Man Bun Hairstyle Guide for Curly Hair Men

Curly hair manbun guide for dudes with curls

The other day, we had a curly barbershop customer walk in to our barbershop initially wanting a curly hair undercut haircut. However, when he saw that most of the barbers at our barbershop have man buns, he looked dazzed, as if he had entered another dimension where man buns were the de-facto hairstyle of all men worldwide (in essence, that’s our idyllic, sacred man-bun heaven where all man bun dudes go to once they reach the minimum hair length for a man bun).

A picture of a curly haired guy getting a haircut for his curly manbun hairstyle at the barbershopSo, as expected, this new curly customer started asking Paul (one of our barbers with a manbun) question after question about how to get a man bun with curly hair. And that’s what this man bun hairstyle guide will be all about today, especially since that wasn’t the first time that a curly dude asked us (or me) about how to grow curly hair long to get a man bun.
A picture of a hipster male with curly hair and a full man bun hairstyle

What is curly hair?

Right, before continuing with this curly man bun guide, we have to define what curly hair is. You’d be surprised at how many guys who have curly hair don’t know that they have curly hair, or how many guys think that curly hair is only the curly hair of Justin Timberlake back in his NSYNC days.

A photograph of a young Justin Timberlake with short curly hair with the rest of the band members from NSYNC

“Got some change for a haircut, bro??”

As a barber, I could give you my own definition of what curly hair is, but I will instead go with the definition from one of the most-famous curly hair websites online called “Manly Curls” and which defines curly hair as hair that grows in a non-straight pattern infinitely and thus curves as it grows out of the follicle. Well, I’ve actually paraphrased and shortened what the full definition is of curly hair as used in that website since you can read some very technical stuff about curly hair there, but this curly hair definition paraphrased above gets the point across: curly hair is any type of hair that doesn’t grow straight.

The reason for paraphrasing the definition of curly hair from the famous Manly Curls website is that the precise observation of curly hair curving as it grows, while straight hair never curves (and instead grows straight indefinitely), is indeed correct. This break-through observation (and I call it break-through since no one in the barber profession had pointed this out so clearly despite this being common sense) brings about the two main hair textures for men: straight hair and curly hair.

A picture of a young black guy with cool kinky curly hair tied into a manbunCurly hair as a texture is divided into three types: wavy hair, coiled curly hair and kinky curly hair. Wavy hair is the hair that you see on guys like Adrian Grenier or Harry Styles, coiled curly hair is the hair of guys like Justin Timberlake (while at NSYNC) or Troy Polamalu, and kinky curly hair is the hair of guys like Samuel L Jackson or Will Smith.

How to get a man bun for curly hair

For some strange reason, curly guys seem to think that getting a man bun requires some special voodoo magic or some secret hair potion extracted from the Amazon rainforest. Sure, there are many more great curly hairstyles for men but opting for other curly men’s hairstyles in detriment of the man bun just because you think that getting a man bun requires a degree in engineering is just plain wrong. And you’re doing yourself a disfavor by not thinking that you’re fully capable of growing an epic man bun with your curls.

The reality is that getting a man bun as explained in my man bun hairstyle guide is the same for curly hair as it is for straight hair. All that you need is an elastic hair band and hair that has the minimum length needed for the manbun (which, if you didn’t read the previous link, is 8 inches of hair length all across the scalp).

A picture of a curly dude with long hair styled in a man bun hairstyleOk, ok, let’s split hairs (no pun intended) for a second here: growing a man bun with curly hair isn’t “absolutely” the same as with straight hair. While the concept remains the same, there are some tidbits with curly hair that you, as a curly dude, need to consider if you want to successfully grow a lustrous mane of man-bun curls. Here are the main 4 issues that all curly dudes need to be aware of prior to (and while) growing their curly hair long so as to sport a man bun:

  • The real hair length of curly hair can be tricky.
  • Curly hair tangles far faster and far worse than straight hair.
  • Curly-haired men must use the right hair products.
  • Curly hair must never be cut into a man bun undercut.

