Best Long Hair Styling Products for Men

Your guide to using the top styling products for your mane

So lately I’ve been getting questions on which are the best long hair styling products around for men. No, I’m not talking of men’s hair products in general, but rather I’m talking specifically of hair products to style long hair.

A photograph of a long haired guy with shoulder length hair styled with a leave-in conditioner and a blow dryerNow, the man bun hairstyle is a long hairstyle and as such, I’ve published a guide on man bun hair products that takes you through the best hair products for both manbuns and topknots. Since these two hairstyles are tied atop one’s head, hair styling products aren’t as definite and crucial as hair-care products like hair conditioners and leave-in conditioners are. On the other hand, go through any of the many long hairstyles for men and you will see that many of these men’s long styles require the hair to be shaped, combed and tousled; and that, my friend, is where hair-styling products (practically) become a necessity.

A photograph of a hipster male shaking back and forth his wet long hair as he comes out of the lakeSo in order to answer the questions on hair styling products for long manes that I’ve been getting lately, I’m going to run through all those products that you should be considering whether you have long hair (i.e. hair longer than 6 inches) or whether you’re growing your hair long. Continue reading