Epic Top Knot Undercut Hairstyle in 3D Picture

Get the best view of the topknot undercut with this photo!

One of the best ways to fully visualize a hairstyle as a barber is to see the hairstyle from all angles. As a matter of fact, this same practice is also extremely useful for those of you wanting to get one hairstyle or the other (or one haircut or the other). That’s why, if you come to my barbershop, you will see our own hairstyle photo book with all haircuts portrayed in different angles (we usually do four angles per haircut). The same goes for all the hairstyles that we also do, but it’s mostly haircuts that our barbershop clients ask us for.

Another great way to see how a hairstyle looks is by seeing it on an average Joe, a regular dude. Not one of those handsome male model dudes or celebrity guys who are obsessed with themselves and only with themselves (Oh, hey there, Zayn Malik and Jared Leto). You’ve gotta see the hairstyle on a dude who is just as ugly (or not much-more handsome) than yourself. Hence, I dig it when we get pictures of our site’s readers. Continue reading

7 Types of Man Bun Styles for Men Explained

A full guide on the 7 types of manbun hairstyles for dudes

While the man bun is a global hairstyle, it can certainly be customized to one’s own preferences and tastes. A man bun is simply a bun that is placed on the vertex area of the head (i.e. the crown), although even it’s positioning can be moved about on the head (higher or lower) as in the case of the low man bun hairstyle!

As a barber who too has a man bun, I get a lot of questions from my barbershop customers about getting a man bun and about growing hair long. I’ve gone as far as publishing a popular man bun hairstyle guide that has all the information that you need on the man bun and which too touches upon the different types of manbuns. So, considering that the manbun is a hairstyle that leaves a lot to the imagination, I want to now dedicate this guide that you’re reading to covering all the types of man buns.

These are the 7 main types of man buns for men:

  • Full man bun
  • Semi man bun
  • Ponybun
  • Low man bun
  • High man bun
  • Man bun undercut
  • Man bun taper cut

Let’s now continue this guide and go through them all in detail! Continue reading

Best Man Bun Hair Style for Men?

Growing the perfect manbun as a dude

So I take it that you are static to grow yourself a man bun, and you’re definitively in the right place for that. However, prior to jumping on your bun-growing journey, you first need to know what a man bun really is. In fact, you need to first know what hair length for the man bun you want to get as that will impact the type of man bun that you will be growing: a semi bun or full man bun. Continue reading

The Man Bun Undercut and Slicked Back Undercut

Add a manbun to your slick back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back undercut is a great mens hairstyle, if I may say so. I like it in particular because it uses a clean haircut (as the undercut is) while keeping its classic nature by allowing the top to be slicked back with pomade or styling wax. In essence and with regards to the slick back undercut, you basically end up with no hair on the sides and back of your head (for that clean and sharp look) while the hair on the top of your head is flattened in a slicked back style (for that classic gentleman’s look). No matter how you slice it, you just have a ladies-winning hairstyle with the slicked back undercut. Continue reading