Long Wavy Hair in Man Bun: Before and After Pictures

From boring long wavy hair to an epic wavy manbun style!

The most common hair types of dudes coming to our barbershop to retouch their man buns or to learn how to get a man bun are the hair types belonging to straight hair and wavy hair. Indeed, both these hair types are relatively easy to grow to a long enough hair length for a man bun hairstyle or a top knot hairstyle. Wavy hair, in particular, is a hair type that can be a lot of fun to style into any kind of tied hairstyle (such as the manbun) as its naturally voluptuous body (talking of locks of hair here, not women — for those of you who think like me) gives the man bun hairstyle a very raw look.

Simply put, the bun is bigger with wavy hair when compared with straight hair, and, if you leave any lock dangling that hasn’t been tied to the bun, the whole hairstyle usually looks pretty cool. Continue reading

New Man Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Low Undercut

The low undercut manbun hits the hipster scene in 2015

We’re all used to seeing the man bun undercut as a half haircut with the sides and back of the head clipped very short while the top being left as long as needed to tie the hair into a bun. In fact, if you asked any barber (including me) for an undercut at any given barbershop, that’s what we’d give you: all the hair that’s below the horizontal line of the temples will be buzzed short with a hair clipper and we will leave the hair on the top uncut.

To give you an idea, this is how a typical manbun undercut looks like:

A picture of a cool man bun undercut hairstyle for black guysBut, is this the only type of manbun undercut?

Introducing the low undercut man bun

You see, there isn’t any written-in-stone rule about the height of an undercut. Sure, it looks its best when the hair is clipped from the temples and down (right at the corners of the forehead), but the undercut term simply implies that the hair is disconnected at some height, any height actually. Continue reading

The Man Bun: Go From Boring Hair to Epic Hair

Stop having boring hair and grow a man bun, kiddo!

As a so-called “man bun guru” myself, one of the main benefits that I attribute to the manbun is its ability to change a boring hairstyle (i.e. any hairstyle that isn’t a man bun) into an epic hairstyle.

Despite its increasing popularity, the man bun, also known as a bro bun, is still a trendy and hip hairstyle that is yet to become passé. However, our fellow hipsters are abusing the man bun, and we know what happens when hipsters jump into a hairstyle all at once: they burn the hairstyle down and turn what was an unknown cool hairstyle into a me-too hairstyle that makes you look awkward. Having said this, we have Jared Leto and his man bun supporting our manbun cause, so perhaps our choice of men’s hairstyle will end up surviving the abuse it received from Skrillex-listening and beard-wearing individuals. Continue reading

How to Go From Long Hair to Man Bun Hairstyle

Enhance your long hair aesthetics with an epic manbun

As you will know from reading this site, there is a minimum hair length for a man bun. Whether you want a semi manbun or a full man bun, you need to have at least 6 inches of hair.

Now, 6 inches of hair length may not seem like a lot of hair, but it takes the average man one whole year to grow 6 inches of hair when starting from a buzzcut haircut. This is why hair experts like Rogelio Samson of ManlyCurls.com and in his book The Men’s Hair Book (great book, by the way) classify long hair as any hair length that exceeds the six-inch mark.

A man with long hair ready to tie it into a hipster bun Continue reading

The Hipster Bun: A Look Into The Refined ManBun

A manbun with a beard equals a hipster beard?

Hipsters have a lot to owe to Jared Leto and his man bun. If it wasn’t for Jared Leto’s chronic desire to be the ultimate attention whore, the manbun would have never come to the spotlight and be adopted by hipsters. For the record and since this isn’t the first time I joke about hipsters, I have nothing against these folks, and I would even classify myself as a mild hipster. I know I have a tendency to post a hipster joke here and there, but these guys certainly have the fashion trends pinned down to an art.

Anyway, hipsters will jump on anything that is new and shiny in terms of fashionable looks, clothes or accessories. So a couple of years back when everyone agreed that scruffy beards were for homeless people only, hipsters saw these same scruff beards as opportunities to be unique and stand out in our mildly-homogeneous societies. Continue reading