Perfect Hair Length for Man Bun Undercut

All about the hair length for your manbun undercut

The minimum hair length for a man bun hairstyle is 6 inches. I’ve talked about the reasons for this in my man bun length guide and in other posts of this site, and I’ve mentioned how getting to this hair length won’t take that long for your average young male with a trendy hairstyle. I’ve also gone through what makes up the two types of man bun styles: the semi bun (made of only hair on the top of the head) and the full bun (made of hair from all the scalp). It’s the semi bun the one that can be styled with 6 inches of hair length, and I also call the semi bun: man bun undercut. Continue reading

Your ManBun: It’s Natural Style Position

When in doubt, put your bro bun on the vertex

With a man bun, you’re truly free to tie it wherever you want on your head; there are no rules set with regards to the position of your bun on your head. Your hair length, however, will affect which type of man bun you can style, whether it is a semi man bun (only hair on the top) or a full man bun (all hair on the head); read my man bun length guide to get an idea of the hair lengths needed for your man bun as well as where on the head you can style each of the buns. Continue reading

Hair Length Guide for the Man Bun

How much hair length for a man bun?

Everyone is talking about the man bun. Some people will even call it a bro bun. Others will call it the dude bun. It doesn’t matter; people are talking about it.

With so much talk about the manbun, people start wondering if they can achieve a man bun with their hair length. The answer? There is a minimum hair length you need to achieve. Of course, if you are wanting to style the beard man bun look, and want to know what should be the length of your beard, then any amount of facial hair is fine; just don’t get too hipster with it, ok?

A guy with a full man bun hairstyle and long hairThere are two types of man buns: full man bun and half man bun. This is what I call it and I also guide my barbershop clients with those terms as it makes it easy for them to understand. Let’s explore each type of man bun and what is the minimum length needed. Continue reading