Let’s go through each of the 4 main issues related to growing a man bun with curly hair. And, remember, if you have wavy hair, this guide applies to you, while the same goes if you have kinky curly hair, also known as afro-texture hair or black men’s hair (i.e. afro-textured hair is a very common hair type with African-American males).

Curly hair has two lengths when growing a manbun

Because of the natural coiled shape of curly hair, it will act as a spring when tension is applied to it. This means that, when your curly hair is in a natural state (i.e. no hair products are used), your curly mane will have a different length than when the curls are pulled so as to tie it into a man bun. This hair length effect was coined by Rogelio Samson (from Manly Curls) in his book, The Curly Hair Book.

A picture of a handsome male model with a top knot hairstyle for his long curly hairAccording to Rogelio Samson, curly hair has two types of lengths: visible length and extended length. These two lengths are exactly what I’ve described in the previous paragraph: the visible length of curly hair is the one when the hair is in a natural state, while the extended length of curly hair is the one when the hair is pulled or flattened.

Because of the two actual lengths of curly hair, many curly men make the mistake of relying on their visible length to determine how long their hair is. Thus, many curly men spend months wasting their time trying to grow their visible length to the minimum length of a man bun. I’ve seen this happen countless of times with curly guys growing their curls long for the first time; since your curly hair is going to be pulled so as to tie it into a bro bun (another name for a man bun), you only need to get 8 inches of extended hair length and not 8 inches of visible length!

A photo of a black guy with long hair in a man bun undercut hairstyle with locksBear in mind that the extended hair length of curly hair is usually about twice the length of its visible length. What this means is that you can easily spend an extra 18 months of your time futilely growing your curls long to wear a man bun (believing that you need your curls to have a visible length equating the minimum length for a man bun), when 18 months ago you could already tie an epic man bun when your extended hair length was 8 inches (enough to tie a manbun) and your visible length was only 4 to 5 inches.

It’s crazy how many curly guys fall for this and Rogelio Samson has done a huge service to many of these curly dudes by saving them a lot of wasted time with such an easy to remember method. If you can, get The Curly Hair Book as it’s loaded with tricks like this one that will save you a lot of pain and wasted efforts.

Curly hair tangles the longer your man-bun hair grows

Once your hair reaches the “long hair” classification (i.e. 6 inches of extended hair length), it will start to knot and tangle fast if your hair care isn’t in good order. Every month we get at least two poor curly souls who come to our barbershop in a sign of defeat to get their growing curls chopped off as they’re all tangled up.

A photograph of a black guy with his slicked back hair tied back into a topknot hairstyle with some leave-in conditionerYou must take this seriously: curly hair can tangle furiously without you realizing it. How to avoid your curly hair from tangling in the first place once you have enough hair to tie a man bun or top knot? By using a conditioner daily or almost daily and breaking up the tangles as soon as you notice them in the shower.

The best way to avoid tangles with long curly hair is to wet your hair daily in the shower and to coat the hair with conditioner, leaving the conditioner on your wet hair for two minutes. During these two minutes, you softly run your fingers down your long curls and then pull apart any tangles that you find (again, doing this softly). Once done, rinse the conditioner and you’re set.

To give you an idea of how lustrous and glossy your curly mane will look by simply using a conditioner every other day (or daily), here’s a picture of a wavy-haired male with his hair loose and untied (he uses a conditioner daily):

A photograph of an Indian male with beautiful long wavy hair reaching his shouldersThis next picture below was taken once he tied his wavy mane into a man bun right after the previous picture. See how aesthetic and full his wavy man bun looks.

A picture of a dapper Indian hipster with his long wavy hair in a cool man bun hairstyleIf you have never used a conditioner before, you will be amazed at the results that such a product will yield on your hair. Likewise, you will soon get used to using a conditioner daily as you rapidly coat your hair with it while showering and then, as you wait for the two minutes to be over, you swiftly spot any tangles and undo them as you continue to clean the rest of your body in the shower in those two minutes. Seriously, folks, even I can do this without feeling like a woman, so you too will be able to use a conditioner daily like it’s nothing (and the doors to our man-bun heaven will open automatically for you).

