7 Types of Man Bun Styles for Men Explained

A full guide on the 7 types of manbun hairstyles for dudes

While the man bun is a global hairstyle, it can certainly be customized to one’s own preferences and tastes. A man bun is simply a bun that is placed on the vertex area of the head (i.e. the crown), although even it’s positioning can be moved about on the head (higher or lower) as in the case of the low man bun hairstyle!

As a barber who too has a man bun, I get a lot of questions from my barbershop customers about getting a man bun and about growing hair long. I’ve gone as far as publishing a popular man bun hairstyle guide that has all the information that you need on the man bun and which too touches upon the different types of manbuns. So, considering that the manbun is a hairstyle that leaves a lot to the imagination, I want to now dedicate this guide that you’re reading to covering all the types of man buns.

These are the 7 main types of man buns for men:

  • Full man bun
  • Semi man bun
  • Ponybun
  • Low man bun
  • High man bun
  • Man bun undercut
  • Man bun taper cut

Let’s now continue this guide and go through them all in detail! Continue reading

The Hipster Bun: A Look Into The Refined ManBun

A manbun with a beard equals a hipster beard?

Hipsters have a lot to owe to Jared Leto and his man bun. If it wasn’t for Jared Leto’s chronic desire to be the ultimate attention whore, the manbun would have never come to the spotlight and be adopted by hipsters. For the record and since this isn’t the first time I joke about hipsters, I have nothing against these folks, and I would even classify myself as a mild hipster. I know I have a tendency to post a hipster joke here and there, but these guys certainly have the fashion trends pinned down to an art.

Anyway, hipsters will jump on anything that is new and shiny in terms of fashionable looks, clothes or accessories. So a couple of years back when everyone agreed that scruffy beards were for homeless people only, hipsters saw these same scruff beards as opportunities to be unique and stand out in our mildly-homogeneous societies. Continue reading

Hair Length Guide for the Man Bun

How much hair length for a man bun?

Everyone is talking about the man bun. Some people will even call it a bro bun. Others will call it the dude bun. It doesn’t matter; people are talking about it.

With so much talk about the manbun, people start wondering if they can achieve a man bun with their hair length. The answer? There is a minimum hair length you need to achieve. Of course, if you are wanting to style the beard man bun look, and want to know what should be the length of your beard, then any amount of facial hair is fine; just don’t get too hipster with it, ok?

A guy with a full man bun hairstyle and long hairThere are two types of man buns: full man bun and half man bun. This is what I call it and I also guide my barbershop clients with those terms as it makes it easy for them to understand. Let’s explore each type of man bun and what is the minimum length needed. Continue reading

From Man Bun to Messy Hairstyle – Before and After Pictures

Choose your hairstyle: man bun or messy hair

One of the coolest things about the man bun is that it isn’t a fixed hairstyle. What this means is that you can undo your bun and style your hair in some other way.

Since the minimum hair length for a man bun is 6 inches, your hair will fall under the long hair category, and this will allow you plenty of hairstyle options, such as a slicked back undercut if you choose to get a man bun undercut, a side part or slicked back hair if you decide to keep a full man bun or a messy hairstyle if you decide to go back and forth with your hairstyle looks.

The man bun picture below illustrates the hair-look range that you can have by deciding to grow your hair long and getting a man bun hairstyle. You can have your hair neat, tidy and tight by tying it into a bun, or you can use the same hair length to undo your bun and shake off your hair for a cool and casual messy hairstyle. Messy hair as a look does look way better without a beard than with a beard, so those of you with a beard and man bun combo are better off choosing other alternative hairstyles when not wearing your bun such as slicked back hair styles and side swept styles.

A before and after picture comparison of the man bun hairstyle

Man Bun Undercut Hairstyle Guide with Pictures

Get an undercut below that man bun!

One of the variations of the man bun hairstyle is the man bun undercut. With this variation what you do is you get the sides and back of your head cut short. You use a hair clipper and clip (i.e. cut with the hair clipper) the sides and back of your head with the same hair clipper guard or comb.

The undercut hairstyle with a man bun

Look at yourself in front of the mirror, with your face facing towards the front. Look at your hairline across your forehead, spot the sides of the hairline on the forehead where the hairline begins to drop or tilt; that’s what we call the temples of the forehead. For the record, men begin to bald at the temples, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your temples for any hair loss. Continue reading

Man Bun with Beard Style for the Win

Rock your bearded man bun, whether epic or not!

One thing is to have a man bun, but having a beard with a man bun is something else!

With the trend on 2014 and 2015 of growing a beard ala hipster style, it’s becoming more and more common to see men wearing man buns with beards. Some do look stupid, let’s be honest, but some do look quite epic.

The dude below is more on the stupid-than-epic side, but he sure is rocking his man bun!

Dude with man bun and beard