New Man Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Low Undercut

The low undercut manbun hits the hipster scene in 2015

We’re all used to seeing the man bun undercut as a half haircut with the sides and back of the head clipped very short while the top being left as long as needed to tie the hair into a bun. In fact, if you asked any barber (including me) for an undercut at any given barbershop, that’s what we’d give you: all the hair that’s below the horizontal line of the temples will be buzzed short with a hair clipper and we will leave the hair on the top uncut.

To give you an idea, this is how a typical manbun undercut looks like:

A picture of a cool man bun undercut hairstyle for black guysBut, is this the only type of manbun undercut?

Introducing the low undercut man bun

You see, there isn’t any written-in-stone rule about the height of an undercut. Sure, it looks its best when the hair is clipped from the temples and down (right at the corners of the forehead), but the undercut term simply implies that the hair is disconnected at some height, any height actually.

Right before the whole man bun hairstyle craze in the early 2010s, long haired guys would wear their buns in the exact way that ladies did. After all, just about all hairstyles are unisex, and the same goes for most haircuts. However, one particular haircut trick that many long hair men did was to use a hair clipper to buzz a low undercut that span anywhere from an inch to three inches in height from the hairline and up. This was done to keep the little curlier hair strands that always grow on the hairline of the lower head and sides of the head at bay. Such a trick was specially used by curly haired males; a particular segment of the male population who are known for having curlier and kinkier hair on the sides and back of the head. If you have curly hair, you’ll know what I’m talking about; if you don’t, just ask any random curly dude and he will spend a couple of hours complaining of his follicular “blessing”. That’s how bad it is.

Right, so after having introduced to you the reason for getting a low undercut with long hair, it’s about time to tell you about this new hairstyle craze: the low undercut manbun.

The bro bun as we initially knew it

If we look go back in history, our favorite hairstyle has metamorphosed ever since 2012, when the otherwise-known-as bro bun started to become more visible than ever before. Back in the years 2011 to 2013, men would simply wear a full bun; that is, men would use all the hair across their head to tie a single bun. Easy stuff as you didn’t need any particular haircut and all you just required was enough patience to grow the hair long. Oh, by the way and in case you haven’t realized it yet, our favorite hairstyle is the man bun (how not!). Jared Leto would not have worn a man bun during 2014 if this particular hairstyle wasn’t like the most-awesome hair style. Like, you know, super awesome. Dude…

In essence, this is how the full bun looked and still looks.

A long hair guy with a manbun hairstyle and a blonde hipster beard

The manbun gets an undercut haircut

Ok, so it’s now 2013 and the most-epic of all bun styles is about to go under the knife (or shall we say, under the “scissors”). By mid-2013 all the way to the end of 2014, the man bun trend changed to what we call the semi bun: a type of man bun hairstyle that only uses the hair on the top to create the bun, while the hair on the sides and back of the head is clipped very short into a bun. It looks something like this:

A young guy with a manbun undercut haircut and blonde hair

A latin male with the man bun undercut hairstyle and a pink shirtIn 2015, the bro bun has once again metamorphosed. While the bun remains intact and in its correct vertex position, the undercut has been clipped lower on the head. Just like long-haired dudes had been doing for decades, our man-bun brethren have decided to break apart from the undercut bun cliche and invent a new man bun haircut. So, in this new type of low undercut, the hair is simply clipped lower on the back of the head to a height of three to four inches, while the sides of the head are clipped at a height of one inch only. Remember, we’re talking of the height of the haircut from the actual hairline (of the neck and ears) right to where the disconnected line occurs (i.e. where the undercut hair meets the long hair used to tie the bun).

The new man-bun trend is set: keep your undercut low!

Now, the low undercut manbun is a very-recent trend, but it’s spreading like wildfire, especially among the male hipster population. Since March of 2015, we have been getting more and more requests from our barbershop customers to cut their undercut lower. Way too low and specifically done to do something different to the way-too-popular man bun undercut. Speaking with some other barbershop owners in other states, they too confirm that the manbuns that they’re clipping are having the undercut done lower at the discretion of the customer.

Here’s a picture depicting one of the guys with such a low undercut haircut for the manbun.

A picture of a guy with a long hair undercut hairstyle and a manbun

Another of the guys with the same low man bun undercut:

A young man with a cool low haircut for his man bun undercut hair styleSince this site is all about the man bun (who else apart from this crazy barber would dedicate a site to a single men’s hairstyle?), I felt like updating you guys with the newer trends that we have in the horizon for 2015 and 2016. However, while we may cut the man bun in different ways throughout all these coming years, one thing will remain steady: the hair being tied into a single bun!

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