Man Bun and Top Knot Hairstyles FAQ Guide

The ultimate guide to your Manbun and Topknot questions

While here at we cover everything on the man bun and the top knot, I do believe that having a specific Frequently Asked Questions page (i.e. FAQ) with all the answers needed for these hairstyles will be of use to many of you. This way, you can use the information on this page to supplement the rest of your reading on this site and be on your way to rocking an epic man bun!

As a barber, my mission here is to make this site the best-possible resource online on the man bun so that you can then have the knowledge to decide whether you want to join our legions of man bun dudes or not. It really is that simple.

Owning a barbershop and having a man bun myself, I have been asked pretty much all questions that you could think of when it comes to the man bun hairstyle. Since most guys have short hair, there is a transitional period lasting months that needs to be endured before earning the privilege of being able to tie your mane into a glorious man bun. Not all guys want to commit to this waiting period, and, of those who attempt to transition, many go under before getting to their man-bun destination and resort to cutting their hair short again as a sign of defeat. But, worry not, I’m here to help you get your man bun and keep it awesome for as long as you want to sport a bun on your head.

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Table of contents

Click any linked question in the table of contents below to go to the actual question itself. This FAQ is the internet’s most-extensive manbun and topknot FAQ guide, so feel free to take your time to go through all of it and to open each of those linked questions below that interest you in a new browser tab.

What is a man bun?

A man bun is a hairstyle that involves the tying and placing of a bun on the head. The hair used to tie the man bun can be all the hair on the scalp or only a part of it.
A photograph of a male model with the perfect man bun hairstyle for his long wavy hair

What are some other names for the man bun?

In English-speaking countries, the man bun can go by the following names:

  • Bro bun
  • Dude bun
  • Mun
  • Hipster bun
  • Top knot
  • Bro knot
  • Kid bun
  • Bun

With regards to the spelling of the word “man bun”, it can be spelled alternatively as “manbun” or “man-bun”.

How do I get a man bun?

If you want to know how to get a man bun then go through this site and read all the guides that I’ve published here. Yeah, I’m aware that this is not the answer that you were looking for, but you’ve pretty much asked me the golden-eggs question.

I’ll put it bluntly: if you want to get a man bun, all you will need is patience to grow your hair long. Once your hair is long enough to tie it into a man bun, the rest of the stuff concerning its styling is so easy that you’ll be spending less than a minute per day to get your man bun rocking like you mean it!

What is the minimum hair length for a man bun?

Depending on the type of bun that you want to get, you will need a specific minimum hair length to get a man bun.

If all that you want to do is to just tie the hair on the top of your head while the sides and back of the head remain short and untied, then you will need at least 6 inches of hair length to tie a man bun. Such a type of man bun is what I call a “semi” man bun.

A picture of a man bun undercut from a hipster wearing sunglasses and standing next to a wall

If you’d like to tie all of your hair (sides and back included) instead of just tying the hair on the top of your head, then you will need at least 10 inches of hair length. Such a type of man bun is what I call a “full” man bun.

A photograph of a young businessman with a big manbun and a hipster beard style

How long will it take me to get a man bun?

The time that it will take you to have enough hair length to grow a man bun will depend on how long your hair is to begin with. With that said, you will be growing your hair to a long length in order to wear a man bun; there’s no escaping this, my friend. You will become one of us: a long-haired dude (with a die-hard manbun ambition to boot!).

A picture of the sexy Brock O'Hurn with long hair before tying his mane into a manbun hairstyle

A neat trick to work out how many months you will need to get a man bun is to measure your current hair length, subtract your current length from the minimum length of your desired type of man bun (6 inches for semi bun and 10 inches for full bun) and then multiply the result by two.

So, if you’d like to have a full man bun but your hair is only 2 inches long, you’d then subtract 2 from 10 (i.e. the minimum length for a full manbun) and multiply the result of your subtraction (i.e. “eight” in this case) by two. Thus if you have 2 inches of current hair length, it will take you 16 months to be able to achieve a full man bun.

The credit for this trick goes to Rogelio Samson, a famous men’s hair blogger and owner of who published this trick along with other hairstyle tricks in his two books, “The Curly Hair Book” and “The Men’s Hair Book”. I had been using a different method to estimate hair-growing times for our customers for many years already, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn of his method (considering that he actually pioneered hair profiling for men) and I believe that this simple method/trick from Rogelio is the best for regular guys who simply need to quickly know how long they will have to wait to get a man bun.

What is a top knot hairstyle?

A top knot hairstyle is a semi man bun. The hair is kept between 6 to 8 inches long (not any longer) while the hair on the sides and back of the head are kept buzzed with a hair clipper in different types of buzz cuts.

A photograph of a businessman with a top knot undercut hairstyle wearing glasses and a business suit

What is a man bun undercut?

A man bun undercut is a semi man bun that has the hair on the sides and back of the head in an undercut haircut. A man bun undercut typically has the hair on the top of the head longer than eight inches while the sides and back of the head are clipped with the shortest hair clipper length available.

Giving yourself an undercut for your man bun is extremely easy as long as you have with you a good hair clipper that is powerful enough to buzz through long hair. You don’t need to visit a barbershop either to keep your man bun undercut in check, as trimming your undercut is also very easy with a good hair clipper. To trim the long hair on the top, just use scissors (if possible, use barber scissors that you can buy online for a cheap price).

A picture of a blond guy with a man bun undercut hairstyle and glasses

Alternatively, you can shave your man bun undercut for what I call a “man bun undershave” hairstyle. It looks pretty much the same as a man bun undercut, only that the man bun undershave will show no buzzed hair at all on the sides and back of your head; you’ll be left with skin only, which we call white-walls in barbershop jargon.

The shaved sides and back of the head make the undershave an extreme haircut, so I strongly recommend that you think twice about getting a man bun undershave since most jobs will not tolerate a partially-shaved head with long hair. Heck, most jobs won’t even tolerate long hair on its own, so make sure that you can get this type of shaved hairstyle by first asking the human resources department at your company or by asking your boss.

So could I have a top knot undercut instead of a man bun undercut?

Absolutely, just make sure that the hair on the top of your head (to be tied as a topknot) is between 6 to 8 inches, and not any longer than 8 inches (as otherwise you will have a man bun undercut and not a top knot undercut!).

The actual undercut haircut in the top knot undercut is kept at the same length as a man bun undercut. Again, just make sure that you have a high-quality hair clipper with you that won’t give you problems when buzzing your undercut every couple of weeks to keep it in check.

For the record, both the manbun and topknot undercuts are to be buzzed with any hair clipper length that you like the most. However, the aesthetics of a manbun undercut or of a topknot undercut are better with the shorter hair clipper lengths (e.g. a #2 hair clipper length goes great for the undercut).

A picture of a greatly styled top knot undercut with facial hair

Which are the best hair clippers to buy?

Having a hair clipper at home is, by far, one of the best investments that you can make when it comes to personal grooming and especially for your man bun haircuts. The issue with most hair clippers nowadays is that they’re just utter garbage. They will overheat within minutes of buzzing your hair and they will break after some months of regular use.

For either the man bun undercut or the top knot undercut, a hair clipper is just an essential male grooming tool to own. Even the expensive hair clippers will save you money over the long term as you will not need to go to a barbershop to keep your man bun undercut buzzed and in check. Instead of having to drive down to the barbershop to pay 20 bucks for a simple undercut haircut, you could give yourself that same undercut haircut in under five minutes with your own high-quality hair clipper.

Considering that you need to buzz your undercut haircut every two weeks to keep it in check, that’s a lot of money that you will be saving after a year of using your own hair clipper.

A picture of an Asian guy getting his man bun undercut buzzed with a good hair clipper by a barber at a unisex hair salonAll of the above is why I strongly recommend that you invest in a high-quality hair clipper. I’m a big fan of the Oster hair clippers and of the Andis hair clippers. I actually recommend them in my hair products guide for the man bun, which you can find at the top of this page (in the menu bar); I will also talk a little bit more about my hair products guide further down in this FAQs page. As a barber, I find that the Oster hair clippers are great as corded clippers while the Andis hair clippers are great as cordless hair clippers.

