Best Hairstyles to Grow an Epic Man Bun or Top Knot

The ultimate hairstyles guide to growing a manbun or topknot

It is a fact that most guys who want to get a man bun will start their man-bun journey with short hair or medium-length hair. Thus, one question that I get a lot at my barbershop is what hairstyles to use while growing a man bun or while transitioning to a man bun. While I’ve covered in this site some of the different hair styles and haircuts that you can use to get a man bun, I’d like to publish this definitive guide with all the best hairstyles to use while growing a man bun or a top knot.

One thing to bear in mind in this guide is that a top knot hairstyle will require that the sides and back of your head are kept buzzed or trimmed very short. If you’re unsure of the difference between a man bun and a top knot, then go ahead and read my popular man bun and top knot guide which explains all the differences among the man buns and top knots of our bro-bun kingdom.

In essence, however, a man bun (i.e. a “full” bun) has the hair on the sides and back of your head just as long as the hair on the top of the head. A top knot (i.e. a “semi” bun) has the hair on the sides and back of the head buzzed with a hair clipper (e.g. an undercut) or tapered in a very short length (e.g. a short taper cut).

Following from the previous paragraph and so as to ensure that you can tell the difference between a man bun and a top knot, here’s a top-view picture illustrating a man bun hairstyle:

A top-view picture of a textbook man bun hairstyle with long shoulder-length hairHeck, I’m sure that the picture below of Donald Trump’s man bun (instead of his usual combover hairstyle) will get the point across even better: a man bun requires longer hair (than a top knot) and all of the hair on the head is to be used to tie the single bun. Continue reading

How to Get a Man Bun Undershave Hairstyle

The ultimate Undershave hairstyle guide for your manbun

As we approach the year 2016 and the year 2015 is closing in on us, the man bun hairstyle continues to rock on after its furious rise in popularity in 2013. With that said, the man bun has, ever since 2013, been modified into different spin-off hairstyles that have become somewhat popular.

As far as manbun “spin-off” hairstyles go, we’ve had the man bun undercut hairstyle for those not happy with wearing a full manbun and we’ve also had the ponybun hairstyle as the epic half-bun-half-ponytail style that Jared Leto made famous in 2014 prior to him sacrilegiously (and foolishly) chopping his long mane in 2015. In between all of that in the last 3 years, we too have had the top knot undercut and other long-length hairstyles that have been favored by men from all around the world as well as (and particularly) by the hipster male community.

A black and white photograph of a guy with a topknot hairstyle and a hipster beard smoking a cigarAll in all, the man bun is simply a (what I call) “foundation hairstyle” for dudes. With a man bun (also known as a “bro bun” or “dude bun”), you’re simply tying all of your hair or some of your hair into a bun. Thus, whatever else you do to your hair becomes a mere modification to the beloved manbun hairstyle: you can get an undercut for your man bun, you can get a taper haircut on the sides and back of the head and/or you can tie your bun as a half-ponytail, just to name a few man-bun modifications possible. Then and as the icing on the dude-bun cake, you have the man bun undershave, and that’s what this guide is about. Continue reading

Haircut Length for the Man Bun Undercut

Jimmy Darmody’s slicked back undercut turned into the manbun

You would be surprised at the kind of man bun haircuts that you can get away; all you need is your hair on the top of the head to be at least 6 inches of length and you’re good to go. Thus, some of the men’s haircuts that favor the manbun include the undercut, the layered cut and the taper cut. With regards to the hair on the top when wanting to style a bun, you can have the hair at an even length or with any kind of layers, but you truly need to ensure that the minimum length that you have on the top of the head is 6 inches, as otherwise you will simply not be able to tie a bun on your head.

Jimmy Darmody’s slicked back undercut

If you have read around my site, you will have read how I have explained that the manbun can be alternated with other men’s hairstyles, most notably the slicked back undercut. In fact, a man bun is simply an extension of the slicked back undercut, so the transition from the slick back style to the man bun is fairly smooth, whether there’s an undercut or not, actually. Do bear in mind, however, that the slicked back undercut only allows you to sport a semi bun (aka half man bun) as the hair on the sides and back of the head are clipped very short as per the regular undercut haircut.

The slicked back undercut as the man bun undercutAs an example of a good haircut for the man bun, Continue reading

Perfect Hair Length for Man Bun Undercut

All about the hair length for your manbun undercut

The minimum hair length for a man bun hairstyle is 6 inches. I’ve talked about the reasons for this in my man bun length guide and in other posts of this site, and I’ve mentioned how getting to this hair length won’t take that long for your average young male with a trendy hairstyle. I’ve also gone through what makes up the two types of man bun styles: the semi bun (made of only hair on the top of the head) and the full bun (made of hair from all the scalp). It’s the semi bun the one that can be styled with 6 inches of hair length, and I also call the semi bun: man bun undercut. Continue reading

The Man Bun Undercut and Slicked Back Undercut

Add a manbun to your slick back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back undercut is a great mens hairstyle, if I may say so. I like it in particular because it uses a clean haircut (as the undercut is) while keeping its classic nature by allowing the top to be slicked back with pomade or styling wax. In essence and with regards to the slick back undercut, you basically end up with no hair on the sides and back of your head (for that clean and sharp look) while the hair on the top of your head is flattened in a slicked back style (for that classic gentleman’s look). No matter how you slice it, you just have a ladies-winning hairstyle with the slicked back undercut. Continue reading