Man Bun Hairstyles 2018: Our Men’s Hair Trend Continues

The Man Bun hairstyle is alive and well for 2018 and beyond

Off goes 2017; welcome 2018! I apologize for having been away but all the work at our barbershop has left me with almost no time to blog about our favorite men’s hairstyle and way of life. Our barbershop has grown so much that we’ve open a second one and I didn’t remember just how much energy the opening of a new business saps your energy! With my partner and our staff, things have smoothed out and we’re on our way to 2018 like a boss!

Also, I was involved mid last year in a motorcycle accident. I was hit by a car that invaded my lane in a blind curve. I was actually coming back home for lunch to then go back to my barbershop, so I was not suited up ATGATT (i.e. with all my protective motorcycle gear). I was only wearing a helmet, a light leather jacket, jeans and some boots. Thankfully, I was only clipped by the oncoming car at 40 miles per hour prior to impact so I was lucky to flow over the bonnet of the car and slid on my right side and back for about 50 feet before coming to a stop. The leather jacket burst and left me some bad road rash on my right arm. The jeans fared even worse and my right thigh and hip is pretty bust up with road rash and a knee fracture.

A photograph of a crashed motorbike that left the rider with lots of road rash and a fractured hip due to not wearing appropriate motorcycle gear like an armored jacket and Kevlar jeans

Luckily I needed no surgery and I was sent home after two days in the hospital. Insurance paid it all and I was at no fault (of course I was since that damn car invaded my lane!). I’ve got a new motorcycle and will continue to ride. While I own two businesses, I have no kids or wife. I do usually take my motorcycle gear very seriously, but accidents can happen when you least expect it. For those of you riders and bikers out there, check out this excellent motorcycle gear guide that details and explains everything about protective motorcycle clothing and gear; it’s a long guide so make up some time to read it. I did email the guy who owns the site and he confirmed that the leather jacket I was wearing is known to burst on impact, so buy your motorcycle gear wisely; it’s all I can say. Continue reading

Man Braid Hairstyle Guide: New Braided Man Bun Trend

Your manbraid styling tutorial to rocking a new bun or knot!

Gentlemen, a new 2015 hairstyle trend has emerged as we get closer to 2016, and it’s one trend that is a direct spin-off of our much-beloved man bun hairstyle itself; for those of you unaware of this new trend, I’m talking of the man braid.

A barbershop picture of a man braid undercut hairstyle done with long curly hair
No, I’m not joking, and even those of us hardcore man-bun connoisseurs will readily admit that the man braid can look pretty good if you do it right, which includes having a decent barber (ahem… yours truly… ahem) doing the braiding and hair-cutting for you since it’s very easy to get the hairstyle wrong or looking awkward.

A barbershop photograph of a young male with a manbraid hairstyle done with long cornrows on the top of his head
You see, with the ponybun hairstyle trend not really picking itself up in 2015 and with the man bun undershave also not gaining a lot of followers (after all, it’s an extreme hairstyle), there was room for a new long-hair trend to crop up and thus we now have the currently-trending manbraid taking over as the hairstyle that is sure to continue shaping in 2016 the manbuns and topknots of many of you fellas. Ergo, and per our previous man bun guides, I’m here to publish our official man braid hairstyle guide.
A photograph of a redhead hipster with an epic long man braid hairstyle and an undercut haircut on the sides and back of his head

What is a man braid hairstyle?

A man braid (also known as a “manbraid” or “bro braid”) is nothing more than a braided man bun, so, instead of simply going ahead and tying your long mane into a single bun atop your head at the vertex, you first braid the hair on the top of the head and then tie the bun. Continue reading

How to Get a Man Bun Undershave Hairstyle

The ultimate Undershave hairstyle guide for your manbun

As we approach the year 2016 and the year 2015 is closing in on us, the man bun hairstyle continues to rock on after its furious rise in popularity in 2013. With that said, the man bun has, ever since 2013, been modified into different spin-off hairstyles that have become somewhat popular.

As far as manbun “spin-off” hairstyles go, we’ve had the man bun undercut hairstyle for those not happy with wearing a full manbun and we’ve also had the ponybun hairstyle as the epic half-bun-half-ponytail style that Jared Leto made famous in 2014 prior to him sacrilegiously (and foolishly) chopping his long mane in 2015. In between all of that in the last 3 years, we too have had the top knot undercut and other long-length hairstyles that have been favored by men from all around the world as well as (and particularly) by the hipster male community.

A black and white photograph of a guy with a topknot hairstyle and a hipster beard smoking a cigarAll in all, the man bun is simply a (what I call) “foundation hairstyle” for dudes. With a man bun (also known as a “bro bun” or “dude bun”), you’re simply tying all of your hair or some of your hair into a bun. Thus, whatever else you do to your hair becomes a mere modification to the beloved manbun hairstyle: you can get an undercut for your man bun, you can get a taper haircut on the sides and back of the head and/or you can tie your bun as a half-ponytail, just to name a few man-bun modifications possible. Then and as the icing on the dude-bun cake, you have the man bun undershave, and that’s what this guide is about. Continue reading