An excellent online resource for advice on hair clippers is the Men’s Hair Forum, which is the biggest male grooming website on the internet. The Men’s Hair Forum is full of experienced barbers and hairdressers and they have a very useful discussion on the best hair clippers for men to buy with the listed hair clippers which are recommended by the expert forum’s barbers and hairdressers for guys who simply want a great hair clipper that will last them many years. The barbers and hairdressers in the Men’s Hair Forum do also seem to have a preference for the Oster and Andis hair clippers, and I’ve yet to meet a barber in all my years in the profession who didn’t love at least one of these two hair clipper brands. I’ve tried many hair clippers over the years, but the ones from these two brands are just the best hair clippers. No contest!

So, if you’re serious about buying a hair clipper for your man bun undercut or for any other haircut that you may want to get in the future, then read my hair products guide and head over to the linked discussion on hair clippers from the Men’s Hair Forum. If the recommended Oster and Andis hair clippers are too expensive for you, then get a good hair clipper from either Wahl or Panasonic as they both offer good-value hair clippers.

What is a ponybun?

A ponybun is one of the 7 types of man bun hairstyles and it is essentially a half-bun hairstyle. In the ponybun, some of the hair in the bun is left to dangle (as with a ponytail) instead of being choked into the bun with the rest of the tied hair.

A picture of a ponybun hairstyle on a blond male with long hairThe ponybun has been a hairstyle used by women for centuries, and long haired men have also used this hairstyle for just as long (you know… bun hairstyles for men existed before the man bun trend). A dude who rocked the ponybun hairstyle like a boss was Jared Leto during the early part of 2014. It’s a shame that Jared Leto then chopped his long hair off a year later, only to repent 15 minutes later.

Can I braid the hair on my head for my manbun?

Yes, and, when done right, it looks awesome and gives you a pseudo Ragnar Lodbrok look. Just make sure that you get your hair braided by someone who knows how to do it; usually long-haired women are the best at braiding hair, so reach out to any woman you may know who has her hair down to at least chest length.

A picture of an epic braided man bun undercut hairstyle for a hipster male

I have curly hair, can I still get a man bun?

Absolutely! You can rock a man bun irrespective of your hair type. So long as you grow your mane to the minimum hair length needed for a man bun, you’ll be ready to rock it like there’s no tomorrow.
An image of a male with curly hair sporting his mane in a cool manbun style

I’m a black male and the vast majority of dudes with buns that I see are white, will a man bun look good on me?

Yes, the reason for not seeing a lot of black men with man buns is because most black guys prefer to not grow their hair long. Afro textured hair, which is the most-common hair type for black men, can sometimes be difficult and inconvenient to look after when it is long; thus, the most popular type of haircut for black males is a short haircut.

That said, more and more black men are growing their hair to wear manbuns, and we’re seeing this at our barbershop too.
A picture of a black guy with a cool man bun undercut hairstyle sitting inside a car

I have a young son, can he wear a man bun too?

Yes, in fact, with kids it’s easier to tie a man bun since you need less hair length as the head of a kid is remarkably smaller than that of an adult. We frequently have our barbershop customers bring their kids over to the barbershop sporting epic “kid buns”.
A picture of a young boy with a cool topknot hairstyle at the beach

Can I wear a man bun in the office or with a business suit?

Man buns go great with business suits, and the ladies in the office will be gossiping about how hot you look with your suit and bun. However, most guys in the office won’t like this, and most certainly your boss will not share your passion for the “mun”. So, before growing your hair long to then turn up to the office one day with a Jared-Leto-like man bun, make sure that you ask your boss first (the same advice applies to the man-bun undershave hairstyle as explained earlier).
A picture of a businessman with a topknot hairstyle in a corporate meeting

I’m an old dude, will I look OK with a man bun?

So long as you have plenty of hair atop your head, a man bun will look epically awesome on you and regardless of your old age. The key component here is how much hair you have, not your age. If you’re over the age of 50 and people have told you in the past how lucky you are to have so much hair for your age, then you’re certainly ready to rock a man bun.
A picture of an old man with his gray hair in an epic man bun hairstyle

Can I give my dog a man bun hairstyle?

Yes, but please, do not tie his ears as part of the bun. It may look funny to you, but you can damage the cartilage in the dog’s ears. Only use the dog’s own head hair. Or give the dog a wig and entertain yourself giving your dog all kinds of hairstyles that you would not try on your own hair.

A picture of a cute dog with a manbun style

What hair products do I need for a man bun?

The man bun is a very simple hairstyle requiring one single hair product: a hair elastic. Not all hair elastics will do, however, and it’s imperative that you use a metal-free elastic to tie your man bun as you otherwise run the risk of damaging your hair and bun.

A picture of a set of metal-free hair elastics that are suitable for the man bun hairstyle

Other hair products that are useful for the man bun (but which are not essential) include a conditioner, a styling cream and a leave-in conditioner. I’ve published the following hair products guide for the man bun in which I go through each hair product that will enhance and improve your man bun hairstyle. But, remember, the only hair product that you really need for a man bun is a hair elastic!

Can I use hair accessories for my man bun?

You can use anything that you want on your man bun and that includes hair accessories. From elastic headbands to hair clips to hard Alice bands, the sky is the limit for your dude bun.

Is a man bun easy to maintain?

As with all long hairstyles for men, you need to be a bit more careful with your hair. Remember, having a man bun means that you have long hair, and long hair in men needs to be treated with more care than short hair or medium length hair.

The best product to take care of your hair is a good conditioner. This is because the main problem that you will face with your man bun is the daily tangling of your locks. By using a hair conditioner, you will keep your hair locks well lubricated, which will not only prevent your hair from tangling but will also make your hair glossier (in a manly way).

Have a look at my hair products guide linked above to know more about hair conditioners for your man bun and get the one that I recommend.

I am balding, can I have a man bun?

The short answer is “no”; the long answer is “maybe”.

If you’re balding, your hair follicles are weakening progressively and they are producing less of the material that makes up your hair. Weaker follicles means easier-to-rip hair strands, so tying your hair into a man bun is the perfect recipe for losing more hair strands than you’re already losing with your hair loss alone.

Male pattern baldness (i.e. male hair loss or androgenetic alopecia) usually starts at the forehead’s hairline, which is why most balding men have a receded hairline. Unfortunately, the most tension placed on your hair with a man bun is at the forelock, which is the area of the scalp that surrounds your forehead’s hairline. What this means is that, by tying a man bun if you’re balding, you will accelerate your hair loss and even cause your hairline to look asymmetric and awkward as the weakened hair follicles let go of the hair strands from the tension applied by the man bun.

A photograph of a balding guy with a man bun hairstyle and a Norwood 3 hair loss stageAt the end of the day, it’s your choice. If your male pattern baldness is being treated effectively and you’re tying your hair loosely into the bun, you could still get away with rocking a man bun with male pattern baldness.

For the record, the above advice on balding and getting a man bun does also apply for any other type of tied hairstyle (e.g. ponytails or ponybuns). Avoid excessive hair tension and hair pulling at all costs if you’re balding!

What is traction alopecia?

Traction alopecia is a nasty type of hair loss that is caused by pulling the hair too hard for too long. Traction alopecia used to be an issue for women only until not that long ago when the man bun became popular. Traction alopecia occurs primarily at the forehead’s hairline and results in an uneven and receded hairline that completely breaks the aesthetics of a man bun (and of any other men’s hairstyle, for that matter).

A picture showing severe traction alopecia on a male who is 18 years of age wearing a man bun hairstyle under his turbanI’ve lost count of how many guys we’ve had coming to our barbershop with traction alopecia from their man buns. The worst thing is that traction alopecia can become irreversible if the hair follicles are damaged beyond repair, which is rare but still does happen in men.

So how do I avoid traction alopecia?

