Zayn Malik Undercut Hairstyle with Man Bun and Beard

Zayn Malik gets a man bun undercut to take over Jared Leto

With Jared Leto’s man bun now cut, one could argue that the world has been left without its manbun messiah. However, I am here to let you all know that the man bun hairstyle is all well and alive as the hairstyle trend continues strong among hipsters and non-hipsters. And among the army of men carrying man buns are our Hollywood male celebrities and the likes, so the otherwise-known-as bro bun ain’t going anywhere just yet.

So, this time we have Zayn Malik, band member of One Direction and known for his lack of vocal skills, wearing the sacred man bun. Apparently, Zayn Malik’s man bun has been no surprise to those who follow celebrity gossip (Perez Hilton or whatever your name is, I’m looking in your direction); Zayn Malik was actually spotted wearing an Alice band a couple of months ago hinting at his intent to grow his hair long. For those of you who have yet to catch on to the men’s hair accessories lingo, an Alice band is a type of hard headband that is worn half way through the front (forelock) and back (crown) of the head so as to pull the hair back when it’s getting longer. Other male celebrities like soccer players David Beckham and Gareth Bale have worn Alice headbands with no shame whatsoever.

A picture of an Alice headband as worn by Zayn Malik and Gareth BaleBack to Zayn Malik’s hairstyle. He has been growing his hair long to dedicate his hair to the manbun hairstyle. No other particular long hairstyle for men, just the man bun. Zayn Malik may be among the worst singers to ever have been raised in the United Kingdom, but he isn’t stupid and knows that the man bun is simply the best hairstyle for men. Nothing to argue here; it just “is”. In fact, Malik also got an undercut for his man bun which exudes absolute coolness on his part (but still no luck with improving his vocal skills). Fellow One Direction band member Harry Styles had also been wearing the full man bun style for quite some time now and too had grown his hair long to specifically join the VIP group of man-bun men.

So I will post below Zayn Malik’s man bun undercut hairstyle. As you can see, he has chosen to also grow a beard for what we call the hipster man bun. Actually, Zayn has managed to blend three hair styling trends into one: the man bun, the undercut and the hipster beard. No doubts that this fella likes to “keep in the groove” when it comes to men’s fashion!

A picture of Zayn Malik with a man bun undercut hairstyle and beard

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