Ponybun Dreadlocks Hairstyle Info with Pictures

The ponybun with dreadlocks: a new man bun hairstyle!

Lately I’ve been talking about the man-bun dreadlocks style which I think is an epic long hairstyle for those of you who decide to lock your mane instead of wearing it naturally without the locking. Dreadlocks aren’t easy to achieve, and much less if you have shoulder length hair or longer, so do not think that dudes with dreadlocks tied into a bun got there by just being filthy and dirty. Just ask your average dreadlocks-bro how much time and money he has invested in his dreadlocks; you will be surprised!
A picture of a white guy with long dreadlocks before tying them into a manbun hairstyle

What is a ponybun?

So after giving you an introduction to the dreadlocks hairstyle and to my latest blogging of such a style, I will introduce to you yet another type of man bun hairstyle which is what I call a half bun or a ponybun. A ponybun should not be confused with a “semi bun”, since the latter is what many of you will know as a top knot or topknot undercut hairstyle. On the other hand, a ponybun is a hairstyle that has your tied hair put into a bun for half of its length and the remaining half of the tied hair’s length is left to hang down as in a ponytail. And thus the name ponybun: “pony” for ponytail and “bun” for, well, I doubt I have to tell you by now.

The ponybun was popularized in 2014 by Jared Leto (our former manbun messiah until he sacrilegiously chopped his manbun mane off) and the ponybun can actually look pretty cool as it is a spin-off of the traditional manbun hairstyle. See below the following ponybun picture for reference, and, once you finish reading this article, you might as well go ahead and also read my guide on the types of man buns for more pictures of buns and of the ponybun. Anyway, this is what a ponybun looks like.

A picture illustrating the perfect ponybun hairstyle as half a manbun and half a ponytailBut, for those of you with a creative mind, well, this (picture below) is also how a ponybun can look for men. I’m not entirely sure why a black dude would wear his long hair in a ponybun simulating Jennifer Lopez, but, hey, I’ve seen weirder things as a barber.

A picture of a gay black male with a ponybun hairstyle for his long hairRight, so after seeing that last picture, let’s continue with the article and try to un-see what we’ve just witnessed…

Ponybun hairstyle with dreadlocks

So we had another reader sending us a picture of his cool dreadlocks ponybun style. It should be said that prior to the man bun trend, plenty of long-haired guys with dreadlocks where putting their dreads into buns. So don’t just go now and think of these guys as taggers and wannabe man-bun dudes since they’re our own brethren, folks.

We’ve had a lot of guys with long dreadlocks come to our barbershop for the last 10 years and many of them chose to wear their dreadlocks in a ponybun or a bun because of the inherent weight of the dreadlocks. In case you weren’t aware of this, dreadlocks are made up of not just your healthy and growing hair alone but they’re also made up of the dead hair that you naturally shed each day. So, a typical male will shed about 100 hair stands per day or about 0.1% of his scalp area, and these hair strands continually get stuck into the dreadlocks, making the dreadlocks heavier as each day passes. This is the reason why dreadlocks can look dirty, as dead hair strands just attach to the dreadlocks in any sort of wiry manner, giving the locks an unkempt look (when they’re actually quite hygienic!).

Without further ado, here’s our reader’s picture of his ponybun dreadlocks hairstyle!

A photo of a hipster male with his man bun in a dreadlocks style and tied as a ponybun

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below or ask any questions that you may have about the dreadlocks, manbuns or the ponybun. Alternatively, browse through our man bun and top knot FAQ to know more about the one-and-only sexiest hairstyle for dudes!

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  1. Not a guy, sorry. Just have to say man buns are exceptionally gorgeous, especially the dread/hippie look. To me in particular anyway. Just… wow. Thanks for putting it out there so more guys will figure out that we really, really, really love it!

    • It’s my pleasure. There are actually a lot of women visiting this website, either to salivate with the pictures or to convince their boyfriends, brothers and even husbands to grow a man bun!