By never tying your hair too tight! If you feel a strong localized pressure on the skin of your forehead, you’ve tied your man bun too tight. Always release some pressure from the manbun by slightly pulling the hair softly against the direction of the man bun. If your hair strands look like guitar strings when tied in a man bun, your hair is too tight; you want to instead leave your man-bun hair a little bit loose without breaking the aesthetics of the hairstyle.

Be aware that traction alopecia is more common with the topknot hairstyle. This is because the minimum hair length for the topknot (6 inches) will lead you to pulling your hair hard to be able to get all the hair on the top of the head tied into the bun. So, to be safe, only tie a topknot when your hair is 8 inches long, especially if you have a big head.

Where does the bun go on the head?

You can place the bun wherever you want on your head. However, the actual man bun trend was started by placing the bun on the crown area of the head, which is also known as the vertex.

A picture of an Arab male with a topknot hairstyle and stubble wearing sunglasses in his Ferrari car

As the man bun trend has become more and more popular, men have been placing their buns higher, lower and even sideways on their head. Ultimately, it is up to you where on your head you want to place your manbun.
A funny picture of a dude with his manbun on the side of his head

Can I grow a beard with my man bun?

Yes, you can wear all kinds of facial hair styles with your man bun. A full beard style is quite common with hipsters, and they will grow their beards to a medium length while also growing their hair even longer so as to sport a big man bun with a thick beard. Such a look is what I’ve termed the hipster bun and is one that looks quite good despite the inherent shagginess of the style.

A picture of a hippie guy with a hipster beard style and a messy manbun hairstyleOther than growing a full beard with your manbun, you’re pretty much free to grow any other kind of facial hair style to complement your bro bun.

My girlfriend/wife is giving me crap for having a man bun and wants it chopped off, what should I do?

Break up with her or divorce her. How dare she suggest that you commit the ultimate act of sacrilege?

Listen, son, only surround yourself with those who share your passion for the “big hair” lifestyle. It’s that simple.
A funny man bun picture of a guy with a beard holding a bird with a bun

How do I avoid women trying to touch my man bun?

While it may sound crazy to you right now if you don’t have a manbun just yet, I can guarantee you in this very moment that, once you have your man bun, women will jump on you to touch it (no, not the stuff “down there”; I’m talking of the stuff “up there” on your head).

Other than having ninja reflexes, the best deterrent to stopping a woman from touching your precious bun is by telling her that you give her permission to touch your man bun if she gives you permission to touch her nipples. Be careful with this move, though, as you will be surprised with how many women will agree to this pact, so choose your women wisely, especially when under the influence of alcohol!

I still have more questions, how can I ask them?

You can ask any questions by using the comments section below. This FAQ page is expanding as we go along, so I welcome any specific questions that you may have and which have not yet been covered in this FAQs page.

As always, gentlemen, keep rocking those “buns”!

Article last updated: 1st April 2019

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  1. Hey, awesome website! I’ve been growing my hair out now for about 8-9 months, and most of my hair is long enough for a solid, full bun. However, only one or two small bundles of hair on the front are just not long enough and keep falling forward (looks a bit like man-bun with superman’s lock of hair, only three times the size). Would it be an option to visit a barber and ask them to ‘fix’ this by e.g., removing the small bit of hair that keeps on escaping the elastic hair band? Having a huge bunch of hair with the upcoming summer isn’t very comfortable, and I want to be able to tie it.

    • No, do not get those locks trimmed, as the end result will look bad. Trust me, I get plenty of dudes at my barbershop coming to us with those kind of haircuts because they didn’t want to wait until the hair on the forelock (i.e. the front of the scalp) was long enough to be tied.

      What I instead recommend to you, Matthew, is to get a thin headband. Get one that is similar to your hair color or just go for a black one. You’d use the headband to pull back the hair on the front of your head (i.e. forelock), so you’d be keeping those locks flat and flowing towards the man bun, even though they cannot be tied just yet. This look works really well and you will appreciate having a headband as the locks on your forelock continue to grow longer and keep bothering you as they fall on your face and you cannot still tie them to the bun.

      Have a look at my hair products guide that I linked to in this Frequently Asked Questions tutorial, or simply browse up to the menu to find the link to find my hair products guide for the man bun. You will find in there the different types of headbands that I recommend. Get the thin ones and you will be very happy you did so. This coming from a dude (myself) who used to also wear them as my hair was gaining the length to tie it all in a single bun!

      • Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate it! I already got a headband for when I’m working out (the thin tennis kind of headbands), but I’ll try to find a normal thin one too.

        Another thing i was wondering about; should i visit the barber occasionally? I don’t think I’ve got a haircut in about a year now, and it can get really ‘out of shape’ when growing it out which is really annoying and bad looking. Especially at the bottom of my hair I get thicker curls compared to the top and sides, and me having real thick hair in general, makes my hair look huge and really thick in the back.

        Should I visit my local barber, tell them my goal and ask to keep as much length as possible but to thin it out a bit to give it all some shape?

      • Hey my hair length is about 3 inches and grows faster than the average man; But I was wondering how long it might take to reach six inches in months. I was thinking hopefully about 3 but i could be wrong.

  2. Hey I am currently in the growth process and in the 2ish months that I decided to go for it, I have gotten up to 5 inches. I’m pretty psyched. Random question though, where is your barbershop and what’s the name? I know you may not answer this question fully because you don’t want all of us to show up, but with the luck you do answer I will be overjoyed. Thank you either way sir.

  3. Hi! I am in the process of growing my hair for the man bun, at about 3 months in and 4 inches on top and 2.5-3 inches on the sides (I am changing over from an undercut to a full bun). My question to you is what style do you recommend for transitioning? I still part my hair to the side, but the length is getting longer so I just resorted to wearing hats in the mean time. Is there a style that I should try for times I cannot wear hats, like for work or for dates?

    • Hey Michael, sure, you can do a slicked back hairstyle. I’ve actually talked before on this site about the transitioning phase between short hair and growing a man bun. The slicked back hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle as you’re growing your mane longer to get a man bun. Search here in my site for the “slicked back undercut” as I have two articles on that. Forget about the undercut word in the “slicked back undercut” but the rest of the advice in my articles on the slicked back undercut will be of great use to you.

      The moral of the story: buy a good pomade (see my hair products guide) and slick your hair back, including the hair on the sides of the head.

      What’s your hair type, by the way? Do you have straight hair, wavy hair or more like curly or afro-textured hair? You could also try the Shake and Go hairstyle in which you use a styling cream (see my hair products guide too for this product), coat your hair when it’s wet with the styling cream and then shake your head. Use your fingers to just pull some of the hair back (i.e. the hair hanging down on your face) and then shake your head again. You’ll end up with your mane in a natural hairstyle with a lot of cool gloss through the styling cream. You can do the Shake and Go hairstyle with any hair type.

      • Awesome, thanks for such a quick response! My hair type is straight until it gets some length in which then it gets pretty wavy. I looked at both and I am definitely going to give both styles a try (I currently do a style similar to the slick back, but I need better product – currently using a wax and it doesn’t get the job done).

        • Awesome! If you go to the website they have a great thread on the best hair products for men. You will find the pomades that they recommend there. One of them is from Suavecito which will work great for your situation. If you can’t find their hair products thread, just click on the hair clipper link that I posted in this FAQ section (“Which are the best hair clippers to buy?”) and that will take you to their hair clippers thread. Their “best hair products” thread is in the same forum section. That Men’s Hair Forum thread on the best hair products for men is a gem and I suggest that you bookmark it for great hair products to use until you get enough hair length for your man bun.

          Once you’re close to your man bun length, then get the hair products that I recommend on my own man bun products guide in this site. Mainly go with the styling cream, conditioner and leave-in conditioner; those three hair products are essential for the best manbuns and topknots!

      • But if we want to grow a full man bun, is a slicked back undercut hairstyle not good then? I mean, how can a slicked back undercut help to grow a top knot or a man bun?

