Man Bun Undercut Hairstyle Guide with Pictures

Get an undercut below that man bun!

One of the variations of the man bun hairstyle is the man bun undercut. With this variation what you do is you get the sides and back of your head cut short. You use a hair clipper and clip (i.e. cut with the hair clipper) the sides and back of your head with the same hair clipper guard or comb.

The undercut hairstyle with a man bun

Look at yourself in front of the mirror, with your face facing towards the front. Look at your hairline across your forehead, spot the sides of the hairline on the forehead where the hairline begins to drop or tilt; that’s what we call the temples of the forehead. For the record, men begin to bald at the temples, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your temples for any hair loss.

Once you have spotted the sweet spot for the temples of your forehead, imagine a horizontal line starting at your left temple that goes across the sides and back of our head, only to then meet the right temple. Well, everything below this imaginary line is to be clipped with the same length of the hair clipper; that’s what we call an undercut haircut. The hair clipper guard or number to choose for the undercut haircut should be between a zero and a three. Don’t worry, your barber will understand what said hair clipper numbers mean or, if you have your own hair clipper, you will be able to select the number you want easily.

The man bun undercut hairstyleAs you know from reading this site, the full man bun requires all of the hair on the scalp to be tied into the bun; an example of such a men’s hairstyle would be Harry Styles’ man bun for which he uses all of his hair to style it. In the case of the undercut man bun, only the hair on the top of the head (i.e. top of the scalp) can be tied into the man bun, while the sides and back of the head remain very short, so short that you can feel the bony wall of your skull on the back and sides of the head.

The one thing to be careful about is with choosing to get an undercut haircut for your man bun. Think about it carefully because you will not be able to get back the hair length you cut with the hair clipper if you suddenly regret getting an undercut. It will take you at least two years to grow enough hair length again on the sides and back of your head to tie a full man bun. The man bun undercut is a trendy hairstyle, but think twice about whether you prefer to look trendy or you prefer to keep the hair length you have been so patiently growing.

Here are some more pictures of the man bun undercut. The actual undercut blends in very well with facial hairstyles such as beards.

A bearded man with an undercut hairstyle and man bun A cool undercut man bun style The undercut haircut with a topknot style

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