So use a conditioner, dude!

Long curly hair requires special products if you want a “mun”

In case, you didn’t know it, a “mun” is another word for a man bun and you must use two main products for your curls if you want to wear a good-looking man bun (not wearing a good-looking man bun is considered a sin, so it’s your call).

A photograph of a good-looking Jewish guy with a curly manbun hairstyleAs you will have learned in my man bun products guide, both a styling cream and a leave-in conditioner are recommended hairstyling products for styling a man bun. However, when it comes to curly hair, this isn’t just recommended, this is a “must”.

By far, the best hair products for curly guys are a styling cream, hair gel and a leave-in conditioner, and this includes for the curly man bun hairstyle. However, out of these three curly hair products, a styling cream and a leave-in conditioner take the trophy home when it comes to being the most useful products for y’all curly guys.

You see, curly hair in men has big issues with being moisturized, hence most curly dudes get frizzy curls the second that their curls grow longer than an inch. They (curly dudes) aren’t providing the much-needed moisture to their curls, which then leads to hair that looks and feels dry; in fact, dry curly hair in men is similar to hay. What’s even worse is that, with a curly man bun made up of dry non-moisturized curls, the actual bun will look like a huge ball of tumbleweed.

A picture of a hipster black male with a manbun hairstyle made of long dreadlocksThe solution to having shapely curls that make your curly manbun stand out from the crowd is to use either a leave-in conditioner or a styling cream any time that you want to style your man bun. It’s as simple as coating your long curly mane (when it’s damp) with either of these two products and then proceed to tie your bro bun. Presto!

Here’s how much of a difference a good styling cream can make on your man bun. See this picture of a black male with long frizzy curls prior to using a styling cream for his man bun:

A picture of a black male with long curly hair before tying his curls into a man bun by using a styling creamNow see this next picture below of his curly mane tied into a man bun after having coated his curls with the styling cream. Notice how the natural shine of his long curly hair is enhanced and how the frizz has disappeared; that’s how good styling creams are for curly dudes with long hair and manbuns!

A before-and-after picture of a black male with long hair styled into a low man bun with a hairstyling creamLastly and as said earlier, you should also be using a regular conditioner in the shower to keep your long curly mane in check. Failure to do this will result in the styling cream and the leave-in conditioner not working as well as they’re supposed to do when styling a man bun or top knot. Feel free to check out my man bun hairstyle guide (see the link in the menu) to learn about all the steps to styling your curly man bun or top knot as well as how conditioners and styling creams are the best hair products for getting a stunning man bun.

Never get a curly man bun undercut or top knot undercut!

The undercut is a great haircut and it’s one of the main haircuts used by barbers as styling foundations to cut the hair of male clients. However, while a man bun undercut haircut with straight hair looks great, the undercut (or the man bun undercut) is a horrible haircut for curly hair.

An undercut requires that the hair on the sides and back of the head be buzzed very short and abruptly from the hair on the top of the head, which in itself creates the famous “mushroom hair” effect as seen on the picture below of a curly dude (Rogelio Samson has a lot of information about taming curly hair and the mushroom-hair effect on his Manly Curls website).

A photograph of Joey Essex with his real culy hair in an undercut haircut looking like a mushroom before he grew his curls longCurly hair grows up and out, and, even with 8 inches of extended hair length for curly hair and thus enough to tie a man bun, curly hair will still stick out and to the sides when left untied. Ergo, if you buzz the hair on the sides and back of the head as per the instructions of an undercut haircut, you will be magnifying the mushroom-hair effect on your head with the hair on the top of the head, as the hair on the top cannot fully hang down and instead hangs at an angle.

The above is exactly the same reason for many curly guys complaining about their hair looking like a mushroom or a Christmas tree when they’re growing their curly mane long, and the period of time that it takes for one’s own curly hair to finally lose the mushroom-hair shape is what’s known as the “awkward stage” of curly hair growth. The awkward stage in curly men growing a man bun hairstyle can last from 6 months up to 3 years, depending on how long you want your hair to be and whether you have wavy hair (i.e. the shortest period of time under the awkward stage) or kinky curly hair (i.e. longest period of time under the awkward stage).

