Man Bun Styles of World Leaders including Obama and Putin

Man bun pictures of Obama, Kim Jong-un and other hip world leaders

If you’ve been reading this site for some time now and have gone through my man bun hairstyle guide, you will then be aware of the merits and awesomeness of being a man-bun dude; after all, the man bun isn’t the best hairstyle out of all men’s hairstyles for no reason and our man-bun messiahs like Jared Leto and Harry Styles have worn the (otherwise-known-as) bro bun so as to enhance their physical appeal to groupies and to actually look manlier while leaving behind their androgynous creepy facade with skin-tight leggings (I’m looking in your direction, Harry Styles). Basically, the man bun rocks, dude (as if I needed to tell you that, right?), and I certainly wouldn’t have created this site if such wasn’t the case.

Lo and behold, it isn’t just the rock stars and hipsters of today who are wearing their respective manbuns and topknots; rather, the hip manbun trend has made it big worldwide and it has made it possible for all the world’s leaders to be united under the hope of one follicular wish: to rock that hipster bun style and achieve world peace. From Barack Obama to Kim Jong Un to Vladimir Putin, our favorite hairstyle has been the most-useful political element to maintain worldwide peace since the Second World War.

A funny meme picture of Barack Obama holding a beer and saying not badNo, I’m not joking (well, actually, I’m kind of joking, to be honest) and I have the pictures to prove that the man bun and the top knot aren’t just hip and awesome hairstyles for regular dudes but that they’re also politically-inclined fashion statements to get Barack Obama and Kim Jong-un talking about their favorite moped while sitting at a Starbucks drinking their lattes in downtown San Francisco.

Wanna see ’em man bun pictures of Obama and the rest? Then hold yourself tight and continue reading below!

George Washington pioneers the man bun trend in the 18th century

On this site, I’ve already talked about the history of the man bun but what many of you won’t know is that dudes in the 1700s like George Washington were the real pioneers of the man bun here in the United States. Back then and as per the jargon of the era, the man bun was known as the “gentleman’s bun”.

A high-quality portrait of George Washington with a man bun hairstyle for his white long hair

Abraham Lincoln starts the hipster trend with his bro bun way back in time

Abraham Lincoln was known back in his time as a real innovator and as a creative guy. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was the real starter of the hipster trend back in the 19th century as he not only carried on with the man-bun legacy of George Washington but he (Abraham Lincoln) added a touch of facial hair to his style (in the form of an extended goatee) to create the now-known hipster look. Fellas, know your history!

A black-and-white photograph of Abraham Lincoln with a full bro bun hairstyle and long hair

John Fitzgerald Kennedy follows the long hair tips from hippies in the 1960s

Known as one heck of a trendy dude, John F. Kennedy took some of the more-subtle fashion cues from the growing hippie population back in the 1960s and went from his usual and classic side-parted hairstyle to a very chic and modern full bun style. He even convinced his cabinet’s male members to wear those bro buns too!

A photograph of John F Kennedy with long hair and a full manbun with tapered sides

Richard Nixon revives the hippie community with his long hair and man bun in the 1970s

Despite his not-so-good looks, Richard Nixon knew from the very-first moment that a long man bun hairstyle with scissor-cut tapered sides would immensely benefit his mainstream appeal. Some historians even claim that the then-dying hippie community (in the 1970s) experienced a second surge in popularity for some time due to the “fashionista” man-bun hair of Richard Nixon.

It’s a shame that Richard was only a mere 5 years in the White House; who knows how much the Cold War would have benefited from such an immensely-stylish president and his equally-stylish “dude bun”.

A hilarious picture of the manbun hairstyle of Richard Nixon in the 1960s during a presidential campaign

The futuristic manbraid hairstyle of George Walker Bush

At the start of his career as President of the United States, George W. Bush surprised his Republican contemporaries by sporting an avantgarde man braid hairstyle that was to only become popular a good 14 years later. We can only admire George Bush’s visionary eye when it came to hairstyle trends; it’s a shame that he could not see so well into the future when it came to blaming countries for stuff they didn’t have and then invading them based on hearsay.

