Ponybun Dreadlocks Hairstyle Info with Pictures

The ponybun with dreadlocks: a new man bun hairstyle!

Lately I’ve been talking about the man-bun dreadlocks style which I think is an epic long hairstyle for those of you who decide to lock your mane instead of wearing it naturally without the locking. Dreadlocks aren’t easy to achieve, and much less if you have shoulder length hair or longer, so do not think that dudes with dreadlocks tied into a bun got there by just being filthy and dirty. Just ask your average dreadlocks-bro how much time and money he has invested in his dreadlocks; you will be surprised!
A picture of a white guy with long dreadlocks before tying them into a manbun hairstyle

What is a ponybun?

So after giving you an introduction to the dreadlocks hairstyle and to my latest blogging of such a style, I will introduce to you yet another type of man bun hairstyle which is what I call a half bun or a ponybun. A ponybun should not be confused with a “semi bun”, since the latter is what many of you will know as a top knot or topknot undercut hairstyle. On the other hand, a ponybun is a hairstyle that has your tied hair put into a bun for half of its length and the remaining half of the tied hair’s length is left to hang down as in a ponytail. And thus the name ponybun: “pony” for ponytail and “bun” for, well, I doubt I have to tell you by now. Continue reading

The Hipster Bun: A Look Into The Refined ManBun

A manbun with a beard equals a hipster beard?

Hipsters have a lot to owe to Jared Leto and his man bun. If it wasn’t for Jared Leto’s chronic desire to be the ultimate attention whore, the manbun would have never come to the spotlight and be adopted by hipsters. For the record and since this isn’t the first time I joke about hipsters, I have nothing against these folks, and I would even classify myself as a mild hipster. I know I have a tendency to post a hipster joke here and there, but these guys certainly have the fashion trends pinned down to an art.

Anyway, hipsters will jump on anything that is new and shiny in terms of fashionable looks, clothes or accessories. So a couple of years back when everyone agreed that scruffy beards were for homeless people only, hipsters saw these same scruff beards as opportunities to be unique and stand out in our mildly-homogeneous societies. Continue reading

Epic Jared Leto Man Bun Hairstyle with Long Hair

Jared Leto proves the manbun can work even in your 40s

I don’t quite so much like Jared Leto but I will tell you this: when the dude gets a new hairstyle or haircut, people pay attention. Since Mr. Leto has been growing his mane since late 2013 and all through 2014, he has been able to grow the minimum hair length for a man bun hairstyle.

Now this isn’t the first time that Leto has long hair. Back in the late 1990s when the grunge hair trend was dying already, he sported some jaw length tresses in a middle part hairstyle. However it hadn’t occurred to him to tie his long mane in a manbun until very recently (i.e. in 2014). Why? Because by 2013 the man bun style was rising from its underground hole where only hardcore long haired dudes sported a bro bun, and Jared Leto, knowing how much he loves people loving him, wanted to attract even more attention to himself and thus took from heavy metal dudes their prized non-commercial underground possession: the hair bun. From there on, everyone from celebrities to your average hipster with a beard started wearing a bun, even if it looked horrible. Continue reading