Perfect Hair Length for Man Bun Undercut

All about the hair length for your manbun undercut

The minimum hair length for a man bun hairstyle is 6 inches. I’ve talked about the reasons for this in my man bun length guide and in other posts of this site, and I’ve mentioned how getting to this hair length won’t take that long for your average young male with a trendy hairstyle. I’ve also gone through what makes up the two types of man bun styles: the semi bun (made of only hair on the top of the head) and the full bun (made of hair from all the scalp). It’s the semi bun the one that can be styled with 6 inches of hair length, and I also call the semi bun: man bun undercut.

One of the questions when it comes to manbun hairstyles that I get at my barbershop is, how does 6 inches of hair length look? You see, the man bun aka bro bun had been a trendy hairstyle in 2013 and 2014, and it will continue to be a trendy hairstyle in 2015, 2016 and even a couple years further. Thus, I get many guys coming at my barbershop asking if it’s possible to get a man bun without having to grow one’s hair too long? Well, damn right it’s possible!

A mn with a cool top knot undercut hairstyle

Six inches of hair length isn’t that much of a length. According to men’s hair experts like Rogelio Samson (from the popular book The Men’s Hair Book), 6 inches of hair length is the starting length for long hair; what this means is that, the longer the hair gets, the more time it requires from you to keep it well groomed and styled. But 6 inches of hair length doesn’t require the grooming complexity of 12+ inches of hair length, hence 6 inches is a realistic hair length for any guy.

The best example that I can give you when it comes to the perfect length for the semi man bun hairstyle is the haircut of Jimmy Darmody in a slicked back undercut. Many of you will know the Jimmy Darmody character from Boardwalk Empire, and the hair length that he sported with his slick back undercut was in fact, 6 inches. Thus, you will find below a set of pictures of Jimmy Darmody’s hair to give you an idea of how 6 inches of hair length looks and can be styled as. The awesome thing of having your hair at this particular length is that you can style it in many different hairstyles, so you can alternate between a man bun and slicked back hair as you please!

Jimmy Darmody with his slicked back undercut hairstyle Jimmy Darmody with long hair slicked back Two pictures comparing Jimmy Darmody haircut with slicked back hair

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