A picture of a balding hipster guy with a man bun hairstyle laid low on his long curly maneOverall, if you want to grow a man bun with curly hair, you must avoid the undercut haircut! The best way to grow a man bun with curly hair is to grow the hair from the same length all across the scalp. So if your curls on the top of your head are two inches long then the rest of the curls on the sides and back of your head must also be two inches long. This is absolutely the best way to grow a curly man bun, and the end-result will be the timeless full man bun style.

If you don’t want to grow the curly hair on the sides and back of your head for your man bun, then some alternative haircuts to the undercut are:

  • Long taper haircut: hair on the sides and back are cut with scissors only.
  • Short taper haircut: hair on the sides and back are buzzed with a hair clipper only.
  • Executive contour haircut: the hair on the sides and back are tapered mid-way with scissors mid-way and then a hair clipper is used.
  • 2-step undercut haircut: unlike with the regular undercut, the 2-step undercut has the hair on the sides and back of the head buzzed with two different hair clipper lengths, thus creating two horizontal hair-cut layers or “steps”. Rogelio Samson actually pioneered this haircut online.

A photograph of a black male with long hair tied into a topknot hairstyle while the sides and back of the head are in a short fade haircutWith curly hair long enough to tie a man bun, avoid fade haircuts or whitewall haircuts. You want to have some hair length on the sides and back of the head, and you want that length to either be tapered or be blended via sequential hair-clipper lengths (i.e. 2-step undercut).

Concluding our curly man bun guide

While all manbuns are created equal, the path to get there differs slightly depending on your hair type. Curly hair has never been the kind of hair type that mot guys are happy with having, yet, slowly but surely, the sentiment towards curly hair in men is becoming more and more positive thanks to websites like Manly Curls and thanks to the efforts of us barbers encouraging you curly dudes to grow your curls out and even get a man bun. So long as you keep in mind the advice in this curly man bun guide, you will be ready to sport an epic bro bun or top knot!

If you still have more questions about how to grow a man bun with curly hair or about anything related to curly manbuns, then you can read our Man Bun and Top Knot FAQ or you can ask your questions below.

Guide last updated: 21st August 2015

Tell us about your hairstyle or ask questions!



  1. Thank you so much for this curly man bun guide! It’s exactly what I have been looking for as I have gotten to a point in which I don’t know whether to cut my curls to a short length or to continue growing them and get a man bun. Here in Austin we have so many guys wearing man buns that it just feels like we’re a “man bun” city, no joking!!

    The thing is that I haven’t seen any guys with curly hair wearing man buns. I have only seen a few guys with wavy hair wearing buns or topknots but I have yet to see anyone with curly hair wearing a man bun. I thought that the reason for this was that it was next to impossible to grow a curly man bun. Your guide makes a lot of sense and does show that I need to be a bit careful when growing a curly man bun but that it is possible so thank you for posting this guide. I read the page with questions and answers on the man bun and read the question on the curly man bun. That got my curiosity going and next thing I know I’m reading this guide.

    I’m also a huge fan of Rogelio Samson and of his books and of his Manly Curls website. He was the first guy to get me to appreciate my curls and he has taught me so much on my curly hair that has completely changed my way of thinking. That’s why I have been growing my curls but I wasn’t sure about growing my curls any longer and into a man bun. You’re right about the two types of hair lengths for curly hair and you can find some more interesting stuff on the ratio between the two lengths in his book on curly hair.

    So after all of this I have two questions for you that I would love to have answered by you — if you don’t mind.

    1) Do you recommend tying my curls into a top knot when my hair is only six inches of extended length? I’m a fan of the man bun but not so much of the top knot. I have been slicking my curly hair back but it will soon get to six inches and I will be able to tie the hair on the top into a top knot.

