A Great Curly Man Bun Hairstyle Example!

This is how you rock a glorious manbun with curly hair!

One cool thing about having so many people reading ManBunHairstyle.net daily is that we get a lot of guys sending us their man bun pictures. Just in case that you weren’t aware of the following (said in a slightly-sarcastic manner), the manbun hairstyle isn’t just a thing of the United States (even though the man-bun trend was started in Brooklyn); instead, the manbun hairstyle has been embraced by the whole world and dudes from all areas of the planet are wearing “bro buns”, top knots, hipster buns and all the rest of man bun types that are available to the world’s male population.

A man bun with curly hair?

If you’re on this site, chances are that you have already seen pictures of man buns and top knots. The thing is that most dudes wearing manbuns seem to only have straight hair. Next time that you’re downtown (especially if you’re in a hipster-friendly city), pay attention as to the hair type of those extremely-lucky dudes who wear the glorious man bun hairstyle. You will notice that the most-common hair type on these guys is straight hair or wavy hair, yet no love for curly hair.

A picture of a handsome black guy with a man bun hairstyle and braided hair posing in the bathroomThe above is, in part, the reason for me publishing our curly man bun guide with all the advice and tips needed to grow long curly hair and keep it healthy. You see, curly hair for men needs a slightly different approach with regards to looking after it and to what hair products to use. It’s all explained in that curly manbun guide linked above, and the reality is that most curly dudes are scared and traumatized (from past experiences) to grow their curls long so as to sport a man bun. Continue reading

Man Bun Hairstyle Guide for Curly Hair Men

Curly hair manbun guide for dudes with curls

The other day, we had a curly barbershop customer walk in to our barbershop initially wanting a curly hair undercut haircut. However, when he saw that most of the barbers at our barbershop have man buns, he looked dazzed, as if he had entered another dimension where man buns were the de-facto hairstyle of all men worldwide (in essence, that’s our idyllic, sacred man-bun heaven where all man bun dudes go to once they reach the minimum hair length for a man bun).

A picture of a curly haired guy getting a haircut for his curly manbun hairstyle at the barbershopSo, as expected, this new curly customer started asking Paul (one of our barbers with a manbun) question after question about how to get a man bun with curly hair. And that’s what this man bun hairstyle guide will be all about today, especially since that wasn’t the first time that a curly dude asked us (or me) about how to grow curly hair long to get a man bun. Continue reading

Black Guys with Man Buns: The Revolution is ON!

Black men begin to embrace the manbun hairstyle and long hair

About a week ago with had as one of our new barbershop customers a black guy with a man bun dreadlock. Now, as a man bun dude myself, I’ve seen dreadlock man buns in the recent past and a good percentage of our barbershop customers are black males whom we encourage to grow their manes long and into man buns if they show interest in the hairstyle (after all, almost every barber at our barbershop wears a bro bun so we’re somewhat biased for this hair style!).

Following from the above, the sight of a black guy with long hair and especially with long dreadlocks is becoming more and more common. Black guys have started to knock down the whole “you can’t grow black hair long” myth that I’ve hear so many times in all these years as a barber from black guys (and black women too). Trust me, black men can grow their hair long just as any white guy or Asian guy can too. Continue reading