        • A slicked back undercut is only a good hair-styling option if you’re looking to grow a semi manbun. This is because a slicked back undercut hairstyle will only have the hair on the top of your head at a long length; the hair on the sides and back of the head is kept buzzed.

          Remember, a full manbun requires all of the hair on the scalp to be tied into the bun; that means that the hair on the sides and back of the head must also be long enough to be tied into the bun. The minimum hair length for a full man bun hairstyle is 10 inches, although 8 inches of hair length can work if you really don’t want to wait 4 more months to grow those extra two inches. With a slicked back undercut, the hair on the sides and back of the head is kept at 1/4 of an inch (at best). So a slick-back undercut physically impedes a full man bun due to the inherent hair-cut configuration of this type of slicked-back hairstyle!

          If you want to grow a full man-bun hairstyle from a slicked back undercut hairstyle, then you must stop getting an undercut haircut on the sides and back of your head and instead allow for the hair on these areas of your head to grow to a least 8 inches in length. You will have to wait about one year and a half before the hair on the sides and back of your head is long enough for a full manbun if you’re growing your hair from the aforementioned slicked back undercut hairstyle.

  4. Okay, so the hair on top of my head is about 4-5 inches and the sides are much shorter. But I want to get a full bun, do I let everything grow as it is right now or is it not possible?

  5. I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 months now and it is about 5 inches and people are telling me I should get it trimmed so it isn’t so bushy in the back. Is this what I should be doing or should I let it all flow however it likes until I reach the optimal manbun length?

    • Continue growing your hair long. It’s normal to have your hair look bushy with only 5 inches of hair length. This is what I call the awkward phase of growing out your hair. All guys (and girls) go through this stage of your hair looking bushy and puffy until it settles down and hangs down. Expect to have finish the awkward of hair growth when you reach 8 inches of hair length. So that’s another 6 months of hair growth and it’s why growing a man bun isn’t as easy as people think.

      If instead you want to get a semi bun, then get an undercut but bear in mind that you will only be able to use the hair on the top of your hair for your man bun as the hair on the sides and back of the head will be buzzed very short with an undercut.

      I would still recommend that you stick though the next months with your hair and grow it to about 10 inches for the perfect man bun. See my hair products guide for the man bun and get yourself the recommended leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Those two hair products will do miracles on your hair during the awkward stage of hair growth!

  6. Hey man. I too have been growing my hair out.. It’s about 4-5 inches on top and all my sides are a lot shorter, maybe 2-3 inches all around. I’m growing this out from an undercut haircut. Should I keep letting it all grow out? I want to get a full man bun.

  7. What should I tell my barber to do to my hair if I want to style it in a topknot style? (hair clipper numbers on the sides, fades, top, etc.)

    • Tell your barber that you’re growing the top of your head to 8 inches in hair length. The sides and back of the head should be done in a short undercut haircut. Tell him to give you a number 2 hair clipper length for a top knot undercut. You don’t want any hair length on the sides and back of the head for a top knot. If you don’t like the number 2 clipper length, then tell him to give you a number 1 hair clipper length.

      Go to the barber every 2 to 3 weeks to clean up the sides and back of the head and never get the top cut or trimmed until you achieve your length. You can also buy your own hair clipper and give yourself an undercut as it’s a very easy haircut to do on your own. You just clip in the number 1 guiding comb (which comes with the hair clipper) and you buzz away your sides and back without changing the length. Have a look at my hair product guide for the man bun as you will find some pretty good products for a top knot, including good hair clippers.

  8. I’m really dying for that man bun taper cut.the problem is I have thick and curly hair. As I’m growing my hair, it gets really bushy and has a mushroom effect. I’m thinking of relaxing my hair now while waiting for it to grow longer. So it will look more presentable and neat for now. It is currently 4 inches long.

    Is this a good idea?

    • Don’t relax your curly hair; relaxing curly hair will make the hair weaker and you will have to use specific products to look after the hair. When you tie a man bun, you’re pulling the hair back which will break the hair eventually since relaxed curly hair is weaker than naturally curly hair.

      It looks to me like you need to polish your hair care knowledge. Curly hair for men can look presentable and a curly manbun looks really cool as a curly bun will look bigger than a manbun with straight hair. I posted the picture of a curly man bun in this FAQ guide and I will be posting a guide on getting a man bun with curly hair.

      My advice is to start using a conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and easy to style as you grow it long. IN fact, once your hair is about 6 inches long, you simply must use a conditioner. To use a conditioner, you put it on your hair after you shampoo in in the shower and let it on your hair (coating your curls) for a minute or two while you continue cleaning the rest of your body in the shower. After a minute or two, you rinse out the conditioner with water and you’re done.

      To style your curls, either use a styling cream or a leave-in conditioner. These two products are the best curly hair products for men. These two products are even more important if you’re growing your curly hair to get a man bun. You can use a styling cream or a leave-in conditioner to style your hair at any length, so with 4 inches of hair length you can use these two products to keep your curls shapely, with fullness and, most importantly, frizz free and defined.

      Take a look at my hair product guide for the man bun (in the menu section or in the link in the FAQ guide above) as I have recommended a great styling cream and a great leave-in conditioner. For a good conditioner, get any from a trusted brand (get the one from the brands of the styling cream and the leave-in conditioner that I’ve recommended). I suggest that you buy the conditioner and either the styling cream or the leave-in conditioner. If it fits your budget, you can get the three products too.

      One last suggestion is to check out a website called Manly Curls. It’s a website loaded with huge amounts of curly hair advice and tips, plus it is owned by a curly haired guy who has long hair too. His name is Rogelio Samson and he has also written two great books on men’s hair; one of them is called The Curly Hair Book and it’s an excellent book to learn the proper way of having great curls.

      To finish off my advice, if you’re still wanting to make your hair less curly, then get your hair texturized and not relaxed. A texturizer will make your hair less curly and easier to style, but it’s easier on the hair than a relaxer, as a relaxer fully straightens your hair. However, don’t fall for the hype of texturizers, they do also weaken the hair, although the weakening effect on hair of a texturizer is way less than that of a hair relaxer. But if you’re planning on growing your curls to a man bun, then go with your natural hair and just use the products I recommended above.

  9. Hello, I have thick and like 4 inches long, if I use a relaxing product it can go up to the beginning of my eyes, can I try a top knot now?

    • Do not attempt to try a top knot if your hair is only long enough to reach your eyes; that’s too short. You will not be able to be able to tie a proper top knot with such short length. The minimum hair length needed for a top knot is 6 inches of hair length. That hair length is about the length of your hair from the forelock (i.e. the front of the top of the head) to your nose. That’s the absolute minimum to tie a top knot. I do however always recommend my barbershop customers (and you guys reading my site) to get a top knot with 8 inches of hair length so as to avoid traction alopecia. I’ve covered traction alopecia in this FAQ guide above, and I’ve also talked more about it in this site (simply use the search function and you will find plenty of advice from mine on traction alopecia for men).

      I would avoid using a hair relaxer to straighten your hair. A hair relaxer will make your hair brittle and it will weaken your hair too. This means that you will be breaking your locks slowly but surely as you tie your top knot hairstyle. Remember that the top knot hairstyle places a lot of tension on the hair strands since the top knot has to be tied tight, so relaxed curly hair will be prone to breaking off at about half way through the length of the hair shaft. This is a serious issue and quite common with relaxed hair, so, if possible avoid using a hair relaxer for a top knot.

      If you still want to use a hair relaxer, then only tie your hair when it’s 10 inches long. This hair length will allow you to still tie a bun, but it will not be as tight as if it were tied with only 6 inches of hair length. Do also remember to follow my top knot hair trick of releasing some tension from the hair strands when the topknot is tied by softly and smoothly pulling the tied hair towards the front of your head. This trick will immediately release tension from the hair in the top knot or man bun and thus it’ll help you to avoid both traction alopecia and the breaking of your hair strands in half.

  10. Hello! I have long hair that reaches my eyes, but on the back and sides of the head I have short hair. I want to grow my hair long. Should cut a little more length on the sides and back to tie it up and then let it grow on the sides and back or should I let it grow all? Thank you!