    2) Since you’re the authority on man buns, would it be possible to ask Rogelio Samson some questions on the man bun and the top knot hairstyle? Or perhaps interview him for this site? I’m a fan of your site — as if you needed to know that by now — so I would love to read his opinions and your opinions on the different areas of men’s hair. I think I speak on behalf of other curly guys when I ask you this.

    I’m leaving my email on the space for this comment so you can also contact me privately if you want. If I grow my curly hair into a man bun I would also be interested in sending you my pictures to ask for you opinion of that’s possible. Cheers!!

    • Here are my replies to your two questions:

      1) Avoid the top knot if you don’t like it and if you have such short hair. The problem with tying a top knot with short hair is that it will destroy your hairline. This is called traction alopecia and I’ve explained what it is in the “Frequently Asked Questions” guide (see the link in the menu). Wait until your curly hair is eight inches long to tie your hair into a man bun.

      2) Yes, I finally interviewed him. The interview will be live on this site very soon. The interview is loaded with great advice from Rogelio Samson himself, so do check it out once the interview is published here.

      Sure, feel free to send us your pictures and we will feature you on the site!

  2. I agree with what Martin said. It would be cool to read the opinion of Rogelio Samson on the man bun hairstyle for curly hair. I seem to remember that he had a guide on the samurai bun at Manly Curls and he had a bun too. Anyway if you two can get something going for us to read then I’m sure many of us would appreciate that.
    By the way what do you think of the 2-step undercut haircut for curly hair? You’ve mentioned this haircut in the guide but do you have any more tips for a man bun with a 2-step undercut?
    I once tried getting an undercut for my curly hair and it was an epic failure. I’m still interested in a similar haircut to the undercut so I would possibly consider the 2-step undercut haircut if you have anything else to say about it. My hair type is kinky curly according to the hair type guide of Rogelio Samson.
    Thanks for any help.

    • I got an undercut for my curly hair and it looked bad but I have very curly hair. I have type IV curls, what type of curls do you have?

      The two-step undercut for curly hair sounds like a nice idea, hopefully we can get an answer to this.

    • I tried the two-step undercut for my curly hair when it was about four inches long and it worked. I agree about the undercut being an ugly haircut for curly hair. I think that Rogelio calls it the mushroom-effect or maybe someone else coined that term, but with the undercut you’re getting all the hair on the top to look like a mushroom.

      The two-step undercut in my case worked for my curly hair. I still had a bit of a mushroom-effect going on with my curls but swapping my hair gel for a styling cream fixed that. I then cut my curly hair short and evened out the length on the sides and back against the top and I have been growing my curls ever since. I want to grow a full man bun so the hair on the sides and back of the head needs to be at the same length as the hair on the top of the head.



    • The 2-Step undercut hairstyle is a good option for a curly man bun. The problem is that not many hairdressers are aware of the type of layered haircut of a 2-Step undercut. It’s a modern haircut although it is similar to the executive contour haircut, the latter being as old as the oil-based pomades.

      I would go to a barbershop and take a couple of pictures of the 2-Step undercut to show to the barber. There’s a huge guide on the 2-Step undercut hairstyle over at the Men’s Hair Forum explaining the haircut (two layers on the sides and back of the head) and plenty of pictures that you can use as reference.

      You can also consider the executive haircut for a man bun undercut. Most barbers know how to cut an executive contour haircut due to the aforementioned old age of this classic men’s haircut as well as due to its recent popularity among hipsters.

  3. First of all I’m also growing a man bun for my curly hair and I’m almost there. I just needed to read a few tips about using a conditioner for a man bun and this guide solved my questions. I appreciate how you’re also dedicating some space in this site to guys with curly hair. Like someone else mentioned in one of the comments, most guys with man buns have straight hair or wavy hair so those of us with really curly hair feel all left out. You bet that many guys with curly hair and myself included are also dying to get a man bun or a top knot. It’s just that we hardly get to see any dudes with curly man buns, so stuff like this guide go a long way to show us the ‘way’.

    I’m adding another vote to get Rogelio Samson on this site. The guy has been called the Dr Phil of curly hair for a reason, all you have to read is his book about curly hair to know what all that means.

