Man Bun Styles of World Leaders including Obama and Putin

Man bun pictures of Obama, Kim Jong-un and other hip world leaders

If you’ve been reading this site for some time now and have gone through my man bun hairstyle guide, you will then be aware of the merits and awesomeness of being a man-bun dude; after all, the man bun isn’t the best hairstyle out of all men’s hairstyles for no reason and our man-bun messiahs like Jared Leto and Harry Styles have worn the (otherwise-known-as) bro bun so as to enhance their physical appeal to groupies and to actually look manlier while leaving behind their androgynous creepy facade with skin-tight leggings (I’m looking in your direction, Harry Styles). Basically, the man bun rocks, dude (as if I needed to tell you that, right?), and I certainly wouldn’t have created this site if such wasn’t the case.

Lo and behold, it isn’t just the rock stars and hipsters of today who are wearing their respective manbuns and topknots; rather, the hip manbun trend has made it big worldwide and it has made it possible for all the world’s leaders to be united under the hope of one follicular wish: to rock that hipster bun style and achieve world peace. From Barack Obama to Kim Jong Un to Vladimir Putin, our favorite hairstyle has been the most-useful political element to maintain worldwide peace since the Second World War.

A funny meme picture of Barack Obama holding a beer and saying not badNo, I’m not joking (well, actually, I’m kind of joking, to be honest) and I have the pictures to prove that the man bun and the top knot aren’t just hip and awesome hairstyles for regular dudes but that they’re also politically-inclined fashion statements to get Barack Obama and Kim Jong-un talking about their favorite moped while sitting at a Starbucks drinking their lattes in downtown San Francisco.

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