  11. I have very straight and thin hair. Is that good for a man bun or would it look weird? I always see people with wavy hair with man buns so I don’t want to grow it out if straight and thin hair wouldn’t look good.


    • Thin hair with a man bun is a good style, anyway. You will be surprised at how big your man bun will look once you have 10 inches of hair length. Even guys with very thin hair and with a low hair density can rock a big man bun. So don’t get discouraged as, with long straight hair, you will look like you have thicker hair than when you have short hair.

      I’ve seen all kinds of man buns with all kinds of hair types at our barbershop, and they all look great whether they’re done with straight thin hair or with thick curly hair.

  12. Hey there, first of all, I would like to thank you for making this amazing guide. I’ve been reading it since I found out about the bro bun.
    Right now I’m growing my hair for the undercut bun, but when I was checking my last year yearbook pictures, I realized that some haircuts that are short on the sides look kinda weird on me, mostly because I have big round cheeks, and I can’t grow a big beard well because I’m still 17.
    The important question i have right now is:

    Will the undercut bun look good in a teenager with round cheeks?

    Please tell me it will because I really want to be part of the bro-bun-ternity.

  13. I have a top knot with an undercut which has evolved into something of a ponytail as it’s got so long! It covers my face entirely when down and reaches my neck (or the hairline on my neck) when combed back.

    My question though is this, I want to grow my hair entirely out now, sides and all. Has anyone done this before? Should I cut my hair on the top (bun/ponytail) short and grow it all out together at the same size or should I leave it and just let the sides grow?

  14. I’ve recently been researching man buns and have just come across your site. There’s a lot of great info here.

    I’ve been attempting man buns lately and have had some success but they end up looking just a little “off”. The bun always sags a little bit. I also have some trouble getting all of my hair together without it looking like a mess. I suspect this is because of how much hair I have (around 23 inches). Should I get it trimmed or cut down to something more manageable? I have somewhat wavy hair and am using cheap conditioner and shampoo.

    I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail for some time but I’ve come to the conclusion that ponytails rarely look good.

  15. I am thinking about growing my hair to get a bun, but how do I maintain it until it grows out long enough for a bun? My hair right now is about 3 inches long, so what should I do until it grows out completely?

  16. Will a semi-bun look “poofy” with thicker hair? If so, would adding a styling gel or another type of hairstyling product weight the thick hair down to look “normal”?

  17. I’m growing my hair out on the top to do a semi bun. I have the sides and back shaved and I have been keeping up with it, however, the longer the top gets, the harder it is to do anything with it as my hair is thick and tends to grow out as an afro. The afro looks a little silly at about 4 inches now. What can I do with my hair at this point other than wearing a beanie?

  18. I’ve read the main article but I’ve a very specific question. How do I transition from a top knot to a full manbun? I’ve tried it once and I looked weird/lunatic like I had just walked out of an asylum. Is there any other way but to shorten my hair and grow it evenly for a full man bun?

    • You have two options I’m afraid: either cut the hair on the top to even out its length with the hair on the sides and back of the head or continue to grow your hair until the sides and back of your head reach at least 8 inches in hair length.

      Remember that 8 inches is the minimum hair length for a full man bun. I always recommend to remain conservative and shoot for 10 inches of hair length instead of 8 inches, but, considering that your hair looks uneven from the hair length discrepancy on the sides and the top, I think that shooting for 8 inches will do you well.

      I would personally go with the second option. It’d be a shame to cut all the length that you’ve grown so far on the top.

    • Do not blowout your hair as it damages the kinky curls. Kinky curly hair (the usual hair type of black men) grows just as fast as any other hair type. It’s just that it “look” like it grows slower. Take a look at my curly hair guide for the man bun; it’s here on the site and you will find plenty of useful tips for growing kinky curly hair into a man bun or a topknot.

  19. Hey I would like to have a man bun (without the undercut). I did have an undercut man bun hairstyle for about 2 months but I didn’t really like it. I had a hair cut 🙁 so now I’m at a point where I want to grow my hair again and I wanna have a full man bun. I’m not really sure what to do with the short hair on the sides of the head, and how long would it take to grow my thick hair long? Guide me please!

  20. I want to grow my hair out for a top knot, but don’t want an undercut for the sides and back of my head. Can i do that without it looking bad?

    • The trick with getting good aesthetic results with a top knot is to have the hair on the sides and back of the head in a short haircut. You don’t need to go for an undercut per se; you can instead get a short taper haircut or an executive contour haircut for your top knot. Ask your barber for either of these haircuts (I’ve also covered them in this site too) if you don’t fancy having the sides and back of your head in an undercut haircut.

  21. I’m thinking about getting a man bun, but what hairstyles could I wear if I don’t don’t want my hair in a bun or top knot ? ( If I pursue this hair style i will have shaved sides and back)

    • The slicked back undercut is the best men’s hairstyle as an alternative to the man bun or top knot if you’re not looking to tie your hair in a bun all day long. I’ve published a slicked back undercut guide in this site, by the way. You just use a pomade and slick your man-bun hair either with a comb o with your fingers. Make sure that you have an undercut haircut on the sides and back of your head. You can, however, have a short taper cut on the sides and back of the head instead of an undercut.

  22. Hello! I just recently got a buzz cut and I’m thinking of growing a man bun. I know it’ll take a while but I don’t really mind it. My only question regarding this is, what kind of hairstyle should I maintain while getting the man bun? Should I just keep cutting my sides and get an undercut style until my top is long enough? And if I reach a medium length of hair, should I start slicking back my hair like combing it to the back?

    Also, should I start using a hair conditioner with the length of hair that I have right now? I don’t really know how to use a men’s conditioner and I don’t know if it’s the same way that women use conditioners or not.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Do you want to grow a man bun with the sides and back of your head short? Or do you want to grow a man bun using all the hair on your head? I take it that you’re after a manbun undercut hairstyle, but I’d like to confirm this.

      Using a conditioner is very easy: just coat your hair with it when your hair is wet, leave the conditioner coating your hair for 2 minutes. Then, after the 2 minutes are over, you rinse out the conditioner. Use a conditioner 2 to 4 times per week (as you like). Generally, the longer your hair is, the higher the frequency of conditioner use. I suggest that you buy a book titled “The Men’s Hair Book” by Rogelio Samson. That book has everything that you need to know about growing your hair long and taking good care of your mane.

      About the hairstyles to use while growing your hair and transitioning to a man bun, the slicked back undercut hairstyle is a very good option. Search my site as I’ve covered already the hairstyles that I recommend as a barber for your growing hair. You can also get a side swept undercut hairstyle by combing your hair (i.e. the hair on the top) flat to the side, instead of combing it back and flat (i.e. as in a slicked back undercut).

  23. I am a young teenager. My current hairstyle is a quiff, but I want to try having a man bun. My hair doesn’t grow out straight and tends to grow wildly. I was wondering if I would look decent with a man bun. Do I need to be a hipster or have facial hair or have an older looking face? Also, is there an age that is recommended to have a man bun?

    • Sam, there is no minimum age limit with regards to growing a man bun. Likewise, there is no need for you to be part of an urban-tribe movement (e.g. hipsters, metrosexuals, lumbersexuals, etc) to wear a man bun or a top knot.

      Always remember that the man bun is a functional hairstyle for long hair. Men have been wearing buns on their heads for centuries as a bun is the best way to secure long hair so that it doesn’t dangle. So don’t worry about your age or about not looking like an adult yet due to your age. We get a lot of teenagers coming to our barbershop asking about how to get a top knot, for example. If you like the hairstyle, then go for it!

  24. It is undeniable that a man who wears his hair in this style is far more concerned with what he perceives as “In” or “trendy” than he is with his appearance. This look is ugly in the best of circumstances and, in fact, silly looking.

    I imagine that a man with a man bun would wear his underwear on the outside if whatever men’s magazine he looks to for guidance told him it was the cool thing. I think that, in the interest of all real men who think for themselves and dress according to their own standards, these puppies should be forced to turn in their man cards.