    My story is the same as many others as I used to hate my curly hair until last year. I picked a copy of the curly hair book from Rogelio Samson and read it all in three days even though the books has over two hundred pages. Some intense reading and it all made sense for a change. That book is meant to change the mindset of guys like me who used to hate their curls and have kept their curly hair in a ‘buzz cut’ for many years.

    So now I have been growing my curls for almost one whole year and I can’t believe all the fun that I had missed. All that is needed is a conditioner and the sebum method from Rogelio Samson. Add a shampoo here and there and you can start your path to an ‘awesome mane’ as it’s called in the book. So here I am growing my awesome mane to a man bun. I would send you pictures if I wasn’t very camera shy. I’m also not the best looking dude out there but I get compliments on my hair almost every day and those compliments come from women. You better believe that growing your curls from a buzz cut will make you look better and more handsome. My brother is also growing his curls as we have the same curly hair and he also gets the same effect on women from his curls.

    To any other curly guys reading this… grow your curly hair!

  4. I started growing my curls after reading The Curly Hair book of Rogelio Samson. I’m not at a stage where my curls are at the start of the long length category, that’s 6 inches. I have been very happy with my curls as I have been growing them following the advice from Rogelio and I want to grow all my curly hair into a man bun.

    You mention the two types of lengths for curly hair which is what the book explains. But my question for you man bun experts would be, are there any factors to consider with the extended length and visible length of curly hair for the man bun hairstyle? From this guide and from The Curly Hair book I believe there isn’t but this is my first time growing my curly hair long and doing any kinds of man buns.

    About interviewing Rogelio Samson that would be a cool thing but he replies to questions asked in his blog. I’ve asked him a couple of questions in the past and he has been very helpful so it isn’t like it’s impossible to hear from him aside from his blog.



    • The difference between the extended length and the visible length of curly hair poses no problem for the manbun hairstyle. When tying a man bun and as I’ve explained many times on this site, you will be pulling the hair, which thus renders the pulled hair flat and extended. However, the curly hair that remains on the man bun itself (as a ball or knot) will not be extended and will instead display its naturally-curly shape. This is the reason for the curly man bun hairstyle being so fluffy and big (the same occurs with the ponytail hairstyle for curly hair).

      Other than what I’ve explained above, there’s nothing to worry about when growing your curly hair into a man bun. Just follow the advice in this guide and, above all, remain patient!

  5. Well here’s one more curly guy joining this discussion. I know the Manly Curls website so i’m glad that you’ve mentioned it since that’s the first place to visit for any guy with curly hair. Like you’ve said in this guide there’s the hair care part of curly hair that most of us neglect. Thanks to Manly Curls I have learned the hair care stuff that I needed to know to get better curls. The first step is getting a conditioner and it’s a pity that so many curly guys don’t know what a freaking conditioner is!

    I am getting a top knot undercut for curly hair. Yeah it’s true that an undercut is an awkward haircut for curly hair but I was lucky in that my hair was long enough on the top to tie it into a top knot. I could not tie the hair on the sides and the back so the options that I had were to continue growing my curls on the sides and back or buzz them into an undercut.

    I’m very happy with my top knot undercut although I want to grow it longer. Man does the bun get huge with curly hair because curly hair is fluffy so with a curly man bun or with a curly top knot it looks like you have more hair than you really do. You can see it in the last picture of this guide.

    Thanks for writing stuff about curly hair. It’s also true that growing curly hair long is a bit of a tricky game as curly hair requires some knowledge on hair care. If you’re going to interview Rogelio Samson then please ask him about hair care tips. He knows a lot of tips and it would be a good thing to post them here for the rest of curly guys who want to grow their hair long. He has lots of tips and advice in his books which I also have but I think that a couple of important tips from him in the interview would be a great asset to the interview and to this website.

    My two cents.

  6. Just another curly bro joining the crusade for curly man buns!! Also vouching for an interview with Rogelio Samson. I have followed his advice for a long time and it has helped me so much to grow my curly hair long so now I’m also following your advice to finally get my full curly manbun going on.