A photograph of George Walker Bush with his long hair braided into cornrows and tied as a man braid hairstyle

Vladimir Putin and his mesmeric In-Russia manbun

According to his own biography, Vladimir Putin is an archer, a horse rider, a martial-arts experts, a bear wrestler, a Vodka specialist and he also knows Chuck Norris. Other details that are revealed in his biography include Putin’s enthusiasm for fashion trends coming from the United States as well as his absolute love for the man bun hairstyle. As a matter of fact and so as to maintain his conservative (and boring) composure, Vladimir Putin is known for undergoing 3 hours of makeup every day to hide his long hair and wear his fake balding short hair. Underneath all that makeup and bald wig, there is an absolutely-luscious head of long tresses, or so we’re led to believe from the propaganda depicting Vladimir Putin as a man’s man.

The pictures of Vladimir Putin’s man bun are scarce, but Chuck Norris was once allowed to take a picture of Vlad “putting” his long hair into a man bun; here it is (and apologies for the lame “Vlad putting” joke):

A rare photograph of Vladimir Putin with long hair styled into a manbun as he displays his Zoolander stareBarack Obama and his freshly-dope POTUS top knot undershave hairstyle

At our barbershop, we get a lot of black guys asking us about growing a man bun with curly hair since spotting a black dude with a “mun” (yet another word for the man bun) is indeed a rare sight. One of my goals with this website is to provide y’all with knowledge and advice on the epically-glorious man bun so that you can grow your bun or knot with whatever hair type you may have. As I’ve written many times on this site already, curly hair is a bit more difficult to grow long and style into a man bun, but it certainly isn’t difficult or, let alone, brain surgery.

With the above said, it’s my belief that Barack Obama isn’t just “that” random dude with the exclusive ability of being able to nuke North Korea in no time but he’s also the only dude to perfectly illustrate what the top knot undershave (aka a “semi bun”) can look for black folks. Notice the razor-shaved sides with the Samurai-inspired tail of locks on the top; Barack Obama’s undershave is so epic that rumors have it that this will be Vladimir Putin’s next hairstyle on his list. Or at least that’s what Chuck Norris was quoted as saying in “that” Wikileaks document.A photograph of Barack Obama with long hair and a top knot undershave haircut while attending a meeting to discuss some current affairs involving North Korea and Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un and his supreme and leadership-intensifying man bun undercut

An article on man buns and world leaders would be factually incomplete if there was no mention of North Korea’s Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-Un. Alas, Kim Jong-Un is known for keeping an eye on the hairstyle trends coming from the West (as per the likes of Vladimir Putting) and Mr. Jong-un is also known for cutting his own hair as he’s afraid of being beheaded by a barber using a razor; I’m not kidding you (for those of you wondering, it’s impossible to behead a person with just a safety razor or even with a straight razor).

Some expert hairstyle websites like have covered the different hairstyles of Kim Jong-un since he became the Supreme Leader of North Korea; we are talking of the middle-parted hairstyle and the undercut haircut, which incidentally are some of the best styles when transitioning to a man bun from short hair as you grow your locks long. Such was the case of Kim Jong-un, and he has kept himself very private about his glorious (and growing) man bun undercut which is setting a hair-styling precedent in North Korea; by order of the government, North Korean men have to now grow their hair long and sport a man bun with an undercut in the likes of their idolized leader.

A funny photograph of the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un with a man bun hairstyle and an undercut haircut

Eight world leaders brought together by the man bun

What can I say, folks? The man bun is simply an utterly-awesome hairstyle that is capable of making men forget about their political differences and instead make them talk about fashion, facial hair, Starbucks and those hipster bicycles that are all the rage nowadays in places like Brooklyn.

If the man bun has worked so well for Kim Jong Un and for George Bush, then rest assured that our nation’s most-proud hairstyle will too work for you. So, grow your hair long (if you don’t have the minimum hair length for a man bun already), grab your man bun hair accessories and a freshly-prepared latte, and join our brotherhood of dudes with buns!

Keep rocking those long manes and epic buns, gentlemen!

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