    • You have different hairstyles to choose from when growing your man bun and going through the awkward hair stage. I published a guide recently on exactly that (see the Man-Bun blog section on this site; it’s the first link on the menu).

  25. Hey!
    First of all, great website!
    I’ve been growing my hair for almost a year now and it all started growing out of a “quiff” hairstyle. My top hair is now about 8-inches long, however I have a problem with my side hair. There is some kind of “square/area” on the side of my head (in front of my ears, in the direction of my forehead), where my hair is about 3 inches long. Of course I’ve started out from a quiff, but then my other side’s hair would have the same length, which certainly isn’t the case. It’s kind of driving my mad, because all other areas have quite a good length and grow just fine.

    What do you think is the matter?

    Is there anything which could help?

    I would be really grateful if you could help me!

    • How much different is the hair on the right side from the hair on the left side? What kind of haircut did you get to have your sides cut asymmetrically? What are your current lengths for the hair on each side of the head? Lastly, are you aiming for a full man bun or for a semi man bun with the sides and back of the head buzzed?

      • Sorry for that.
        It’s not asymmetrical at all, both sides are equally short.
        I’m aiming for a full man bun, but it’s strange that just this little area (on both sides) grows that slow in comparison to other areas of my head.
        On the sides it’s about 3 inches long and on top, it’s probably about 8 inches.

  26. Love the website. I’m currently growing out my hair for an undercut bun. The top is just about there (5″ now) so it’s about a month or two away. Just curious, if there is a hairstyle I can try that has short sides while I’m still growing the top out? Thanks!

    • Taylor, have a look at the blogging section of my site as I’ve recently published a guide on men’s hairstyles to use while growing a man bun or a top knot. You can also find this guide under the “Recent Posts” title at the bottom of this page if you’re using a desktop screen (I’m not sure if this title appears in the mobile version of the site). That guide that I published will give you lots of hair-styling ideas as you get closer and closer to your top-knot goal.

      • Hi.

        Do you have any thoughts about the Moroccanoil products? I’m using the “Hydrating Styling Cream” at the moment. Is it good product compared with those that you mention in your guide, or would you recommend something else?
        I’ve also tried the “Agadir” Styling Gel.

  27. I have 2 questions:
    -I dyed my man bun with blonde highlights, is that weird? I think it looks cool, but is dying your hair blonde if you’re a guy bad? LOL
    – I have curly hair so sometimes I straighten it, is that weird? My girlfriend likes my hair when it is straight too, but the front of my hair is somewhat dead, is there any product that you recommend to bring back the moisture into my hair?

    I just found this site and it has been very helpful!

    • Have a look through my man-bun products guide that I published on this site and which you can find linked in this FAQ or in the top menu above. Get the conditioner that I’ve recommended in that guide and get the hair-styling cream that I’ve recommended in the guide too. Those two products will work wonders for your situation as straightening curly hair can damage the hair strands over the long term and does definitively remove any moisture from the hair as the high heat of the hair straightener dissipates any moisture from the curls.

      It’s not weird to have your hair dyed or highlighted. More and more men are taking better care of their hair and they’re also paying more attention to it. Thus, hairstyle trends like the man bun are becoming a common thing worldwide, which means that dying your hair is something that nowadays is kind of expected for a guy. Do with your hair whatever you like and forget about what others say. However, if you want to know my point of view as a barber, then let me tell you that we’re seeing more and more gents from all walks of life coming to our barbershop with dyed hair and a man bun or a top knot.

  28. I’ve been growing the top of my hair for a full year and it can go into a bun, but I’m still waiting for another inch or so, so it finally looks how I want it to look.

    I was just wondering where do I part the hair to disconnect the hair on the top. Currently I have my hair shaved on the sides starting from the corners of the hairline so that it’s symmetrical on both sides. However, I see men who have their hair parted higher up on one side than the other. I’m a bit confused about this.

  29. Hello, I want your help please. My hair length is 4 inches long. I would like to know how many months do I have left to do a semi man bun and a full man bun too. But I am trying to do a top knot. It’s kind of working with me but it’s still short.

    PS: I haven’t cut my bangs since May.

    • To grow a full manbun, you will need about 18 months of hair growth to be able to tie all of your hair o the sides and back of the head into the bun.

      If you’re looking to get a top knot hairstyle, then you will need 4 more months of hair growth before you can tie a good knot with only the hair on the top of your head. However, and so as to avoid traction alopecia (i.e. hair loss from wearing your top knot too tight), I recommend that you instead start tying your hair into a top knot when you hair is 8 inches long, which is about 8 months of hair growth.

  30. I want to go from a topknot to a full bun. What would you say about growing out the hair on the sides of my head so that I can grow a full manbun? Currently, I have around 8 inches on the top of my head and, maybe, one inch of hair length on the sides and back of my head. I have really thick straight hair.

  31. I’m growing out the hair on the sides of my head (currently at 3.5 to 4 inches of length), while the top is 8 inches long. I’m trying to go for the full bun hairstyle, but I’m struggling to find a transitional hairstyle because, when I style my hair in a top knot, the hair on the sides of my head gets messed up, even with hair gel or hairspray!

    If anyone has gone through this awkward stage of hair growth, could you then tell me or even show me a picture of what you did? I would really appreciate it, guys. Long live the man bun and long haired men!

  32. Hey, do you think that the top knot hairstyle is an extreme hairstyle? I ask this because I wore a top knot yesterday when I went to my high school and I was warned that the top knot hairstyle is not allowed because it is an extreme hairstyle!

    • No, Darren, the top knot hairstyle is not an extreme hairstyle. Go back to school & tell the people who “warned” you about your hairstyle to get lost. Once they’ve done that, then tell them to get lost again.

  33. I love this website and the details to grow a man bun that it covers. I am thinking of growing out my hair so that I can wear a man bun, but my hair is very (very!) thick. Any suggestion?

  34. Nice website! I would really like to cop a man bun but my friend told me that a slicked back hairstyle or man bun won’t fit a round face. Would the manbun look good if I have a round face? Or would I look like a human ball like my friend said? If so, should I try other long hairstyles? Thanks!

  35. How long does my top knot have to be so that I can braid my hair and wear a manbraid hairstyle with a top knot?

  36. Hi, I plan on getting a man bun. I have a head-full of long locks, but normally I perm my hair. Before getting a man bun, should I perm my hair again? If not, what should I do to it?

  37. I am 14 years old and I have a top knot. Some people in my class tried to cut it off, how do I prevent this?

    • To keep other people from cutting off your top knot, beat all of them up & tell them that the next time they try it, you’ll slit their gullets wide open.

  38. I would like to ask you if the top knot hairstyle or the full man-bun hairstyle will be appropriate for a job interview.

  39. Which face shape does a man bun fit on? I have a round face and I’m wondering whether a man bun hairstyle might suit me or not.

  40. I’m 13 and I’m growing a top knot. I have probably about 5-1/2 inches of hair length as of right now, and you mention that I’d need 6 inches of hair length for the top knot hairstyle. How long will it take me to grow my hair to 6 inches? I have about 2 months left of summer and I want to wear a top knot hairstyle for when school starts. My hair also grows fairly fast, so please let me know about the time that it will take me to grow my current hair length to a top-knot hair length. Thanks.

  41. So I have really short hair at the moment and I really want to grow a semi-bun hairstyle. What should I do? Grow all of my hair or get an undercut on the sides and back of my head while I’m growing my hair on the top of the head?

  42. Long before Western hipsters began sporting top knots a few years ago, the hairstyle was already worn many centuries ago by Buddha’s followers and it was also seen on Chinese Terracotta soldiers over 2000 years ago.

  43. I’m Indian (I’m brown) and I also have a top knot hairstyle. I want to attach a picture of my haircut to ask you if my top knot hairstyle fits me perfectly or not. How can I attach a picture to my comment? Mail me if you can attach my image.