    Can we send you private questions by the way? Or do you only answer questions in public?

    • I only reply to questions on the commenting sections of my articles and guides. I think it’s fair to the rest of readers as they can also benefit from my reply to someone’s question, instead of limiting the visibility of my advice or reply because I replied to you alone.

      Any questions are to be asked in the commenting sections.

  7. Hey since you’re going to be interviewing Rogelio Samson, can you ask him about which of the two hairstyles he personally prefers? Is it the Top Knot hairstyle or the Man Bun hairstyle? Obviously Rogelio Samson is the expert on curly hair but I also want to know his opinion because I have the same curly hair type as him and my hair is almost as long as his hair. He has long hair on the sides and on the back which I also have but I am thinking of doing something like a Man Bun undershave like in that other guide about the undershave haircut that you published.

    I would be interested to know what’s his opinion on the two hairstyles for his own hair since we both have the same type of curls. Right now I’m deciding on whether to continue to grow my curly hair long as long as the hair of Rogelio Samson or instead get an undercut or an undershave haircut for the sides and back and keep the rest of my curly hair in a Top Knot hairstyle. Any thoughts? My curly hair is Type III, which is the same curly hair type of Rogelio Samson.

  8. Ok guys due to the requests of many of you to interview Rogelio Samson, I got around to scheduling an interview with him yesterday and I’m finishing the editing the interview. It will be published very soon on this site and there are some excellent bits of advice from the curly king himself which many of you will enjoy.

    Yes, there’s some discussing of the curly man bun too for those of you who want some more follow-up reading to this curly guide. Here I was thinking that I’d be the most-popular hair blogger online with this site and it turns out that Rogelio Samson is orders of magnitude more popular and my own readers are asking for him (just kidding)! Regardless, Rogelio is a great guy and he’s the most knowledgeable guy on curly hair stuff and men’s hair stuff online. He was happy to sit down for a chat and the interview will be up very soon if not today if I manage to finish the editing part.

  9. Hello. I have a a question about one of the hairstyles that are listed on this website. I am an African American male and I am going all natural and I am trying to go for the top-knot hairstyle. The gentlemen under this comment: “Here’s how much of a difference a good styling cream can make on your man bun. See this picture of a black male with long frizzy curls prior to using a styling cream for his man bun”.

    I really love his hairstyle, and that is the hairstyle that I really need to get now and I just naturally like the way that it is curly and everything about it. Would you happen to know any tips that you can give me to get my hair started like that? Any products that you would like to suggest that I could use to get my hair like that? Or any tips (period) on this that you could give me that I could start to get my hair like this?

  10. Hi, I have wavy hair that I would like to grow into a manbun. My hair is roughly one-inch long on the sides and back, and it is 4-inches long on the top, but it currently looks horrible. Should I keep growing my wavy hair or should I cut the wavy curls on the top of my head so that they are at the same length as the wavy curls on the sides of my head?

    Cutting my wavy hair would be before growing my hair long.

  11. Hello, I have read the book – The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks – from Rogelio Samson and I’m now growing my hair long using the methods in the book. I have kinky curly hair and my hair has improved so much from using the methods in the book that people don’t believe that my growing hair is real and they think that I have been perming my hair. This is a great book and I’m using it to its full extent to get the kinky curly hair that I always wanted to get.

    I was the typical case as explained in the book. I’ve been getting short buzzcuts and short haircuts for as long as I can remember. When I read about this in the book I instantly recognized the situation and how the book was addressed to guys like me who have hated their hair from the first minute. My attitude has totally changed and I’m very happy with my hair. All is going great and my hair has grown six inches in nine months which is unbelievable to me as my kinky curly hair has always grown very slowly. I’ve followed the hair care routine and the nutritional advice on the book and it has worked too well as I didn’t know that my body would respond so greatly to the methods in the book.

