Epic Top Knot Undercut Hairstyle in 3D Picture

Get the best view of the topknot undercut with this photo!

One of the best ways to fully visualize a hairstyle as a barber is to see the hairstyle from all angles. As a matter of fact, this same practice is also extremely useful for those of you wanting to get one hairstyle or the other (or one haircut or the other). That’s why, if you come to my barbershop, you will see our own hairstyle photo book with all haircuts portrayed in different angles (we usually do four angles per haircut). The same goes for all the hairstyles that we also do, but it’s mostly haircuts that our barbershop clients ask us for.

Another great way to see how a hairstyle looks is by seeing it on an average Joe, a regular dude. Not one of those handsome male model dudes or celebrity guys who are obsessed with themselves and only with themselves (Oh, hey there, Zayn Malik and Jared Leto). You’ve gotta see the hairstyle on a dude who is just as ugly (or not much-more handsome) than yourself. Hence, I dig it when we get pictures of our site’s readers. Continue reading

Zayn Malik Undercut Hairstyle with Man Bun and Beard

Zayn Malik gets a man bun undercut to take over Jared Leto

With Jared Leto’s man bun now cut, one could argue that the world has been left without its manbun messiah. However, I am here to let you all know that the man bun hairstyle is all well and alive as the hairstyle trend continues strong among hipsters and non-hipsters. And among the army of men carrying man buns are our Hollywood male celebrities and the likes, so the otherwise-known-as bro bun ain’t going anywhere just yet.

So, this time we have Zayn Malik, band member of One Direction and known for his lack of vocal skills, wearing the sacred man bun. Continue reading

Jared Leto Chops His Man Bun and Shaves Beard!

No more manbuns for Jared Leto as he also shaves hipster beard

For those of us hoping that Jared Leto would lead the 2015 man bun trend, we just could not be any sadder as of two days ago. Jared Leto, the man bun messiah, decided to cut his long hair and become an average Joe. No longer will we see Jared Leto with his epic man bun and the other bun styles that he used to wear with his half-hippie half-homeless ombre hair.

Not happy enough with cutting his long hair, Jared Leto posted a picture of his ponytail ready for chopping, which in the Samurai era meant that one was no longer a man of honor. Jared Leto, what have you become? You’ve even shaved the homeless beard (pundits call the look the “hipster beard) that you sported all throughout 2014 and 2015 along with your man bun. Continue reading

Best Man Bun Hair Style for Men?

Growing the perfect manbun as a dude

So I take it that you are static to grow yourself a man bun, and you’re definitively in the right place for that. However, prior to jumping on your bun-growing journey, you first need to know what a man bun really is. In fact, you need to first know what hair length for the man bun you want to get as that will impact the type of man bun that you will be growing: a semi bun or full man bun. Continue reading

The Man Bun: Go From Boring Hair to Epic Hair

Stop having boring hair and grow a man bun, kiddo!

As a so-called “man bun guru” myself, one of the main benefits that I attribute to the manbun is its ability to change a boring hairstyle (i.e. any hairstyle that isn’t a man bun) into an epic hairstyle.

Despite its increasing popularity, the man bun, also known as a bro bun, is still a trendy and hip hairstyle that is yet to become passé. However, our fellow hipsters are abusing the man bun, and we know what happens when hipsters jump into a hairstyle all at once: they burn the hairstyle down and turn what was an unknown cool hairstyle into a me-too hairstyle that makes you look awkward. Having said this, we have Jared Leto and his man bun supporting our manbun cause, so perhaps our choice of men’s hairstyle will end up surviving the abuse it received from Skrillex-listening and beard-wearing individuals. Continue reading

How to Go From Long Hair to Man Bun Hairstyle

Enhance your long hair aesthetics with an epic manbun

As you will know from reading this site, there is a minimum hair length for a man bun. Whether you want a semi manbun or a full man bun, you need to have at least 6 inches of hair.

Now, 6 inches of hair length may not seem like a lot of hair, but it takes the average man one whole year to grow 6 inches of hair when starting from a buzzcut haircut. This is why hair experts like Rogelio Samson of ManlyCurls.com and in his book The Men’s Hair Book (great book, by the way) classify long hair as any hair length that exceeds the six-inch mark.

A man with long hair ready to tie it into a hipster bun Continue reading

Epic Jared Leto Man Bun Hairstyle with Long Hair

Jared Leto proves the manbun can work even in your 40s

I don’t quite so much like Jared Leto but I will tell you this: when the dude gets a new hairstyle or haircut, people pay attention. Since Mr. Leto has been growing his mane since late 2013 and all through 2014, he has been able to grow the minimum hair length for a man bun hairstyle.

Now this isn’t the first time that Leto has long hair. Back in the late 1990s when the grunge hair trend was dying already, he sported some jaw length tresses in a middle part hairstyle. However it hadn’t occurred to him to tie his long mane in a manbun until very recently (i.e. in 2014). Why? Because by 2013 the man bun style was rising from its underground hole where only hardcore long haired dudes sported a bro bun, and Jared Leto, knowing how much he loves people loving him, wanted to attract even more attention to himself and thus took from heavy metal dudes their prized non-commercial underground possession: the hair bun. From there on, everyone from celebrities to your average hipster with a beard started wearing a bun, even if it looked horrible. Continue reading