  44. Do chicks like manbuns? As in, are women attracted to guys having manbuns or not?
    Second question, are most girls attracted to a man having a full man bun or a top knot?

    • First question: Yes.
      Second question: it doesn’t matter. Women are attracted to HOW you suit your hairstyle to your personality and to your unique self. You could have your hair shaped and styled up as a full-length penguin on your head and women would still be attracted to you if you make that (silly) hairstyle work with your personality. With that said, manbuns and topknots are sexy hairstyles.

  45. Hi, I would like to get my black son’s hair in a man bun, but his hair is kinky with tight curls. How can I get his hair to straighten so he can get this style. Please help, any information will be appreciated.

    • Yo don’t need to straighten his kinky-curly hair so that he gets a man bun. The minimum hair length for a man bun is 10 inches, although 8 inches will work OK for a child or a teenager male. So get him to grow his hair to 8 inches in an extended position; you do this by carefully pulling his hair until it is flattened and then measuring it. Once he has 8 inches of length with his hair extended and flattened as I’ve just described, then he will b ready for a man bun!

      I also recommend that you buy a book called The Men’s Hair Book by Rogelio Samson. There’s a lot of great information on that book for your son and for you to learn if you want to manage his curly hair. It’s the best investment that you could do for his hair and for his growing curls so that he gets his cool-looking manbun!

    • Hello again Anna,

      I wanted to quickly follow up and give you some hair-styling inspiration with regards to the man bun hairstyle on black males; thus, here’s a picture below taken straight from the barbershop that shows a black male (i.e. a barbershop customer) with a good-looking manbun, which, for the record, was achieved with only 8 inches of hair length which is also the minimum hair length for the man bun hairstyle (hence the small bun at the crown).

      A barbershop photograph of a black male with long curly hair tied back as a man bun hairstyle and achieved with the minimum hair length for a manbun which is eight inches of hair length

      The above picture truly shows that black males can achieve great manbuns and topknots without having to straighten their curly hair with flat irons or hair relaxers/texturizers. If you still insist on straightening his curly hair, please use a heat tamer before using a flat iron or use a hair texturizer instead of a hair relaxer; these two options will save your son’s curly hair and keep it damage-free when you straighten his curls.

  46. Hello! Currently I am at about 5.5 inches (top). Not sure what month because I didn’t decide that I wanted to continue growing my hair out until I got to 5 inches, basically. Anyway, my question is, mostly all of the hair on top fits into a top knot. But the sides of my hair are still not long enough. There are days I don’t really want hair on my forehead. But haven’t tried the top knot in public, due to the sides being too long for a top knot and too short for a bun. How do you suggest I style my hair while growing my mane out??

  47. Hello guys (please excuse my English!). This is my situation: I want to grow man bun and I’m a guy with curly hair. Fortunately I just found out about this website. My hair was quite long, but then I went to my barber and I asked him to do a top knot haircut. So now I have a problem with my mushroom hair. I feel bad because of this.

    What should I do now? My hair length on the top of my head is about 6 inches and the hair on the back and sides of my head is way shorter. So must I wait now for almost year to be able to grow my hair long again and get a man bun?

    • You need to have coiled-curly hair or kinky-curly hair for those coiled bangs to occur. What’s your hair type?

      Also, the guy in the picture you posted didn’t have a manbun. He simply had his medium-length curly hair tied atop his head, which caused his kinky curls to spring out from his scalp for that specific look that you’re seeking. Again, what’s your hair type? If you don’t know your hair type, then get yourself the book called The Men’s Hair Book by Rogelio Samson which has all the information that you need to achieve curly hairstyles like the ones you were referring to and more. Rogelio Samson invented the hair-typing method for men and it’s all in his book. As a barber I fully agree that knowing one’s own hair type is imperative to getting the best haircuts and hairstyles.

      I’ll say this again, though: that guy in the picture that you posted didn’t have a manbun.

  48. I have to wear glasses and I have 6 inches of a semi Man Bun. But now people say that my hair and frame do not match-up. What should I do????

    • Do you like your current hairstyle? If so, then ignore their words. You should be focusing on the hairstyle/s that you like and not on what others like about your hairstyle.

      If you don’t like how your semi manbun is doing, then it’s only going to get worse As your hair grows, it will mismatch your facial shape even more if that’s what you’re seeing (and it isn’t something that others are simply telling you). Face shape doesn’t matter in men’s hairstyles; it’s a myth. However, if a hairstyle doesn’t suit you, it will get worse as it grows longer. One example of this is kinky-curly hair with a semi manbun or a manbun undercut; the hair usually looks too bulky up there when the hair isn’t tied as a man bun hairstyle.

      Your option is to either continue with your hairstyle if you like it, or chop the long hair and start from scratch.

  49. What do you do with the back of the neck’s hair? My boyfriend has been growing his hair for a man bun, and has asked me to trim the hair at the base of his head on his neck – it needs to be done but I don’t want to do it wrong! Or should I just tell him to go to a barber?

    • Hi,

      I have to recommend that you leave the hair-buzzing around that area to the experts; it’s very easy to butch your boyfriend’s hair with a hair clipper if you are not careful. Considering that he has been growing his hair for that prized manbun hairstyle, then a barber or hairdresser is best suited to give him the last final hair-cutting touches.

      I will say, though, that you may be able to do his haircut maintenance for him depending on the type of haircut that he gets on the back of his head. I’ve published different guides here at about the types of haircut that flow best with a semi man-bun or a full man-bun. Tell your boyfriend to ask his barber or hairdresser about the type of haircut that he will be getting. If it’s something like an undercut haircut, then you will be able to regularly trim/buzz his hair as an undercut for him. If it’s something more complicated like a fade haircut, then he will be better off by going to the same barber or hairdresser who originally got him the first haircut (in this case, a fade haircut).

      One more thing: if you’re talking about the hair on his neck’s hairline (which is something completely different), then all that you need to do is to grab a good hair clipper with no guiding comb attached (i.e. the hair clipper has no add-ons clipped) and then follow the hairline of his neck so as to buzz the loose/baby hair strands that all men have across the neck’s hairline. Just follow the hairline and that’s it.

      Please tell your boyfriend that I congratulate him for sticking through with growing a man bun. Surprisingly, not many men stick through to get the purported 6 to 10 inches of hair length needed for a semi/full man-bun.

    • Grow an extra inch of hair length as the minimum hair length for a topknot is six inches. Six inches of hair length is the bare minimum length for a top knot, and I always caution everyone to have eight inches of hair length before using the topknot hairstyle as your daily hairstyle; this is mainly because, with six inches of hair length, you will be pulling your hair too hard depending on how big your head is.

      You absolutely do not want to be pulling your hair tightly every single day, as that can lead to traction alopecia, which is a hairline killer (and which I’ve discussed on this site too)!

  50. I’ve wanted a man bun for ages, but I have been waiting to grow my facial hair… I’m 19 and I still don’t even have to shave and I’m a bit tired of waiting for my man bun look. Can guys rock a man bun without any facial hair? I don’t like the idea of being seen as a woman, but I want the look!

    • Hey Hans, of course you can rock a man bun without facial hair! There are dozens and dozens of beardless man-bun pictures on this site, so don’t think that you have to own a hipster-styled beard to rock an awesome man bun.

      At our barbershop, we get a lot of long-haired dudes with not-very masculine faces (and sans facial hair), and they still look great with either a man bun or with their long hair un-styled. You’d really have to have a very androgynous face and body to be mistaken for a woman. Make no mistake; the man bun hairstyle is as manly of a hairstyle as a slicked-back hairstyle. And that’s whether you rock a beard with it or not.

      So go and grow that man bun now!

  51. Hi, I’m African American with slightly curly hair, not as curly as a mixed-race person, and I’m trying to get a man bun. I am 18 and I currently have a high fade haircut and my hair is slightly receding, but I have high hairline so I can easily hide it. Is it also possible to style the man bun so that it hides my receding hairline? And what manbun styles can I do for black men’s hair?