    My situation is that now my hair is nine inches long. To give you an idea of how curly my hair is, think of Corbin Bleu. My hair is a little bit curlier than the hair of Corbin Bleu. My kinky curly hair is now starting to hang down and I can get it to hang down almost fully with the products recommended in the book.

    I’m very happy with my hair growth and I want to rock a hairstyle that Rogelio Samson calls the “beyond shoulder length” hairstyle in the book. It’s the hairstyle of Troy Polamalu. So now that I’ve told you about my situation and how my curly hair is doing, what are your thoughts on alternating between the beyond shoulder length hairstyle and the manbun hairstyle?

    I take it that there will not be any problems but seeing how this is the official site for the manbun hairstyle, I wanted to ask you this specific question for myself: an African American male with kinky curly hair wanting to grow his awesome mane beyond the length of his shoulders – Troy Polamalu’s hairstyle. Thanks for any help.

  12. So I’ve been growing my curls for the last year and a half since I started reading the curly hair book by Rogelio Samson. My hair is already over the awkward stage so it’s now the time for me to choose some hairstyles! I just read this guide for curly manbuns and your official manbun guide so I tried getting a manbun. It worked and was easy to do, so I”m now adding the manbun to my list of curly hairstyles!

    Anyway you have some great stuff in this site so thanks for posting all of this and leaving it online for all of us to read. For those of you with curly hair wanting to have long hair, I will simply tell you… Don’t wait anymore and start growing your curls now! Like it’s recommended in this guide anything by Rogelio Samson is golden and you must follow him as a curly guy. I have learned so much from his book and his website that I feel like a new man now that my curly hair looks like I’ve always wanted.

    That’s my piece of advice!

  13. Naive mistake, now I probably should’ve done some research before starting to grow out my curly hair, I already somewhat had an undercut fade when I began growing out my hair, which was back in late August of 2016. Now it’s late January of 2017, I found this guide, and to my dismay I see “AVOID an undercut if you have curly hair” annnnd my heart just dropped. It feels like it’s been forever already as this is the first time I’ve ever tried growing my hair long, would you suggest I just begin growing out the sides and back as I trim the top back down so they eventually reach each other in length? Let it all continue to grow? I’m at a loss as I seriously don’t want to just chop off my progress for the last 4 and a half-5 months!

    • Yes, that’s a common mistake that newcomers to long hair make. Curly hair should always be grown from an even length all across the scalp. I cannot get tired of repeating this and you will see that I give similar advice on other guides published here.

      Do not cut your curly hair. Let it all grow out; allow the sides and back to grow as long as you want to grow your curls to. Only then should you trim the hair on the top so that the hair length on the top matches the hair length on the sides and back of the head.

      I shall warn you: you’re about to enter the so-called awkward stage of hair growth (if you aren’t already there by now). The essence of this stage is that your curly hair is going to look funny and impossible to style as it will want to stand up and out; that’s the nature of curly hair. It’s only when curly hair reaches the length of 8-10 inches that it starts to become malleable and will hang down on its own. By what you’ve written, you’ve got about a year left of the awkward stage, so pull through it as you will eventually get to your long-hair goal.

      Read the other hair-styling guides on my site so as to learn more on styling hair that’s growing long. Also, I cannot recommend enough that you buy the book called “The Men’s Hair Book” by the author Rogelio Samson. This book will be your savior when you are tempted to chop off your curls because the awkward stage is getting on your nerves. Actually, Rogelio Samson happens to be not just a long-haired dude but also a curly-haired dude, so he truly knows what he’s talking about and his advice on the things that you’re going to go through is fantastic. He’s got a website too and I’ve interviewed him, so check that out as well.

      My best piece of advice to you: do not even think about cutting your curly hair.

    • Yes, kinky-curly hair (what you refer to as Will Smith’s hair) can be grown into a manbun easily. You don’t see a lot of guys with kinky-curly hair sporting manbuns, but I assure you that growing a manbun or a topknot with kinky-curly hair is possible and doable.

      • Thanks, how do you advice that I go about growing it and also do you know how I can straighten it without using a relaxer? Because I have seen guys use relaxers and the end result is not attractive.