also, I just got an undercut top man-bun. I read about the new lower cut man bun or full on manbun. Can I switch to this hairstyles now that I have read more about them? Do I just grow out the sides? I’m just beginning out and I really loved reading your articles. Thank you so much for the advice and information; I truly appreciate it.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Michael!

      Yes, the leave-in conditioner that I had was sold out, so third parties were now offering it at very high prices. I’ve now changed the link for the leave-in conditioner for another great leave-in conditioner (check it out in the guide above) that I recommend to keep your man bun in shape. It’s in a spray form too, so just spray it casually across your long mane when it’s damp so that your hair is only lightly coated with the leave-in conditioner; then you’re good to go.

      I’m a big fan of leave-in conditioners for man buns. Most guys are running around with their locks badly conditioned and a leave-in conditioner like the new one that I’ve recommended in the link above for the leave in conditioner section will help a lot in getting a lustrous man bun. Also remember that you can use other hairstyling products with a leave in conditioner; just spray the leave-in conditioner on your hair and then use whichever hairstyling product you want to use (e.g. a styling cream, a hair mousse, etc). However, you can simply use the leave-in conditioner and that’s it, which works phenomenally if you’re look for a glossy and well-cared manbun mane.

  2. Hi I was wondering how often I should shampoo my hair with the product you recommended. If I get the leave-in conditioner, is there any point of getting the regular conditioner and vice-versa. Thanks in advance. Not sure if I’m over-doing it or under-doing it.

  3. I’m 19 years old, and I am from Mumbai (India). My current hair length is “shoulder-length” and I would like to go to job interviews with long hair or with a man bun. What can I do?

  4. I’m thinking of getting the products you mentioned like shampoo, cream, and conditioner but just a quick question. The shampoo that you mentioned also has a similar conditioner and cream. How are all those products of the same company ?

  5. Hi. I’m almost about to reach a full bun hairstyle. But I still have some short hair strands on the sides. Is there a way so that I can control the flyaway hairs on the sides? Any product that I can use for some time till I reach my full length of hair?

  6. I’m currently out of ideas as to what to cut my hair into, but then I found out about the man bun hairstyle and want to get it. I’m 16 and I’ve been growing my hair for 3 months and I already have 4 inches of hair length but the problem is that my hair right now is shedding very easily. I don’t think that I’m faced with hair loss. Can you teach me what routine I should do to prevent this? I have dandruff now too…

  7. The center part of my head has grow to 4 inches and the sides are still short. I’m having a hard time taking care of my hair because I’m starting to have dandruff and some of my hair would fall. Can you teach me how to take care of my hair?

  8. Hey, I grew a cool man bun, but my long hair is naturally damaged. I have split ends and a lot of dryness, but I don’t want to cut my hair (no way!). Can you please give me some tips on how to cure or fix my damaged hair? I am from India, so I would like to ask you for some good suggestions on shampoos and conditioners that will be really helpful for my damaged hair.

  9. I am able to tie a bun on the middle of my head. I am 17 years old and I will be 18 in September. I have had my hair growing for 6 months and keeping it is a bit hard, so it’s tempting to just cut it. I’m really into man buns and I want to keep my manbun for a whole year. I love your article and it inspired me to keep my hair and try out new styles. Does hair grow if you don’t condition it for like a month?

    • I’m glad my article inspired you to keep your manbun. Your hair will continue to grow with no conditioning whatsoever. In fact, your hair will continue to grow no matter what you do to it. Hair growth is not dependent upon the hair-care products or hair-styling products that you may use.

      While on the record, check out Rogelio Samson’s experiment in which he went one whole month with no shampoo, no conditioner and no hair-styling products. He just used the sebum-coating method which he created and published in his two books. He’s got his experiment somewhere on his Manly Curls website, so it’s worth searching for that experiment to see what not conditioning your hair for a month can look like if you do it right (like he did).