  52. I want to transition from a topknot hairstyle to a full manbun hairstyle. Do you have any tips on growing out the hair on the sides of my head?

    Right now, I have around 9 inches of hair length on the top of my head, and I have about one inch of hair length on the sides and back of my head. The hair on the sides of my head puffs out and it just looks goofy (in my opinion.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  53. Ok, so basically, my hair is two inches long. I want to get my hair slicked back and kind of like an undercut. It’s pretty thick, but a friend told me that attacking my hair with coconut oil can change the follicles’ position so that they rest backwards. Is this OK or is there something else I should do?

    • Your friend doesn’t know a manbun from a coconut; ignore his advice. Use pomade to slick your hair back, especially for the slicked-back undercut hairstyle. See my hair-product guide in the menu for more on men’s hair-styling products to use while growing a man bun and once you own a man bun.

    • Right where the corners of your forehead are. Look at your hairline and then see when your hairline starts going down your face (so as to surround the sides of your face). These corners are known as “temples” in human anatomy, so you want to get a disconnected haircut that goes around your head (sides and back of your head) in a straight line from the left temple to the right temple.

  54. Hi,

    My name is Logan and I have been growing my hair for about 7 months now. It’s 7 1/2 inches long. I can put it in a man bun and all of that, but is there anyway to grow my man bun and my hair faster? If this is possible, then please tell me because I think it would really help.

  55. Hey there, what is the haircut name of the football (soccer) player called Roberto Firmino? He had a haircut like this before but I don’t know what it is. It’s either a top knot nor a man bun undercut. I am new to this haircut, so sorry if I sound like a newbie. Could you tell me what Roberto Firmino’s hairstyle is called because they are both similar?
    Cheers, Harry.

  56. You know the top knot haircut, instead of creating a knot, can you create a small ponytail or should I get a man bun undercut, which in the image above looks like a small ponytail? I am going to the barber soon but I don’t know what to do.

  57. Great site! So my goal is a full bun. Currently I have about 3 inches on the top while keeping the sides and back short. What is a good length to grow the rest of the hair while avoiding a mullet? This has happened to me in the past and I wasn’t a fan of it.

  58. Hi, I’ve been growing my top knot for the best part of a year now and I love it. My issue is what to do with my long hair when I don’t tie it up. When I leave it down it looks like a mushroom and covers my face completely. By the way I have a #1 on the sides/back. Thanks!

  59. Hey I need some help.
    I have short hard-ish hair and a round-ish face as in I’m a bit fat and Im not sure how a semi bun would look on me. Any light on this subject. I’m 13 by the way, and I am really looking forward to a semi bun. Thanks!

  60. Hi! Great website, really. I’m actually growing out my hair in order to achieve a full man bun but I have very straight and fine hair (i don’t really know if I’ll still be like this when my hair is longer). Does a man bun look good with straight fine hair?

    Thanks for the answer in advance and sorry for my English, I’m French! 😛

    • Of course you can. Face shape has nothing to do with choosing a men’s hairstyle. You should be choosing a hairstyle that you genuinely like and not go by some arbitrary measure of one’s (so-called) face shape, which is all nonsense to begin with. So, yeah, get that particular hairstyle.

    • Doesn’t matter. If I had to choose, I’d go for the braids first so that you can get to see how braids look on you. Take into account that a manbun undercut hairstyle is a very committing hairstyle, especially with braids as per a manbraid undercut. You will only be able to wear that hairstyle alone, no other hairstyles. Choose wisely when in doubt.

  61. I’ve had my top knot braided and I was wondering if there’s a good way to maintain it during the night while I sleep?

  62. Hey, so my top knot started by just growing my hair from an undercut hairstyle and when it was long enough to do a top knot, I really liked it.

    I never before had very long hair and I really like it, so could you do something like an extreme makeover from a top knot undercut to a full man bun? And sorry for my bad grammar, but I am young and still learning the language.

  63. I have normal hair and I’m already in the process of growing a manbun… Should I cut the tips? Or should I just let everything grow?

  64. These dudes with manbuns all look completely ridiculous. Wear your hair short, wear it down to your knees, but please don’t pile your hair up in a bun. That’s for girls.

    • Of course! Hair color is indifferent with regards to the looks of a properly-styled manbun or topknot. The same goes for face shape or hair type; a manbun or a topknot will always look good so long as you take good care of your hair. As far as deciding whether to go with a man bun or a top knot, I’d suggest a (full) man bun since this is your first time getting such a long hairstyle and a full manbun gives you ample styling options for your long mane.

    • Yes! The size of your forehead, face or skull has nothing to do with the aesthetics of a manbun. Not even face shape is important when choosing a man bun hairstyle, so go ahead and get that manbun of yours!

  65. I have a great question that is controversial. I have a top knot hairstyle with a mid fade haircut. I have a straight line and my barber cuts like half an inch or so in the front of my lining to make the lining pop out more. I don’t know if you’ve heard or seen pictures of what I’m talking about. But, can I still have a receding lining? Because there is no pulling on my lining or near the lining.

  66. I have a topknot now, how can I get a manbun? Do I cut the whole hair? I also have hair at the back of my head. Can I grow a topknot with the hair on the sides cut and long hair on the back?

  67. Hey I have very thick, dry/stiff and coarse black hair, I can’t usually grow hairstyles that guys with thin hair can. Is it still possible for me to grow a man bun? Do I just have to use certain products to make my hair smooth? Please let me know thank you

    • The same advice as you can find on this website applies to folks like you. The same goes for all hair products for the manbun hairstyle which you can find on my hair-product guide above.

      All that you need is to first get to at least 8 inches of hair length, and then the rest will follow and fall in place.

  68. I’m trying to grow a man bun but due to my previous haircuts, my part line is too high. If i were to pull my hair back, the front part looks uneven due to the lines. How can i fix this?

    • From the little information you’ve posted, I gather that you don’t have long-enough hair for a manbun hairstyle. You need at least 8 inches of hair length; by then, any awkward part line will have solved itself. But it’s imperative that you get the minimum hair length for a manbun, which is 8 inches of length.

      There’s plenty of information on how to grow a manbun on this website. I recommend you continue to read my articles on this website as you grow your hair to the aforementioned hair length.

      Good luck!

  69. Hey, so recently, I had grown my hair out to around 4-6 inches in length. The barber shaved the sides almost all of the way. It looks really nice, and I was wondering if I could make a man bun with the hair on the top. Should I grow it out more? Or is it alright as it is in a mini man bun?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

    In addition, I was interested in highlights, I have black hair, so would bronze highlights go well with the mini man bun/long undercut?

    • Your man bun will be great as it is. With shaved sides, a man bun is called a manbun undershave; this was a hairstyle name coined by the barbers in the Men’s Hair Forum. The manbun undershave became somewhat popular in the last two years, but nowhere as popular as the regular man bun or the manbun undercut hairstyles.

      At the end of the day, go with what you like the most. My preference may not be your preference. As a professional barber, though, I do recommend that a manbun is at least 8 inches in length to look its best. Four to six inches of hair length (as you have) leaves your ahir in a top knot and not in a man bun. However, if you’re currently happy with the mini-bun (i.e. top knot) on your head with the shaved sides, then, by all means, keep rocking that top knot!

  70. I’m a woman and came here to find out about manbuns. I am old and live alone and am not hip (though when young, I was a hippie. So I am used to the idea of long hair in men.) My attention was drawn to manbuns by a New Yorker caption contest cartoon. The picture was: Rapunzel imprisoned in her tower, looking at the long, long hair emanating from a medieval-type man standing below—and reaching all the way up to her window, thus reversing the usual “Rapunzel, let down your hair, and I will climb the golden stair.” The task was, of course, to supply a caption. The winning caption was: “It is I, Manbunzel!” I thought this was really funny, as a bizarre play on the name “Rapunzel!” Every once in a while, I would notice “man bun” in the name. Finally in another New Yorker article, I came across the term “man bun” (“he was wearing a…”) and that was yesterday. Thank you so much for this website. Now I am up to date on man buns!!