The Man Bun Undercut and Slicked Back Undercut

Add a manbun to your slick back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back undercut is a great mens hairstyle, if I may say so. I like it in particular because it uses a clean haircut (as the undercut is) while keeping its classic nature by allowing the top to be slicked back with pomade or styling wax. In essence and with regards to the slick back undercut, you basically end up with no hair on the sides and back of your head (for that clean and sharp look) while the hair on the top of your head is flattened in a slicked back style (for that classic gentleman’s look). No matter how you slice it, you just have a ladies-winning hairstyle with the slicked back undercut.

The slicked back undercut hairstyle of Jimmy Darmody prior to styling it into a manbun

Since the man bun is also an epic hairstyle (after all, I wouldn’t have created this website if it wasn’t), it thus makes sense to combine the man bun with the slicked back undercut. Since we already know that the natural style position of the man bun is the vertex of your head, then a manbun fits perfectly into the inherent shape of the slick back undercut hairstyle. What’s more is that you can easily go from a man bun undercut back into a slicked back undercut, and viceversa.

A cool man bun undercut seen from behindIf you have browsed around this site, you will have learned that the minimum hair length for a man bun is six inches. That means that you need at least six inches of hair length to be able to tie the hair on the top of your head into a man bun. However, six inches of hair length doesn’t allow you to tie all of your head’s hair in a single man bun (i.e. a full bun), hence, for those men not wanting to commit themselves to years of growing their mane so as to sport a full man bun, the undercut man bun becomes an excellent option.

A hip dude with a top knot undercut hairstyleSix inches is a great length for men and women alike (no sexual bun… I mean, no sexual pun intended). Six inches of hair length on the top of the head isn’t too long to scare women away, and it allows for some great hair slicking, be it as a side swept or a slicked back undercut. Thus, by having your hair at about six inches, you have at your disposal two of the trendiest men’s hairstyles around: the slicked back undercut and the man bun undercut. Furthermore, such a hair length isn’t long enough to start growing some feelings towards your long mane, which means that you will not have bad feelings or feel bad about cutting your hair when the time comes (trust me on this, once you have truly long hair, it becomes almost impossible to convince yourself to cut it even though you may want to actually cut it).

Six inches of hair length equates about a whole year of hair growth if starting from a buzz cut. However, most young adults have slightly longer hair, in the realms of two to four inches of hair length on the top of the head. What this means is that you (yes, you, the one reading these lines right now) can realistically grow your tresses into an epic man bun in only a couple of months’ time.

So, what are YOU waiting for?

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