Man Braid Hairstyle Guide: New Braided Man Bun Trend

Your manbraid styling tutorial to rocking a new bun or knot!

Gentlemen, a new 2015 hairstyle trend has emerged as we get closer to 2016, and it’s one trend that is a direct spin-off of our much-beloved man bun hairstyle itself; for those of you unaware of this new trend, I’m talking of the man braid.

A barbershop picture of a man braid undercut hairstyle done with long curly hair
No, I’m not joking, and even those of us hardcore man-bun connoisseurs will readily admit that the man braid can look pretty good if you do it right, which includes having a decent barber (ahem… yours truly… ahem) doing the braiding and hair-cutting for you since it’s very easy to get the hairstyle wrong or looking awkward.

A barbershop photograph of a young male with a manbraid hairstyle done with long cornrows on the top of his head
You see, with the ponybun hairstyle trend not really picking itself up in 2015 and with the man bun undershave also not gaining a lot of followers (after all, it’s an extreme hairstyle), there was room for a new long-hair trend to crop up and thus we now have the currently-trending manbraid taking over as the hairstyle that is sure to continue shaping in 2016 the manbuns and topknots of many of you fellas. Ergo, and per our previous man bun guides, I’m here to publish our official man braid hairstyle guide.
A photograph of a redhead hipster with an epic long man braid hairstyle and an undercut haircut on the sides and back of his head

What is a man braid hairstyle?

A man braid (also known as a “manbraid” or “bro braid”) is nothing more than a braided man bun, so, instead of simply going ahead and tying your long mane into a single bun atop your head at the vertex, you first braid the hair on the top of the head and then tie the bun. Continue reading

Man Bun Hairstyle Guide for Curly Hair Men

Curly hair manbun guide for dudes with curls

The other day, we had a curly barbershop customer walk in to our barbershop initially wanting a curly hair undercut haircut. However, when he saw that most of the barbers at our barbershop have man buns, he looked dazzed, as if he had entered another dimension where man buns were the de-facto hairstyle of all men worldwide (in essence, that’s our idyllic, sacred man-bun heaven where all man bun dudes go to once they reach the minimum hair length for a man bun).

A picture of a curly haired guy getting a haircut for his curly manbun hairstyle at the barbershopSo, as expected, this new curly customer started asking Paul (one of our barbers with a manbun) question after question about how to get a man bun with curly hair. And that’s what this man bun hairstyle guide will be all about today, especially since that wasn’t the first time that a curly dude asked us (or me) about how to grow curly hair long to get a man bun. Continue reading

Braided Man Bun Hairstyle Pictures: Cornrows In Your Mun

Who would have thought that manbuns and braids would work?

At our barbershop, every once in a while we will get some uncommon haircut requests or some “intriguing” hairstyle ideas. My barber staff and I are known for cutting the BS of the hairstyle world that most guys are brainwashed into and thus we talk straight to the point with our customers.

If you come into my barbershop telling me how cute David Beckham looks with his new side swept hairstyle and how you’d love to have his hairstyle even though you have thick curly hair, well, chances are that I’m going to crush your hairstyle dreams by stating the obvious: the hairstyles of David Beckham are not possible with curly hair (and so much more the mythical side swept hairstyle). I will say it nicely to you, don’t get me wrong; but I will say it. But, what’s even better, I will also provide you with some cool, trendy and epic hairstyle and haircut alternatives that will one-hundred percent fit your hair type and look. My job is to make you look your best, not to try to make you a cheap replica of whatever celebrity is on the news these days.

A braided man bun?

Now, after having posted above my attitude to unreal hairstyles that sometimes our customers come to our barbershop with, it’s time to wow you all, myself included. We’ve been getting requests for braided man bun hairstyles. Yep, that’s right, not just your run-of-the-mill manbun with the text book bun placed on the vertex. Nope, that’s too easy and boring for some dudes. How about a freaking “braided” man bun style? Continue reading

Harry Styles Man Bun in Braids Hairstyle? WTF!

Harry Styles lets himself down with girly braids on manbun

As someone who is a barber, has a man bun and uses his almost non-existent free time to maintain this manbun-focused website, I have to say that I love the man bun hairstyle. I’ve already explained the benefits of this hairstyle in my man bun tutorial as I go on to talk about the convenience of having your long hair secured tightly in a bun and how the man bun in and of itself is quite the aesthetic male hairstyle. Thus, I just could not “put down” or criticize any man bun; it goes against my spirit. Well, that was until now. Continue reading

Harry Styles Man Bun Hairstyle

Harry Styles rocks a man bun like a Sir

Harry Styles is one overrated singer, but we do agree that he knows how to wear a man bun. Harry Styles man bun hairstyle shows that dudes with long wavy hair can rock their buns while looking trendy. I dig that blazer too, just for the record (although guys like Harry have image consultants by the dozen; I would not expect anything less).

Harry Styles looks to have been growing his mane longer and longer, so, as long as he keeps his long tresses and rocks a man bun, he’s welcome here. Rock on, Mr. Styles!

Harry Styles with a manbun hair style